What ecological projects are on Evmos after the mainnet is officially launched?

As the EVM network of the Cosmos ecosystem, Evmos is one of the most talked about projects recently, and it will interoperate with the Ethereum mainnet, EVM-compatible environment and other BFT chains through IBC, allowing users and developers to easily conduct inter-chain transactions Interact seamlessly. Evmos aims to be the EVM hub for Cosmos, making it easy to deploy and communicate smart contracts within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Evmos officially launched the mainnet today and started airdrops after launching the mainnet launch time for many times. At present, many well-known encryption projects have announced their support for the network, and there are also native applications born in DEX, lending and other fields. It is foreseeable that many popular projects will emerge.

In order to help you further understand the current status of Evmos ecological development, Chain Catcher will comprehensively sort out and introduce the current Evmos ecological projects in this article.

1. Native application:


Kinesis is a stablecoin exchange protocol built on Evmos that allows users to exchange stablecoins with other stablecoins with the lowest fees and minimal slippage. Not only does Kinesis plan to be the go-to destination for stablecoin transactions on Cosmos, but it will also be an active promoter of the introduction of stablecoins to Cosmos.

Kinesis Labs plans to actively partner and participate in governance with popular stablecoin protocols such as Abracadabra, Alchemix, Fei, and Frax to bring all of EVM’s stablecoins to Cosmos. The project will also work closely with stablecoin issuers to ensure sufficient liquidity for the stablecoin.

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/KinesisLabs

Cronus Finance

Cronus Finance is a completely permissionless and composable AMM DEX project built on Evmos. It will be launched soon after the Evmos mainnet launch, and most tokens will be issued through airdrops.

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/cronusfinance


Exswap is a Uniswap v2 fork launched on Evmos and is scheduled to launch shortly after the Evmos mainnet launch. The project will be a fair launch community-focused project with plans to issue the governance token EX within a few days of launch, most of the token supply will be distributed to the community through airdrops, LP incentives and farms, 45% of the tokens Distribution to liquidity providers is planned, 20% of tokens are planned for multiple airdrops, no pre-sale. The project will also introduce mining pools, lending and launchpad features.

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Exswapdotxyz


FantasticSwap is an AMM DEX based on Evmos. The project has announced that it will launch an IDO in the near future. It plans to raise $100,000 through the sale of the governance token FANTA. There is no private placement. 10% of the tokens will be used for development funds and 90% of the tokens will be used for LP mining. mine.

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fantastic_Swap


Coslend Lending Protocol is a money market based on Compound’s Evmos ecosystem, aiming to create a secure, open, and transparent decentralized financial money market that allows users to provide and borrow assets, while doing so in a completely permissionless and decentralized manner Receive or pay interest.

Official website: https://coslend.com/


Diffusion is a fork of Evmos’ Uniswap v2. It is expected to issue DIFF tokens and conduct airdrops in mid-March. The maximum supply is about 320 million, and the number of airdrops is 25 million. The airdrop conditions include holding more than 500 tokens before December 31 last year. UNI or Uniswap users with accumulated gas fees exceeding 1 ETH, OSMO stakers, Evmos stakers, and Evmos LPs on Osmosis, etc.

Official website: https://diffusion.fi/

EvmOS Punks

Punks on the EvmOS chain built using the Cosmos SDK are planned to be minted on February 28, and the governance token EVMP will be issued on March 10, which is the basic unit for building the future of punk. It will then allow voting in the Punk DAO to decide what the DAO’s treasury funds will be used for, or make decisions for the continuation of the project.

Expanding space

The first NFT marketplace on Evmos where users can create, buy and sell NFTs, an auction system is being developed and a queue system for initial sales of NFT collectibles. The project may issue tokens and airdrops in the future.

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/expanding_space


EVMOS Shiba is a community-focused meme token that brings the enthusiasm and cuteness of Shiba to EVMOS.

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvmosShiba

In early February, Evmos proposed to deploy Aave v3 on the Evmos blockchain to expand lending to Evmos and the larger Cosmos ecosystem. Evmos will also enable cross-chain applications to leverage AAVE’s liquidity while deploying to other Cosmos chains such as Terra. The proposal has been voted on by the Aave community.

2. Announcing the integrated application


Frax is the first partially algorithmic stablecoin protocol. Frax is open source, permissionless, and entirely on-chain – currently implemented on Ethereum and other chains. The ultimate goal of the Frax Protocol is to provide a highly scalable, decentralized algorithmic currency to replace fixed-supply digital assets such as BTC.

In mid-February, Frax Finance announced that it would deploy the FRAX stablecoin on Evmos. Once deployed, developers and end users will be able to leverage FRAX when building and using DeFi protocols on Evmos. Users can also send FRAX and FXS (Frax’s value appreciation and governance token) across the Cosmos ecosystem via IBC. Thus, users can use FRAX to interact with other Cosmos-based on-chain DeFi protocols.

