What exactly does Nvidia’s Metaverse do?

Everything that exists or does not exist in the real world is worth doing again on Omniverse.

November 9, NVIDIA 2021 GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2021), the announced To produce product road line upgraded to “GPU + CPU + DPU” “Three core” strategy , while its newly released ” The Omniverse platform is positioned as the “engineer’s meta-universe” .

What exactly does Nvidia’s Metaverse do?

Specifically, what is Omniverse? What are you doing? How big is the market?

Product: What is Omniverse?

NVIDIA Omniverse is an easy-to-expandable open platform , designed for virtual collaboration and physical-level accurate real-time simulation, and real-time collaboration powered by NVIDIA RTX technology. Its underlying technology is the graphics platform RTX created by the company and can be Use CUDA core for acceleration.

What exactly does Nvidia’s Metaverse do?

On the Omniverse platform, creators, designers, researchers, and engineers can connect major design tool assets and projects to collaborate and iterate in a shared virtual space. Developers and software providers can also easily build and sell extensions, applications, connectors, and microservices on Omniverse’s modular platform to expand its functionality.

According to Nvidia’s official website, Omniverse can transform industry workflows, where physically accurate ray tracing rendering is more important for immersive visualization, accurate simulation, and faster review and discovery. At the same time, the Omniverse platform is flexible and easy to customize, and uses new Omniverse applications, extensions and Connectors to achieve continuous enhancement.

Technology: What is Omniverse doing?

In the meta-universe era, the industry needs more powerful tools to model real objects in 3D, and input different models for the meta-universe world.

Among them, 3D modeling algorithms need to be continuously optimized based on different vertical scenes. The existing modeling techniques at this stage include game modeling, film and television modeling, industrial modeling and architectural modeling. The team of Orient Securities Zhang Ying believes that the industry’s demand for more efficient modeling technology comes from the following three aspects:

  1. Data level: The amount of data under the 3D model will reach TB level, and related software needs to perform operations on TB level data. Modeling technology optimized for vertical application scenarios will save virtual modeling time;
  2. Algorithm optimization: Advanced algorithms can streamline the amount of data required for 3D models, thereby improving the efficiency of software processing;
  3. Reality-oriented physical algorithms: In order to achieve better simulation results, algorithms with more physical dimensions are required, such as determining the material and other physical characteristics of the physical entities of the digital model. NVIDIA Physics algorithm is an algorithm based on physical material modeling of real objects. Through the Omniverse platform, NVIDIA can provide the industry with efficient 3D modeling tools, thereby realizing the development of the developer’s ecological software ecology and vertical application scenarios, and driving the demand for underlying computing power.

Therefore, NVIDIA has an active layout in design collaboration technology (Design Collaboration) and industrial digital twin technology (Industrial Digital Twins).

Design collaboration technology, NVIDIA has created new products by means of Omniverse platform: artists, designers, creators and developers can use NVIDIA PhysX5, Blast and Flow in the Omniverse platform in the real thing when physical analog functions, and that use Omniverse Create , Isaac Sim™ or DRIVE Sim™.

What exactly does Nvidia’s Metaverse do?

In terms of industrial digital twin technology, NVIDIA has begun to make efforts in manufacturing, self-driving cars, robots, and supercomputing centers. In manufacturing, BMW ’s virtual digital factory is built on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform; in robotics, NVIDIA Isaac Sim supported by Omniverse is an extensible robot simulation application and synthetic data generation tool; in supercomputing centers , NVIDIA developed With IndeX, a three-dimensional visualization tool, this tool supports users to interactively visualize the entire data set and accelerate the process of collecting more in-depth insights.

What exactly does Nvidia’s Metaverse do?

Competitive landscape: the brand new market brought by Omniverse

Many virtual scenes in the meta-universe are modeled based on real scenes. This process needs to rely on highly mature 3D modeling algorithms. The accumulation of these algorithms may come from scenes such as games, entertainment, construction, and industry. This has brought new revenue to manufacturers who deploy 3D virtual modeling. This increase in revenue can be disassembled into revenue from software tools (license fees) and the ecological pull of the underlying computing power.

What exactly does Nvidia’s Metaverse do?

Omniverse, located at the center of 3D workflow interconnection, has a unique advantage in the integration of its software capabilities and ecosystem. Within Omniverse, Nvidia is a dedicated application designed to accelerate different workflows. Developers can use Omniverse applications or build their own applications on the Omniverse suite.

What exactly does Nvidia’s Metaverse do?

On this track, Omniverse’s main competitors are Unity, Autodesk and Epic’s Unreal Engine.

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