What EraMeta is and how it’s revolutionizing the Web3 field

EraMeta is a hub for Web 3 creators and offers a suite of tools. This article is taken from an article published by EraMeta on medium on July 18, which describes their products, services, and goals. Below is the full text.

What EraMeta is and how it's revolutionizing the Web3 field

In the ever-evolving and evolving Web3 environment, users, consumers and creators often find themselves lost in a vast ocean of information, projects and potential. Unfortunately, this often makes it difficult for newcomers to enter the field. As a company, EraMeta aims to revolutionize the industry by providing effective and comprehensive solutions to this problem. As a creator hub in the field, we have a responsibility to educate our users and provide them with the necessary tools to enter and thrive in the industry.

At EraMeta, we describe ourselves as a so-called group of visionary technologists and capital allocators, true believers in decentralized systems. Believers also fund, build, and help educate mainstream users of the DAO. We believe that all real-world political, economic, and social systems would greatly benefit from decentralization. In turn, we strive to play our part in the journey to a better world, promoting freedom and creating the same rules for everyone. Along the way, we deliver innovative products and services to help and revolutionize the experience for investors, those looking to build in the space, and to expand their real-world business into the emerging Web3 space.

products and services:

The core of the products and services provided by EraMeta is to provide flexible NFT and Metaverse solutions to help you (the creator) to bring your idea or business into reality in the Web3 domain. The purpose of this revolutionary approach is to give all creators the right tools they need, based on their individual circumstances. Furthermore, we aim to establish ourselves as a hub of NFT and Metaverse information by providing articles covering the latest projects, ideas and developments in various fields. This includes public lectures with respected industry experts, creators and more. In this way, we can enable the next wave of participants to use the tools we provide to educate them before entering Web3. Currently, we have two products:

(1) Fully automated NFT Launchpad 

For those who want to launch their own series of NFTs, we have a no-code NFT Launchpad that allows you to create an entire series of NFTs in 10 quick and easy steps without human interaction! Our products are built for speed, simplicity, quality and customizability. This product is absolutely for any user or creator. However, EraMeta DAO members can enjoy a discounted price for this service. Additionally, we offer another more comprehensive NFT Launchpad service called EraMeta Originals. This option is not open to everyone as all EraMeta Originals are completely confidential and the application project must be approved by the EraMeta core team and the DAO. These projects can get comprehensive consulting services from us, promote on our platform, and we will ensure that only high-quality and investor-friendly NFTs are launched on EraMeta Originals. By offering two different launch options for those wishing to create NFT projects, we aim to provide an efficient solution to the needs of all creators.

(2 ) Metaverse Solutions

Our Meta-Ventures service offerings highlight the flexibility and innovation of EraMeta. With Meta-Ventures, we want to bring established businesses into the Web3 world. To this end, we provide and build a Web3 or Metaverse infrastructure suitable for corporate branding. Businesses interested in our Meta-Ventures products are interviewed and analyzed by us, and then voted on by the EraMeta DAO. By introducing and supporting business development in the Web3 space, we aim to revolutionize the industry by bridging the gap between traditional business and Web3.

EraMeta DAO : 

For those who just want to invest in this space, we offer the EraMeta DAO, which can be said to be a new-age, revolutionary take on traditional businesses.By employing decentralized technology, we are able to bring together the brightest minds from around the world into a single field. Ultimately, our goal is to create a community of loyal people who are directly involved in the development of EraMeta’s Metaverse business solutions and NFT Launchpad.Therefore, members of the EraMeta DAO benefit from their investment in and participation in the DAO. Members of the EraMeta DAO receive a portion of the revenue from the two products/services listed earlier.

What EraMeta is and how it's revolutionizing the Web3 field

The way EraMeta DAO works is a prime example of how revolutionary decentralized technology is. Through the DAO voting system, members of EraMeta DAO are able to have a direct say and vote on certain decisions and actions of the company. Members can vote on proposals such as potential Meta Ventures and EraMeta Originals, Metaverse Land Management, and Vault usage.

Since its inception, The DAO has bridged the gap between traditional business and the Web3 world in a revolutionary way by implementing a unique private sale procedure for NFTs. Just as traditional businesses pursue angel investments, pioneers and leaders in the field are carefully selected, interviewed, and given a chance: buy one out of a hundred “golden key” NFTs. Investors in Golden Key have more voting power and therefore have more influence over decision-making within the DAO. In addition, investments similar to traditional seed rounds were made. This provides the final tier of 3,000 “silver key” NFTs to members of significant and established projects in the space, with one “silver key” NFT equivalent to one vote. Finally, in true Web3 fashion, a traditional mint is opened for whitelisted members of the community to purchase “silver key” NFTs.

We aim to revolutionize the industry by providing tailored solutions for creators and investors alike. We’re very focused on being a hub for creators in the field because we want to make sure we can help anyone looking to expand or create their business or project. We hope to inject real value into the ecosystem by bridging the gap between traditional enterprise and Web3, as well as educating the masses and continually driving mass adoption.

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