What is the best investment strategy? Hold Bitcoin forever!

Bitcoin actually has nothing to say, the market has been consolidating weakly, trading time for space.

01  see trends

Short-term (intraday): up

Mid-term (more than two weeks): Rise

02  hotspot

No one in the financial market can lead you to make money, because everyone is expected to make money from overdrafts in the future, but no one in this world knows what the future will be, and can only rely on their own knowledge and existing knowledge system to predict, then Since it is a pre-judgment, there must be right or wrong, so look at it, no one can earn you with 100% certainty, right? Recently, I saw someone exposed the record of old man Xue Manzi cheating money on Weibo. , I don’t know if it’s the real Xue Manzi or the fake. Anyway, don’t believe that the big guy can earn you money. You must know that the real big guy has no time to take care of you. Either a liar or a liar takes care of you. In a word, your own money is still your own choice. If you don’t listen to persuasion, don’t read my Weibo and Twitter, you deserve to pay tuition if you are cheated, haha.

The issuance of BTC anchor coins on Ethereum exceeded 260,000, which means that the real Bitcoin was locked, and then the same number of BTC issued on Ethereum hit a new high. The increase in the amount of locked positions means that the secondary market can be reduced. Part of the selling pressure, while being able to participate in various DeFi activities on the Ethereum platform, in disguised form has enhanced the liquidity and practicality of Bitcoin. CME Bitcoin futures and options hit a record high in the second quarter. Although this data has undergone a large-scale adjustment in the market, institutional interest still exists.

The premium of Grayscale Trust is similar to the previous few days. Bitcoin is still hovering around -8.8%. Ethereum has just turned positive two days ago, but today it has become -1.75%, and ETC has directly become -12.48%. This is a trend. It can be seen that the U.S. stock market is also relatively weak, and no one continues to enter the market, so now this position is traded in time for space, and it is necessary to step out before a large amount of funds enter the market. Yesterday Grayscale included ADA in the large-cap fund. The current gray-scale large-cap fund consists of BTC (67.47%), ETH (25.39%), ADA (4.26%), BCH (1.03%), LTC (0.99%), LINK (0.86%).

Yesterday, when I tweeted and Weibo, I said that the real value investment is to buy the best quality coins at the lowest price, and then hold them for a long time. The best quality coins are Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, the facts Prove that the longer you hold, the higher your return will be. Buffett has shown it to everyone in the stock market, and Satoshi Nakamoto in the crypto field has shown it to everyone, so you must pay attention to it, otherwise you will do short-term transactions every day. The transaction goes, in fact, even a zero-sum game.

03  Reading Quotes

BTC:  Bitcoin actually has nothing to say. The market has been consolidating in a weak position. Time is exchanged for space. The daily level will keep an eye on the position of 30200. If the daily level closes at this position, then the market outlook will be less optimistic. Psychological preparation.

The 4-hour level is too weak to be weaker. It can be understood as an interval shock trend. The upper edge of the shock is 35500 and the lower edge is 32500. Again, be patient.

What is the best investment strategy? Hold Bitcoin forever!

ETH: The long-term view remains the same. ETH will gradually become BTC, and its value will change from the current use value to store value, so it must be held for a long time.

BNB Binance is still in compliance risk. Yesterday, Thailand has already initiated a criminal lawsuit against Binance by the SEC. See how Binance responds to the supervision of multiple countries. If it is not handled well, the foundation that Binance will lay may be possible. It will be paid once, so BNB is not recommended to take too much in a short time.

LINK:  Following the rebound of the market, LINK, as the leader of the track, is worth a bet on the future. It will continue to hold in the medium and long term.

DOGE: Following the rebound of the market, although Musk’s influence in the short-term has declined, it is recommended to increase positions if there is a sharp decline. Its unique attributes are also worthy of placing some positions.

ICP: ICP rebounded well today, slightly stronger than the broader market, but this does not mean that the trend of ICP has been reversed, because the seed round has not been released for a long time, so ICP is still not recommended to continue to buy the bottom.

FLOW: FLOW has gone very well these days. It has now regained its standing at $10. Although the NFT market is currently cold, the NFT track will still be the track with the best landing performance in the future. In addition, FLOW has more resources than Other NFT public chains and various future benefits have not yet been released, so it is no problem to continue to hold them.

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