What is the experience of celebrating the Spring Festival in the virtual world when the “Metaverse” is here?

Wearing festive costumes, sticking New Year’s pictures with family members, watching gorgeous fireworks, having reunion dinner together, visiting relatives and friends to pay New Year’s greetings to each other, inviting a few friends to see the beautiful scenery of their hometown, and play… This is the hometown of all Chinese New Year’s Day. However, the epidemic has broken many people’s Spring Festival routines, and a large number of small partners have started the “in-situ New Year mode”.

2022 is the third year of coexistence between human beings and the new crown. Youji was unable to go home to celebrate the New Year due to the epidemic two years ago. Everyone watched the Spring Festival Gala and the New Year’s Eve on the cloud with their families trapped in various cities through WeChat videos. It was also during the epidemic that the concept of the Metaverse suddenly became popular. Can the Metaverse era based on 5G and the next generation of mobile networks allow us to feel the taste of the New Year even if we are thousands of miles away?

Experience one-of-a-kind fireworks in the Metaverse

Fireworks are deeply rooted in the cultural concept of the Chinese people. Every New Year or special festival, fireworks should be set off to pray for good luck and good luck. At the moment when the fireworks bloom, the colorful and dazzling colors are dazzling, fleeting but still unfinished, and the warm temperature permeating the air also adds more joy and color to life.

This Lunar New Year, the programmable NFT art work “Metaverse Fireworks” created by Aily Gallery’s contracted algorithm artist “Dao Long” was launched in Hongdong Digital Storage. Hongdong Shuzang combines traditional festivals with technology, and brings a new style to Chinese NFT art in the form of China’s first digital crowd-creation interactive algorithm art. “Metaverse Fireworks” not only pioneered the art of interactive computing, but also allowed everyone to celebrate traditional Chinese festivals in the Metaverse for the first time.

What is the experience of celebrating the Spring Festival in the virtual world when the "Metaverse" is here?

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In the “Metaverse Fireworks” project, each piece of Metaverse Fireworks purchased by users is unique, and what they get is not only a beautiful digital fireworks video, but also a block chain, driven by users. , the programmable interactive NFT artwork completed by calling the smart contract. With the programmability of smart contracts, users can purchase Metaverse fireworks through blind boxes for viewing and collection, or combine multiple fireworks to obtain new, rarer and higher-level fireworks.

All purchased Metaverse fireworks are fully open to the commercial copyright of the fireworks obtained by the purchaser. Users can use the purchased fireworks video (including the patterns in the video) for any commercial activities and own all the commercial income obtained.

At the same time, the fireworks held by all users will eventually be combined into a new large-scale digital art work – “Fireworks Universe”. Each purchaser of Metaverse Fireworks will become the co-creator of the work, sharing part of the work revenue brought by the Fireworks Universe.

Metaverse’s world’s first digital New Year picture collection debuts

New Year pictures are an ancient folk art in China, reflecting the simple customs and beliefs of the people and pinning their hopes for the future. New Year pictures, like the Spring Festival couplets, originated from the “door god”. During the Spring Festival, the New Year pictures are hung and posted, and the thick black and colorful New Year pictures have added a lot of prosperity and joy to thousands of households.

What is the experience of celebrating the Spring Festival in the virtual world when the "Metaverse" is here?

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At the beginning of 2022, the traditional door gods have been upgraded and iterated, and the world’s first digital New Year painting work “Fire Tiger Door God” will be released globally on the eve of New Year’s Eve on January 30.

This first annual digital New Year picture collection in the Metaverse World is jointly launched by Appreciation Wei, Yuanchuan Wenbo, Yuanliu Movement, Shuyuan China, Houhe China, Tencent Security, and Vision Digital Cultural Tourism New Infrastructure Laboratory (DCTI).

Xia Yuanzhao, the designer of “Fire Tiger Gate God”, who has won international design awards such as Red Dot and IF for many times, said that in ancient China, tigers were regarded as divine beasts, which meant that tiger might exorcise evil spirits. Adhering to the artistic essence of five thousand years of tradition, at the moment of the revival of national tide art, “Fire Tiger Gate God” aims to convey well-being and bless well-being.