Aave v3

In early February, Evmos proposed to deploy Aave v3 on the Evmos blockchain to expand lending to Evmos and the larger Cosmos ecosystem. Evmos will also enable cross-chain applications to leverage AAVE’s liquidity while deploying to other Cosmos chains such as Terra. The proposal has been voted on by the Aave community.


In early March, DeFi protocol dForce announced that its full set of DeFi products will be launched on Cosmos EVM Hub Evmos, including lending protocol, decentralized Stablecoin USX, cross-chain bridge dForce Bridge, etc.


SpaceFi is a community-driven DEX, including Farm, NFT, Starter and DAO, etc. It has launched testnet 1.0 on the Celo public chain for nearly a month. In late February, the project announced that it would launch Testnet 2.0 on Evmos and Celo.


Thorus, an all-in-one cross-chain DeFi platform built on Avalanche and Moonbeam, currently has a total TVL of $7.3 million, and recently announced that it will integrate Evmos.

3. Various types of infrastructure

Nomad and Connext

Nomad is a novel interoperability protocol designed to reduce costs and increase the security of cross-chain messaging. Unlike validator-based cross-chain bridges, Nomad does not rely on a large number of external parties to verify cross-chain communications, but instead leverages an optimistic mechanism that allows users to send messages and bridge assets securely, with the assurance that anyone watching can. Flag fraud and protect systems. The main tradeoff Nomad makes is to introduce a dispute window to resolve fraud proofs.

The Connext solution allows users to quickly and cheaply transfer small to large value across chains. The solution is designed for high frequency transmission and works by leveraging the liquidity pools provided by routers on the sending and receiving chains, moving between L2 or other systems without touching Ethereum L1 and without introducing any New trust assumptions.

In January, Evmos announced that Nomad and Connext would deploy their bridging solution to Evmos. With Nomad and Connext, institutions and end users will be able to send value and call data between the Ethereum and Evmos ecosystems. This will allow ERC-20 tokens for Ethereum and other EVM chains to be made available on Evmos and subsequently throughout the Cosmos ecosystem via IBC.

Celer Network

Celer Network’s cBridge is one of the leading multi-chain bridges in DeFi with a total locked value of over $400 million. In early March, the project said that cBridge would deploy the Evmos mainnet, allowing anyone to connect assets like USDC and USDT to Evmos and the entire Cosmos ecosystem.


UMA is an optimistic oracle that uses economic guarantees to protect the market. Unlike mechanically limited price feed oracles, optimistic oracles can serve arbitrary data on-chain. UMA’s flexible oracles provide data for cross-chain bridging, insurance, custom derivatives, and prediction markets.

In January, Evmos stated that UMA will provide Evmos developers with a decentralized and battle-tested optimistic oracle that developers can use to build a range of decentralized financial applications.

Pocket Network

Pocket Network is an RPC relay protocol that incentivizes full node operators to provide accurate data and abundant bandwidth for decentralized applications. More than 20 blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Harmony, leverage Pocket Network’s decentralized infrastructure.

In December 2021, Evmos announced a partnership with Pocket Network to provide Evmos developers with the necessary decentralized node infrastructure to deploy their decentralized applications on the first EVM-compatible Cosmos blockchain .


Covalent is an industry-leading blockchain indexer that gives developers access to the most detailed blockchain data on the market through its unified API. Developers have the unique ability to rapidly build dApps with rich, well-structured data on all supported blockchains with a single API call.

In December 2021, Evmos announced an integration with Covalent, providing Evmos developers and end users with a unified API for accessing indexed data across multiple leading blockchains so that developers will have fast and consistent access Index blockchain data to develop and deploy complex decentralized applications on the Evmos blockchain.


Blockdaemon connects businesses to the blockchain and is the world’s leading provider of blockchain infrastructure. Their clients include major exchanges, custodians and financial institutions.

In December 2021, Evmos stated that Blockdaemon will provide Evmos with a reliable, secure, high-availability (HA) RPC cluster and node infrastructure platform that will allow Evmos token holders to easily run their own validator nodes.


KYVE is a next-generation protocol that enables data providers to standardize, verify, and permanently store data streams. By leveraging Arweave, the solution ensures scalability, immutability, and availability of these resources over time, and by using Moonbeam smart contracts, KYVE is EVM-compatible.

In late December 2021, KYVE is integrating Evmos into the KYVE network that decentralizes blockchain data streaming. KYVE will help reliably and accurately store blockchain data from the Evmos blockchain. The Evmos community will be able to leverage this data to build and deploy complex applications on the Evmos blockchain.

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