What exactly does Mark Zuckerberg hope the Metaverse look like?

What is the actual intent of the Metaverse? What should we expect?

The Multiple Faces of Mark Zuckerberg

As Meta’s vision of the Metaverse continues to expand, Mark Zuckerberg has drawn more and more criticism online.

A few days ago, he announced that Horizon Worlds, the VR platform Meta has spent nearly $10 billion to develop to date, has officially launched in France and Spain.

The announcement was accompanied by a virtual selfie of Zuckerberg that highlighted the Meta CEO’s avatar, which was deadpan and lacking three-dimensionality. In addition to this, a nondescript, disproportionate model of the Eiffel Tower and Sagrada Familia in the background of the head appears to have fallen to the green ground plane.

The release immediately elicited various comments on Twitter, with one user joking: ” Come and work at Meta, their most brilliant technicians have reached the level of 1995.

It’s not the first time Mark has had a negative reaction like this.

When Horizon Worlds first launched in the United States and Canada in December 2021, netizens on the Internet were not optimistic.

The user’s avatar is presented as a floating torso, reminiscent of video games from the early 2000s.It doesn’t look like the aesthetic expected by a billionaire claiming to be leading the digital future, nor the standard expected by the masses .

In a flurry of taunts on social media, Zuckerberg and his team made hasty changes to their Metaverse face for just four days, and after a careful update, Zuckerberg’s Metaverse face is smiling and cheeks rosy.

Zuckerberg himself added: “We’re about to have a major update to Horizon and avatar graphics. I’ll be sharing more on Connect. Also, I know this photo I posted earlier this week was a bit too basic, but It was just shot to celebrate the launch.”

The huge difference in style and quality of this wave of Meta’s photos makes people question what the actual intentions of the Metaverse are? What should we expect in reality?

What exactly does Mark Zuckerberg hope the Metaverse look like?

The Metaverse: Precedents and Expectations

Before 2022, we have high hopes for CGI, an IT services manufacturer.

In movies, computer-generated graphics are so complex that people cannot distinguish them from reality. Video games can also display stunning ultra-high-fidelity visuals .

Of course, high-fidelity graphics can become more difficult to render and error-prone when it comes to open worlds and role-playing games, especially virtual reality worlds like Horizon Worlds.

Back in 2003, the game Second Life introduced a virtual world in which users could create unique identities and interact in real-time, but the player’s avatar was stiff and awkward.

In 2017, the multiplayer Fortnite was officially released, and the game featured vibrant stylized graphics and customizable skins. In 2021, the updated NoPixel GTA V role-playing server has taken the internet by storm with its seemingly endless possibilities and highly customizable characters.

What exactly does Mark Zuckerberg hope the Metaverse look like?

Metaverse and Graphics

And when determining the success of these multiplayer “Metaverse” worlds, it’s important to consider the number of simultaneous users, not just graphical fidelity.

Graphics are generally lower quality and more prone to glitches as the number of players increases.

Fortnite’s battle royale mode requires 100 players, while its sandbox creative mode can only hold 16 players per server. Meanwhile, the latest NoPixel servers can accommodate 250 users at a time, a huge improvement since only 32 users could join in 2019.

What baffles onlookers is that Mark Zuckerberg’s company doesn’t seem to be sacrificing graphical fidelity for player numbers.

While promoting his Metaverse, Zuckerberg boasted that it would be populated by hundreds of millions or even billions of users.

Those players won’t occupy the same “world,” though, and Horizon Worlds will only be able to accommodate up to 20 players in the same space since launching in the US and Canada in December 2021.

In February 2022, Meta claimed that Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues had a total of 300,000 monthly users, with users building a total of 10,000 virtual worlds in the game .

What exactly does Mark Zuckerberg hope the Metaverse look like?

Experience Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse environment appears jerky and bumpy when experienced through a VR headset.

As with many VR games, the player’s hands are difficult to control and appear clumsy while playing.At the same time, depending on the player’s environment settings, the audio is filled with a lot of sound, like a group of people talking to themselves.

And it has some moderation methods. If someone disturbs or offends a certain group, players can democratically vote to leave this virtual world, and “patrolmen” wandering in some open worlds may even issue warnings or bans in person, and users Must be at least 18 years old to enter this Metaverse.

As one Forbes contributor pointed out, the vision of the Metaverse already exists and is gaining popularity in the form of video games that have been wildly popular over the years .

Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and even Roblox let the player community socialize in a virtual world that can be endlessly sculpted and customized. But there may be an untapped community of people in the Metaverse who want to participate in virtual business meetings as floating torsos.

As Horizon World progresses, we eagerly await the next round of updates to the Metaverse.

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