What does it mean when the cost of holding a position rises rapidly after 519?

312, 519, two leveraged liquidation triggered by the stampede plunge market, there are similarities and their plunge logic is basically the same.

The annual bitcoin pizza festival is here again, for newcomers, may not know his origin, the background of the story is simple, in May 2010, a programmer with 10,000 bitcoins (currently worth 2.6 billion yuan) in the forum posting after waiting 4 days for two pizza, thus bitcoin will have his value, in order to commemorate this event, May 21 or 22 every year is designated as To commemorate this event, May 21 or 22 of every year is designated as a holiday for bitcoin enthusiasts to celebrate by eating pizza, which is where the big pizza title comes from. So this weekend, pizza stores around the world are the busiest, and with this holiday, I wish Bitcoin the best of luck for the future.

Madman would like to say again that the logic of the bitcoin bull market, from 312 last year, bitcoin 3800 all the way to 65000, up 17 times, which is not a decent washout in the middle, meaning that almost all investors are all profit taking, which most of the institutional positions cost in the range of $20-30,000, a little higher than most retail investors. This plunge-style washout ostensibly cleared out a large number of leveraged longs, but actually liquidated profit-taking discs that had been holding bitcoin from the bottom. The change of hands made a large number of investors’ positions rapidly increase in cost, and this increase in position cost became the new buildup to bitcoin’s rise. The rapid outpouring of profit taking means that there are fewer and fewer bitcoins that can become a smashing supply behind the scenes. New investors are costing above 30,000, and they won’t consider selling until it rises above 50,000, and those chips that are locked up by institutions need not be mentioned. The continued demand behind the scenes will be far greater than the supply, and driven by this logic, bitcoin will reopen its upward trend after releasing panic. But the premise is that the general background of inflation cannot change, which is a necessary condition for bitcoin to continue its bull market.

The Federal Reserve will release a report on dollar-legal digital currencies in the summer and believes that cryptocurrencies and stablecoins will pose a risk to the financial system. Calls for regulation are growing, with the SEC chairman saying he wants to see more regulation for cryptocurrency exchanges, which would be followed by more help for retail investors. Meanwhile the U.S. Treasury Department is requiring crypto investors to report cryptocurrency assets and transfers in excess of $10,000. This series of actions made the crypto market panic again overnight, with the wind of regulation calling.

The Fed’s Kaplan said inflation will rise in 2021 and hopes to discuss tapering bond purchases as soon as possible. According to the Fed’s current progress, the tapering is likely to happen in 2022, so the general easing environment remains unchanged this year.

In China, the China Securities Journal as well as CCTV.com both again prompted the risk of virtual currencies, alerted to the false prosperity of the virtual currency market, abandoned the fluke mentality, and maintained the safety of their property. Maniacs feel that such risk tips are extremely necessary, the volatility of this market is by no means affordable for amateur investors, and it is important to learn how to allocate assets, shrink your greed, and let more money lie in the capital preservation bank, and use small positions to win high-risk, high-yield assets while getting windfall income.

The founder of Carlyle Investment Group said he invested in cryptocurrencies, which has more than a trillion dollars in assets under management, and another large asset management firm came to participate in value investing.

California community bank Suncres plans to offer bitcoin services to its customers, while Fortress Holdings intends to launch cryptocurrency trading services for users in the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong, China. These supporting facilities continue to improve, setting the stage for more investors to enter the market.

The CEO of Goldman Sachs predicts that cryptocurrency market capitalization will inevitably equal and eventually surpass that of gold. The CEO of SkyBridge Capital, on the other hand, believes that the bitcoin bull market is not over and will rally in the long run. Combined with the actual actions of Musk, Sister Wood and Sun Yuchen yesterday, the big boys are still buying and bullish on bitcoin, and it’s only a matter of time before it rises.

Teucrium Trading filed an application for a bitcoin futures ETF with the SEC, and the biggest thing left to watch this year is when the SEC approves a bitcoin ETF, which will matter for at least 10-20% of bitcoin’s volatility.

Bitcoin has been declared “dead” 414 times, mostly before and after the big crash in 2018, what doesn’t kill him will eventually make him stronger, the trend is irreversible, we have no choice but to embrace it.

What does it mean when the cost of holding a position rises rapidly after 519?

Panic Greed Index 19, still extreme panic, belongs to the area of opportunity over risk.

Gray GBTC discount -10.6%, ETHE premium 3.16%, US secondary market funds have picked up, a good thing.

With 10,000 bitcoins transferred to bitfinex exchange during the night, this panic has not yet been released to the end, so bitcoin’s secondary bottoming market could open at any time.

The Ether Foundation transferred 35,000 Ether to the Kraken exchange on May 17, leaving a balance of 394,000. The last time the address sold coins was the high point of the 2017 bull market, cashing out 70,000. This will dampen investors’ resolve to hold ETH and affect the exchange rate of Ether to Bitcoin later.

Sentiment Analysis


312, 519, two leveraged liquidation triggered by the stampede plunge market, has a similarity, their plunge logic is basically the same, so it is worth to learn from, 312 rebounded from 3800 to 5600, the rebound range of 47%, 519 rebounded from 29000 to 42400, the rebound range is also 47%, from the comparison of the rebound range, the short-term rebound may be over , the back will continue to oscillate within this box, and then complete the second bottoming, to open a new rise, the maniac took the 4h chart of 312 and 519 4h chart to give you a comparison of.


What does it mean when the cost of holding a position rises rapidly after 519?


What does it mean when the cost of holding a position rises rapidly after 519?

So the second bottom of the plunge zone will probably be between 32000-35000, do not panic at that time, brave pick up the car. Short-term this position is repeated oscillations, always silent for a while after the madness


Linkage oscillation, the trend is not as big as the pie, waiting for the second probe of the opportunity to get on board.


The first two days of the bottom money is very fierce, it is recommended to hold positions to rise.


Today’s pullback no volume, but also did not see a long entry, the overall linkage is dominated.


The first two days have bottoming funds, take a take.


Relatively strong today, is expected to continue to rally.


Not much chance, linkage is the main focus.


Entering oversold area, waiting for rebound.


Pattern not gone bad, high oscillation.


Big bounce, 340 is pressure level, hard to rush through at once.


Lots of hedging above, 100 is a strong pressure level, look for a short-term rally.


Musk continues to milk, but tweets below the curses, his influence is fading, dog coin a large number of hedge plate is difficult to rescue, the rebound is still based on reducing positions, the pressure level 0.5.


After 519 is still in the shock box, the funds are very resistant, the market is expected to lead Dex to take the lead in the rebound.


The shape is not bad, holding is the main focus.

Market this position, the high level of 42400 short-term is not easy to overcome, once rushed up, then the next pressure level in 45000, the market does not have an absolute secondary bottom, the madman recommended below 40000, only buy not sell, so as not to lose because of small, treading on the future.

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