What do users think of DeFi giants entering the NFT field?

As the current leading DEX platform in the industry, Uniswap has an overwhelming advantage in market traffic and user level. Can this advantage be effectively transformed in the new battlefield of Uniswap+NFT? Will there be acclimatization? And can “UniNFT” challenge the overlord Opensea on the frontal battlefield? The signal released by Uniswap today has aroused infinite reverie in the outside world.”

On June 22, the DeFi market leader Uniswap acquired the Ethereum NFT aggregation platform Genie, indicating that users can directly buy and sell NFTs on the Uniswap network application this fall. On July 7, Uniswap Labs solicited NFT products from users on social media Feature comments. Its layout speed for NFT platforms is surprising.

So, what do users think about the collection of opinions on NFT product functions? We’ve curated the relevant comments specifically to understand the views and opinions of our users.

What do users think of DeFi giants entering the NFT field?

Drawing on DeFi features

@Fennnykyun suggested that I hope this NFT can have some functions on Uniswap, such as creating an automatic market maker for NFT. @flubdubster also mentioned that the most interesting problem in DeFi (except for under-collateralized loans), the launch of AMM is not only valuable for PFP-NFT, but also helps to build the core liquidity of digital assets. The most interesting thing is that @cryptotyc directly suggested to launch the liquid asset pool, which can be said to directly transfer the gameplay of DEX to NFT trading. Similarly, @APOideas believes that by recycling Uniswap V3 LPs, an aftermarket can be created for NFTs. 

Compare OpenSea

In addition to the functional improvement opinions of Uniswap’s incoming NFT, users also expressed their own opinions. @OPCryptoDegen believes that Uniswap can improve user experience by improving the problems overlooked by industry giants, and its services can provide another measure for determining transaction volume trends or popular collections, which will have certain guidance for industry cognition significance. Others believe that Uniswap needs to establish its own chain ecology, not just a simple breakthrough in the original ecology. @rliriano believes that the platform can be turned into an aggregated exchange that, in addition to NFT functions, can also provide various currency markets, such as lending products. @Jazz believes that interoperability in NFTs is very important, and the bridging of multi-chain NFTs and NFTs will be an important work. @cryptojourney77 suggested the ability to create “collections” for creators like Foundation, creative tools for platform curation and galleries, or some hidden features for collectors and traders to block spam. @eunice_bolt also proposed that the platform be able to provide high quality 3D model compatibility.

Provides extreme security

@beansoverit believes that the NFT should be built on a multi-chain facility, and by linking NFTs on other chains, it has the security guarantees on Ethereum. @buyTheDipXD is more direct, proposing to list all ape’s functions directly into scammers’ wallets, protecting users’ privacy and security.

And some fragmentary feature comments

@zito_2170 proposed that the NFT platform should have a very high refresh rate, faster product updates, and NFT secondary sales and listings can be viewed on function tracking. @AmunCrian suggested that you can view the historical price records of your favorite NFTs. @sovereth suggested that Uniswap could focus on API development to build custom marketplaces. Such fool-like automatic issuance is very beneficial to the project party. @DavidX3 said that the trading platform can be built into a user experience-first platform, equipped with tools, charts and analytical data functions, as well as some popular science content on how NFT and encryption work, which sounds similar to Coinbase’s popular science section. And some people also want to open a chat room. @Rouge3th suggested that you can set favorite and dislike sections to better differentiate your choices.

and many bold ideas

@PK100KETH actually came up with an arbitrage model, which exemplifies that multi-party transaction block holder A wants NFT B, NFT B holder wants NFT C, and C holder wants to intervene if they want A. 3way trading via Ppl allows 4 arbitrage operations. Also allows 4 gamification of the transaction process. @brixjorgn: Provide a “Burn It” button, that is, when the work has no transaction value, it will be directly destroyed. @Agusx1211 suggested proper decentralization, the platform should have no human review, no reported theft, no blacklist of collectibles. 

For Uniswap’s NFT layout, people’s discussion is not as intense as imagined, but there are many supporters who follow, they hope that Uniswap can become the second Opensea, thinking that this is achievable. It is worth mentioning that after Uniswap announced its entry into the NFT field, the project token UNI was very bullish and broke through the resistance point strongly.

What do users think of DeFi giants entering the NFT field?

Supporters continue to corroborate that after Opensea co-founder Alex Atallah quit and started a new business, Opensea laid off 20% of its staff, the same track GameStop NFT performed well in the first 48 hours, and now DeFi giant Uniswap acquired Genie to create a strong market, Opensea, which has been attacked by front and back, has begun to decline.

We noticed that on July 9th, the Uniswap NFT product leader, Scott, the founder of Genie, tweeted that the Uniswap NFT listing will be a live stream. There will be three months of architecture construction and field testing. Before that, he had said that Uniswap’s NFT roadmap was unparalleled, and the first step would be to launch the core foundation of Uniswap NFT.

What do users think of DeFi giants entering the NFT field?

And the day after the acquisition was confirmed by Uniswap, Scott tweeted for opinions on the functionality of the Dream NFT. At that time, the discussion among users seemed tepid. Most of the user’s speeches are gags such as “higher price” and “keep my money from rising or falling”, without providing valuable information.

What do users think of DeFi giants entering the NFT field?

In Uniswap’s solicitation, we saw users’ thinking, which may also reflect that the industry has begun to really think about Uniswap’s NFT development. What kind of innovative functions and gameplay inspiration this big ship roaming in the DeFi world will bring to NFT, and what impact will it bring to the entire NFT market structure, the above are all we can’t predict and are full of expectations, and in functional products Keep pushing and keep waiting.

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