What does DAO look like in the eyes of more than 400 practitioners?

The issue of coordination between people has always been an important issue in the history of human civilization. With limited resource utilization, people need to rely on families, companies, institutions, and markets to coordinate schedules, finances, food, and international trade. Wait for everything.

But with the emergence of the encrypted world, new ways of coordination have emerged.

Ethernet Square created for “coordination problems” brought new solutions, Ethernet transparent Square, immutable, programmable nature to create a better coordinated manner brings technical basis, decentralized self-government organizations (DAO) as A new mechanism fundamentally changes the way of resource allocation coordination in the Ethereum ecosystem. Improving coordination means better resource allocation, less corruption, and a more symmetrical relationship between the value created and the value obtained. DAO can solve coordination problems in Ethereum and can also be applied to the real world.

Gitcoin DAO and Bankless DAO released a joint survey report on DAO, which refined the opinions of more than 400 DAO members on DAO and made this report into an NFT.

Why study DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an organization represented by rules coded as computer programs. It is transparent, controlled by members of the organization, and not affected by the central government.

This report conducted a survey of 422 respondents from 223 DAOs in 290 cities around the world, combined with a variety of subjective perspectives to explore the impact of DAO in various aspects more comprehensively, allowing DAO members to share their influence on DAO. Understand, and explore more application areas for the future development of DAO to better coordinate various affairs.

Main gains

Vote to authorize the data network

DAO is not only an emerging part of the Ethereum ecosystem, but also has become a worldwide trend. DAO has established a P2P network in which all parties actively participate on the basis of intensive value exchange.

image (2).png

As shown in the figure above, according to the splicing of voting authorization data released by Gitcoin DAO, each node is a voter, each side is an authorized transaction, and the voting authorization data has formed a huge transaction network.

Popularity ranking among DAO common tools

Gitcoin DAO report quick reading: What is the DAO in the eyes of more than 400 practitioners?

According to the survey results, the five most popular DAOs are Bankless, Gitcoin, Index Coop, DAOSquare, and dorg; the tools used by each DAO for coordination are mainly Discord, Twitter, Telegram, email, and Snapshot; governance tools are based on popularity They are Snapshot, Gnosis Safe, Compound, DAOStack, Aragon; DAO types are divided into NFT type, social type, investment type, protocol type, service type, etc.; DAO’s funding sources are token sales, NFT, and investment. The billing model of DAO members’ remuneration is mainly coordinated, project-based bounties, other + tips, and calculated by the hour; the monthly salary of DAO members is between 1,000 and 3,000 US dollars. Followed by less than 1,000 US dollars, 3,000 to 5,000 US dollars, 5,000 to 7,000 US dollars, and some without salary; DAO participant countries are located in China, the United States, India, Hong Kong, and Canada; DAO’s roles are community construction, governance, and operation. , Marketing, development.

Investigate diversity

In this survey, the age and gender of DAO members are diverse, and most of the respondents in the survey are men between 20-40 years old.

image (3).png

image (4).png

DAO fatigue

A small number of members of highly involved DAO organizations have DAO fatigue. Most of the survey subjects are in 1 or 2 DAOs, but for a small number of people in 3 to 6 DAOs, there are situations where they are pulled by problems in different directions. Participants It doesn’t make much sense when there are more than two DAOs.

image (5).png

DAO’s level of abstraction

There are several key levels of abstraction in the DAO ecosystem: L1 ecosystem, DAO, creator. How the interoperability of each level of abstraction will develop is unclear.

Coordination between L1 Ecosystem

image (6).png

Resource coordination between DAOs

image (7).png

Resource coordination within DAO

image (8).png

Other conclusions

  • As of September 2021, many DAOs in the ecosystem have billions of dollars in capital and hundreds of creators work for them.
  • Most survey participants believe that DAO is the future. On the contrary, a few interviewees were skeptical.
  • In the world of DAO, there are still many issues that need to be improved, such as compliance, coordination, benefits, recruitment and retention of talents, and income fluctuations.
  • For some participants, there is a sense of accomplishment, meaning, and purpose that cannot be found in traditional organizations. However, what is attractive in DAO is that members are empowered by ownership and can stand in technical and cultural perspectives. cutting edge.
  • DAO is still in the early stage, focusing on the governance, operation and community building of DAO. The improvement of DAO’s system and process will bring magnifying effect.
  • DAO is very easy to set up, in sharp contrast to companies that require company articles, legal knowledge, and approvals.
  • DAO is not a reliable source of income, and the stability of income is a major pain point in DAO.


We do not work for DAO, we work for everyone, at least for ourselves, DAO is us, we are DAO, and DAO is everything.

DAO is the missing economic tool we need to revitalize community life and unite people again. The company has equity as its powerful tool, which makes corporate life occupy so much space, and the government has currency as its powerful tool to make Political life rules everything, and DAOs and their tokens are the missing piece of the puzzle. You need to join a DAO so that you can shape the next development.

——@Niran, founder of Panvala, a supporting fund shared by the community

DAO emerges as a multi-organization network, composed of people, teams, organizations, communities, and tools. It represents a huge paradigm shift in human organization, collaboration, and mutual incentives to achieve their personal and collective goals.

The most interesting is our newly rediscovered ability to build systems in which participants act for their own common good.
——Auryn Macmillan

There is no doubt that DAO will define the future of human coordination. The invention of computers, the Internet, and cryptocurrencies are just a few steps in the long journey that we are still walking together, and the next step is DAO.

Thinking of all these things happening in less than a lifetime, it really makes people see that we are still very early in this journey, although it has an unimaginable impact on mankind, and it will be in the next few generations. Continue to have an impact.

No industry is more fulfilling, exciting, and valuable than DAO, and we are just getting started.


DAOs come in many forms, and many of the hype surrounding them are stupid, but the concept of community management funds is eternal and powerful. I look forward to seeing projects that allow people to have more agency in various communities continue to evolve to adapt to various use cases.

—— @leighcuen

Source link: docs.google.com

Written by: Gitcoin DAO

Compilation: Zhang Jingan


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