What does Web3 look like to liberal arts students?

How do liberal arts students understand Web3?

This article is very easy to understand, if you don’t know what Web3 is, read this quick Web3 article first.

“Then how do you understand web3?”

I said a lot this time.

web3 my data I benefit

We all know web2, web2 is the traditional Internet, giving personal data to others, and others providing Internet services to you; what is web3, it is to move everything of web2 to the blockchain, that is, connect wallet to connect wallet.

The difference is that no one will give you a harassing call just because you browse a certain dapp today and ask you for a hardcover 200w at the subway entrance, nor will you be repaid by a micro-loan text message just because you borrowed money at the anchor. Bombing, and not because you saw some indescribable small pictures in opensea, there will be airdrops similar to “stewardess door-to-door student girls”…

**In web3, users will not be affected by paying for their own privacy leaks. In turn, the beneficiaries of what users do are the users themselves. **Obvious interactive airdrops, early user bonuses, og free whitelist, etc.

A like and a comment seem simple, but in fact they are the result of the user’s mental effort and time output. User data is a very considerable source of income for web2 companies, and now it is no longer possible to use user data to make money. I benefit from my data. In web3, user data is stored on an open source, trustless, permissionless decentralized network, and users have ownership and control of output information. **RSS3 was born to solve this problem, aiming to build a platform information system in which users control data assets.

web3 0x is the best resume

web3 is relatively vague and is in the exploratory stage, and the quality of the conceptual projects that follow are also mixed, but it is undeniable that the scale of the web3 ecosystem and the opportunities for breeding will continue to ferment and expand in the next few years.

For the first time, I was really shocked by web3, which originated from an on-chain resume in the circle of friends – the first landing of web3 use cases in a sense. **In web3, job seekers don’t have to draft resumes, and don’t have to send resumes to dozens of companies expecting recognition. 0x is the best self-introduction. **There are various poaps such as zksync quiz in the wallet>active residents on the chain, Punk, BAYC, etc.>NFT OG, fun lending>Lego experts, looking for spreads to move bricks>arbitrage masters… Everything is in web3 There are traces to follow, you don’t even have to speak, 0x will speak for you. Every operation of the user, every gas fee paid, is paving the way for potential surprises in the future. I like this uncertainty.

ENS is the representative of the web3 project. I signed up for one and was fortunate enough to get the first airdrop in my life. Personally, I think domain names are romantic. Today, people cannot discover new planets in the universe, but they have the opportunity to have the naming rights of their own 0x addresses in the Metaverse of different dimensions. There is no asteroid Zu Chongzhi, but there is a long-cherished wish like eth2030todamoon.

web3 has never met the warmth

In web3, the most interesting identity proofs are NFTs besides domain names. Behind every picture is a live, different character, crypto inhabitants all over the world. BAYC gathered for the appreciation of the world-weary attitude of the artist Seneca, mfers gathered for the recognition of the mourning culture meme culture…

I never thought that I would find a group of like-minded and interesting partners because of an avatar. Everyone launched a 420.69 pending order event, and there were endless creative memes, and everyone was chatting happily. It is such a group of people who have forged a strong consensus, enthusiastically helped others after being hacked, and spoke out bravely – spontaneously transferring eth to group friends whose wallets were stolen, and transferring surviving mfers; after Nip’s doodles were stolen Brainstorming… even though we’ve never met. This is the web3 that moves me the most.

web3 describes for us a next-generation future network of human-centric composability. A humane virtual network, where everyone speaks up and can rule.

What does Web3 look like to liberal arts students?

“There are some very bad and bad people in the world, but the world is also a huge playground. I hope your carousel will never stop.” – kefan404.eth


It was raining and foggy on the highway, I was sitting in the back of the car, and he suddenly asked a question from the driver’s seat – “Then how do you understand web3?”

Street View is receding. I think back to the phone call he called two years ago, “Go for a graduate school, inter-study communication.” “…Okay.” I think back to sitting in the brightly lit library of the university, reciting Communication theory, reciting words such as people’s subjective initiative; recalling the bunch of sunflower flowers in the hands of the mother who left the examination room, recalling the two-point difference in the admission line.

“Move the account, you can buy a house later.” “…Okay.”

“Stay in Hangzhou, there is a lot of room for development.” “…Good.”

I always seem to be unable to give a satisfactory answer to life, I don’t know what I like, and I don’t have the courage to write it myself. Everything follows the rules. A few words, except good, is good.

“Change jobs, state-owned enterprises are more secure.” “I don’t want to.” — This is the first time I have rejected him.

“So how do you understand web3?”

I said a lot this time.

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