What does the NFT on the Xingye platform indicate?

This can be said to be one of the few projects in the NFT field that can trigger a large-scale response in the market since this year.

The seemingly calm overseas NFT environment is actually undercurrent…

Stephen Chow, who has not appeared for a long time and has never opened any personal social account, landed on the FWENCLUB Discord for the first time on March 19, and conducted his first AMA in the world with fans and the community;

What does the NFT on the Xingye platform indicate?

Head shot for the first AMA at FWENCLUB. After being hidden for many years, Stephen Chow is now interacting with FWENs in the form of a broadcast event, attracting fans from all over the world to go online.

After the king of comedy, star master Stephen Chow has been hidden in recent years, and he rarely performs in front of the screen. It turns out that Stephen Chow silently pays attention to Discord, a popular communication platform in recent years.

What does the NFT on the Xingye platform indicate?

Digital and physical collectibles creation platform FWENCLUB and Spanish artist Joan Cornellà launched their first NFT series “MOAR by Joan Cornellà” on Wednesday, which attracted worldwide attention. One of the legendary NFT works was discussed by supporters, and Zhou Xingchi appeared as a surprise NFT, pointing directly to the classic character of the star-like movie, I believe Joan is definitely a heavyweight movie fan of the star.

Zhou Xingchi also talked about some fans drawing avatars to do NFT. Zhou Xingchi felt very good. He said that he is an artist and a creator, which is very meaningful for NFT certification copyright;

What does the NFT on the Xingye platform indicate?

He mentioned about the movie. If he wants to launch NFT, he has to think about it. There are too many movie characters and it is difficult to choose. However, many fans commented that the movies “Return to Soul Night”, “God of Cookery”, “Variety Star King”, etc., can all be included in the list of NFTs.

Xingye said that he would collect everyone’s opinions for future NFT reference.

Note: In the future, there will be more and more NFT projects based on star platforms and will gradually become a streamlined path. Based on this, I would like to tell you about it. I think there is no problem in buying and holding this NFT based on fans. The principle is not to stand on the hype. Looking at the level of NFT, there are too many uncertainties….

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