What does HR need to know about the Metaverse?

The Metaverse makes interactions in 3D environments fully immersive.

The fact that Facebook changed its company name to Meta sends a signal that at least one tech company is optimistic about the future of digital interaction.

An increasingly hot topic is the Metaverse, which refers to an online alternative reality that blurs the lines between the real and the digital environment.

Rajat Kohli, principal at global management consultancy Zinnov, said early anecdotes suggest that the Metaverse will significantly impact the HR function and will have a significant impact across the employee lifecycle, including recruiting and onboarding, employee engagement, and learning. and development, and its impact will be broader than just the HR function itself.

The Metaverse will also have a huge impact on the types of knowledge, skills, and competencies required for all types of positions in the company.

Kohli said that the day Meta announced that it was hiring about 10,000 people for its platform in Europe, companies around the world also began to strengthen their future workforces.

Over 40% of service providers started hiring top talent to build their Metaverse vision in key technology areas such as AI, IoT, digital twins, blockchain and 3D modeling .

Kohli added, “Tech giants such as Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Google have now started and will continue to focus on investing in senior leaders with extensive experience in gaming, mixed reality, augmented and virtual reality, and multi-cloud environments.”

“Thanks to the Metaverse, HR leaders can now expect to hire more diverse talent regardless of their geographic location or personal preferences.”

What does HR need to know about the Metaverse?

Engage is a virtual communication platform that simulates how people interact in the real world, but without physical constraints, allowing for multi-user events, collaboration, training, education, and more.

In other words, it’s a tech company that facilitates the Metaverse experience.

Chris Madsen, head of the business development function at Engage, said the pandemic has undoubtedly sparked an increase in interest in building more meaningful virtual connections.

From the beginning of the epidemic to the present, we have all begun to feel fatigued with all kinds of online office and study.

And Metaverse Interaction will bring a whole new experience, allowing people to interact in a 3D environment, giving them full immersion, Madsen said .

What is the Metaverse?

While you may have heard the term Metaverse, you may not be entirely sure what the Metaverse is, let alone its impact on HR.

Ask a dozen random people what the Metaverse is, even if they’re all technologists, and you’ll probably get a dozen different answers.

Justin Parry, co-founder and COO of virtual reality (VR) technology and solutions company Immerse, offers a practical way to think about the Metaverse and its impact on HR.

It’s “a richer, more immersive version of what the web and mobile devices currently offer,”he said .

In short, the Metaverse is an immersive alternate reality. It’s an alternate reality, Madsen noted, “where there’s a persistent space that exists whether or not there are people in it.”

Through the Metaverse, he said, “the web will become a 3D experience” that can be engaged on any device, from phones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers.

The Metaverse allows organizations to leave a permanent footprint on the web, where people can experience a company’s culture, services and products again in an experiential, spatialized new way, Madsen said.

For some, this can be scary. But for others, it’s heartening.

For many companies, the Metaverse will provide a new way for companies to interact with customers, clients and employees.

Experience in the Metaverse

When you’re wearing a VR headset, Madsen says, your brain really believes you’re in a virtual space environment because it’s physical.

If I met you in VR, I would reach out my hand, hold yours, and we would spatially interact with our surroundings.

Platforms like Engage allow simultaneous interaction with up to 70 people in the same space with full 3D audio, he said.

What does HR need to know about the Metaverse?

He said the Metaverse is different from a Zoom environment where people need to go into breakout rooms and interact with larger groups separately, but in the Metaverse people can have private conversations in a larger environment because of the space Audio allows people to do just that.

This allows people to truly feel like they are with others, no matter where they are, Madsen said.

This is an important aspect of the Metaverse’s impact on remote work, as online communication has become commonplace during the pandemic, and this is likely to continue into the future .

Things to consider for HR

Michelle Hague is the Human Resources Manager for the American Solar Panel Network in Denver.In this role, she said, “My job is to stay ahead of the latest trends in the workplace, and the Metaverse is no exception, and I know the Metaverse will have a major impact on HR.”

For employees, the Metaverse could impact how they work in the virtual world, the type of employee training and support they need, and how they can be productive and engaged.

For HR leaders, the Metaverse presents both opportunity and risk. On the one hand, Metaverse offers a new way for employees to connect with each other and with customers, Hague said.

But on the flip side, there are potential risks to working in virtual reality, including everything from data security to eye strain.

Hague said the U.S. solar panel network is already taking steps to prepare for the potential impact of the Metaverse:

Work with the company’s IT department to ensure data security systems can protect employee information in the virtual world

Watch how companies are using Metaverse to enhance employee training and development programs

Talk to employees to get their input and advice on what to expect in a virtual workplace

Hague said his company has recognized that ” as we begin to explore the possibilities of the Metaverse, we may need to bring in some new talent with expertise in virtual and mixed reality technologies .”

More importantly, however, “we need employees who are comfortable working in virtual environments and excited about the potential of the Metaverse.”

In addition, he suggested, “HR teams also need to provide systems that clearly delineate the personal and professional identities of citizens.” He said, “Employers need to be fully aware of what data is being captured, how it is being used, and how it affects employees’ professional development. transparent.”

employee engagement

There are already some signs that many employees will be inclined to work in the Metaverse. After all, many people are already experimenting with immersive technologies like VR and AR through games and other applications. They already have extensive experience staying in touch with colleagues via Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms.

A study by ExpressVPN of 1,500 employees and 1,500 employers in the U.S. found that “nearly three-fifths of workers and four-fifths of employers are interested in an immersive workforce.” Their research stated, “66 % of employers are excited about the Metaverse, as are 46% of employees.”

Several large corporations are already investing in and exploring the potential that the Metaverse has to offer. Madsen points to some examples, including:

Accenture purchased 60,000 Oculus devices to train employees in VR;

Fidelity Investments hosted an event in the Metaverse;

KPMG has established an innovation hub in virtual reality, offering partners the opportunity to experience the Metaverse firsthand.

To take full advantage of the opportunities the Metaverse can bring , Madsen said, HR teams are advised to start identifying key use cases that might make sense for their organization and their employees . “Whether it’s providing competencies that don’t yet exist, or improving existing learning practices”.

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