Jiang Yuntao, chairman of the Chinese Designers Salon and founder of Shangwei, commented on the work: “The theme of Humen God of Fire comes from folk customs, and the work uses popular design styles to interpret the mighty Kongwu of the Tiger God, the flying and agile movement of flames, and the warm The festive visual language interprets a domineering and exposed image of a modern door god, which is a beneficial attempt by modern design to regenerate and revitalize traditional intangible cultural heritage.”

Digital collections are products of the era that rely on blockchain technology and exist in the virtual world, and are changing people’s perception of collections. “Huohumen God” is blessed by the blockchain and endorses the first digital New Year picture of the Metaverse in the year of Renyin. It aims to follow the traditional expression to the future and change the practical significance of commemoration.

The digital New Year pictures are limited to 2022 copies, each holding a unique code on the blockchain, making it a rare collection that cannot be reproduced. At the moment of the revival of national tide art, “Fire Tiger Gate God” is an interesting work in 2022 for the inheritance and innovation of Chinese traditional culture.

Even in a foreign land, you can feel the nostalgia in the Metaverse

Due to the epidemic, many people may not be able to return to their hometowns during the Spring Festival this year, and many families cannot be reunited. However, with the advancement of technology and the arrival of the Metaverse, wanderers in foreign countries can also feel the taste of their hometown.

This year, the Sichuan-Chongqing Spring Festival Gala is the first Spring Festival Gala co-hosted by radio and television organizations in Sichuan and Chongqing. The new XR extended reality technology, cool stage lighting, cutting-edge 5G, 4K high-definition… In addition to the “starry sky” that floats in front of the audience and is within reach, there is also a display link of cultural and tourism boutique resources, making people immersive. Sichuan and Chongqing, enjoy a wonderful visual journey.

What is the experience of celebrating the Spring Festival in the virtual world when the "Metaverse" is here?

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Xiao Wendi, a Chengdu native who is studying abroad, said that the XR technology used in the Sichuan-Chongqing Gala brought her the feeling of “travelling” home during the Chinese New Year. The familiar city scenery of Chengdu makes you feel like you have returned to your hometown in an instant. The Sichuan-Chongqing Spring Festival Gala allows people from Sichuan and Chongqing who spend the New Year in other places to travel and travel in the world of the Metaverse, soothe their homesickness, and at the same time immerse themselves in the joy and festivities of the New Year. in the atmosphere.

Today, the remote transmission of ultra-high-definition voice and video has long been popular, but it mainly brings people two sensory experiences of hearing and vision. Today, the Metaverse has just arrived, bringing us a Metaverse world that is infinitely closer to the “real”.

The Metaverse emphasizes immersion. In addition to hearing and vision, the Metaverse world will also bring more sensory experiences, such as smell, taste, touch, etc. Based on the Metaverse that is still in low profile, many of our ideas can already be realized. . For example, we are still in the world this year, sitting around the TV with our families, watching the Spring Festival Gala, and talking about what we saw and thought when we were outside last year.

What is the experience of celebrating the Spring Festival in the virtual world when the "Metaverse" is here?

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People’s needs for communication are endless. With the exponential increase in the rate, delay, connection density and other capabilities of wireless networks, and the deep integration of ubiquitous networks with computing, intelligence, sensing and other technologies, in the real world All sensory information such as vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, etc., can realize real-time interaction between humans, robots and devices thousands of miles away through the network, so that we can feel completely immersive across time and space anytime, anywhere. experience.

Have a delicious New Year’s Eve dinner with family members far away, watch a heart-beating game with friends from home, go shopping with girlfriends you don’t see often… With mixed reality based on infinite connections in the future Technology, the Metaverse shines into reality, so that people who can’t go home are no longer troubled by distance, no longer bound by time, and even if they can’t go home during the Spring Festival, they will not feel lonely and bored at all.

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