What does the DeFi economy look like in the wake of market turmoil?

An analysis of various domestic and international data shows that the DeFi economy is one of the fastest recovering after a major market economic upheaval.

DeFi exchanges and Tokens are recovering much faster than the loss of digital assets last week.

DeFi tokens like curve, kyber network, terra and hxro have seen double-digit growth. on May 23, the total market capitalization of the DeFi economy fell to a low of around $50 billion, but grew by $17.4 billion immediately afterwards.

The DeFi economy has recovered more quickly than any other economy. While many fragmented financial tokens lost significant value during the recent market crash, fans can see that the DeFi economy has improved significantly.

Countless metrics show that the ecosystem is healing faster than other crypto assets and the DeFi economy is starting to heat up again.

What does the DeFi economy look like in the wake of market turmoil?

Since May 23, 2021, TVL has increased by 34.8%

A statistical analysis of data from decentralized exchanges over a seven-day period shows that they have reached $19 billion in exchange volume on dex applications like Uniswap, Sushiswap, Curve, as well as 0x Native and Tokenlon.

What does the DeFi economy look like in the wake of market turmoil?

According to Dune Analytics, dex volumes

Dune Analytics statistics show that Uniswap had $11.4 billion in transactions, while Sushiswap had $2.4 billion. On the Binance smart chain, the more popular dex platform Pancakeswap had $20.4 million in volume in the last 24 hours.

Binance had $5.4 million in volume in 24 hours. And BSC dex apps, such as AutoFarm and NeuroFinance, are also gradually increasing its trading volume.

Coinranking’s exchange ratings show that Uniswap is ranked 18th among the top 20 exchanges today.

Data collected on June 2 showed a 34.8% increase in TVL for the DeFi economy since May 23, after it slipped to $50 billion before rebounding to $67.4 billion.

Defipulse’s website records Aave’s dominance at 15.18% as it has $10.2 billion in TVL in its loan agreements.

What does the DeFi economy look like in the wake of market turmoil?

DeFi subscribers are increasing significantly during 2021

DeFi users continue to grow exponentially over time. This is because Dune Analytics shows that there are currently 2.64 million unique addresses. Since December 31, 2020, DeFi subscriber addresses have grown by 1.24x.

By far, Uniswap is generating the most revenue, followed by Sushiswap and Aave. in terms of TVL data, following Aave, DeFi platforms such as Maker, Compound, Polygon and Curve are also up around 7-12%.

What does the DeFi economy look like in the wake of market turmoil?

Monthly Trading Volumes in Opensea and Rarible NFT Markets

Compared to April, May’s top NFT dollar transaction volumes for both Opensea and Rarible are clearly on the rise. For example, Opensea’s sales in April were $93 million, and they jumped to $138 million in May.

Rarible’s April volume was slightly higher compared to May, and Opensea remains higher than Labler in terms of dollar volume. rarible’s statistics for April and May show the NFT market at just $22 million.

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