What does the launch of Apple Search Ads (ASA) mean?

The conflict with Internet companies has not ceased. Has the big-eyed Apple advertised itself?

There are ads in the Apple system too? How is this going? When you opened the Apple Appstore and searched for apps in the past two days, you might see such a scene.

What does the launch of Apple Search Ads (ASA) mean?

What’s the matter with Apple advertising?

Some time ago, despite the strong opposition of Internet companies to adding settings (AppTrackingTransparency) in iOS, Apple refused to allow Internet companies to obtain user data and advertisements, which had a huge impact on Internet advertising business based on user information and big data analysis.

The conflict with Internet companies has not ceased. Has the big-eyed Apple advertised itself?

Don’t worry, things are not that simple.

July 21, Apple fruit search search promotion (Apple Search Ads, referred to as ASA) formally launched in the Chinese market.

What is ASA? Simply put, similar to an official bidding ranking provided by Apple, companies and developers can pay to significantly increase their exposure in the App Store. After the ASA went online, Apple opened the official entrance and a full set of tools. ASA is nothing new, and App Store recommended advertisements cannot be equated with system advertisements.

“This thing is actually relatively simple nature. Previously we App promotion abroad will surely be used in ASA. Today only official in the country on the line .” Independent application developers Tinyfool told billion State.

In fact, as early as June 2016, Apple announced on WWDC that it would test keyword promotion ads in the App Store. Then it started with the App Store in the US, and was launched first in some English-speaking regions, and then gradually expanded to more than 60 regions around the world. It took five years for the Chinese market to become the 61st open area. Rather than saying that the opening itself was unexpected, it is better to ask, why did the Chinese market come so late?

What does the launch of Apple Search Ads (ASA) mean?

What does the launch of Apple Search Ads (ASA) mean?

(Introduction to Apple’s ASA official website)

Is ASA important?

For Apple, ASA is very important. Previously, according to analysts from JPMorgan Chase, Apple’s advertising revenue would reach 11 billion U.S. dollars per year by 2025. The core advertising is App Store search ads (Apple Search Ads, hereinafter referred to as ASA).

Search results marketing in the App Store is always a big business, and Apple is naturally unreasonable. On the other hand, the ASA business directly operated by Apple is directly based on user search results, which can also bring developers more direct relevance and higher conversion rates.

Apple officially claimed that 70% of App Store visitors found App through search; downloads directly from App Store search accounted for 65%; and the average conversion rate of ads at the top of Apple Search Ads search results was 50%.

But for now, the implementation of ASA is relatively simple and straightforward. Especially in the Chinese market, the currently open functions are limited to appearing in the user’s search results. According to the current verification by Yibang, Search tab ads are not yet available in the Chinese market.

Combined with Apple’s previous measures to force ATT and restrict companies from obtaining user privacy data. Even if there is no direct relationship, ASA and ATT are undoubtedly a move for Apple to perfect the application and developer ecology, and finally form its own closed loop.

What does the launch of Apple Search Ads (ASA) mean?

(ASA has been online for a long time in the outer zone and there are search tab recommendation advertisements in addition to the search results, which has not yet been opened in China. The picture is a screenshot of the app store in Japan)

What is the relationship between ASA and us?

Before ASA entered the Chinese market, the industry generally had expectations for it, believing that it would bring a new wave of “traffic bonuses” to developers. But the actual effect really remains to be seen.

In the actual test of Ebang, there are still a large number of important keyword search results that have not yet displayed any ads. In the early days when there were few competitors, Apple’s ASA recommendation was equivalent to a barren land. Making good use of it can indeed bring high-quality traffic to the majority of small and medium-sized developers.

But it can be foreseen that when the number of competitors increases, the top manufacturers will undoubtedly “roll up” for the keywords. The first thing to bear the brunt is to avoid the situation where friends buy their own keywords to grab their own traffic.

For example, it is spread on the Internet that the owner of a big factory publicly stated in the circle of friends: “I want Mihayou to buy the original keyword ads by himself, otherwise he will give users active search traffic to others for nothing. Use vicious competition to reap the benefits of the fisherman. The business model is not a good model.”

For some apps with its own data, the ASA itself may become an additional burden that has to be paid.

What does the launch of Apple Search Ads (ASA) mean?

What does the launch of Apple Search Ads (ASA) mean?

However, throwing aside some inevitable blood and rain, ASA undoubtedly has many advantages for the developer community as a whole. In addition to what Apple advertised in the foregoing, the main advantage of ASA itself is actually some stubborn problems that existed in the past channels.

Tinyfool told Yibang, “The advantage of ASA is that it is clearly more direct and clear. And the relevant data cannot be faked. Will other channels of promotion have problems such as scalping? It is difficult to guarantee.” It added that ASA also needs its own Work hard to optimize, “What keywords are the best and the lowest cost is to be studied.”

It is foreseeable that after the opening of the ASA, it will soon lead to a change and reshuffle of the traffic ecology of the AppStore.

However, in the long run, the most imaginative thing is whether ASA, which is currently limited to App Store bidding, may one day become Apple Ads (AA)?

Can iOS really keep the original intention of being pure, without ads, and protecting user privacy?

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