What do I do if I lost my phone? “Crowdsourcing positioning” may become the consensus of the industry

Following Samsung and Apple, Google will now also join the “crowdsourcing positioning” technology camp.

Many years ago, there was a good talk about “mobile phone catching thief” in the industry. Among them, it is said that after a certain brand of mobile phone was stolen, the user remotely activated the retrieval function, and finally not only successfully located the location of the mobile phone, but also captured the front face of the thief trying to unlock the mobile phone through the camera. So the ending is naturally everyone gets the spoils, which is gratifying. 

Of course, this is not an isolated case. Thanks to the popularity of the account system and the “retrieve phone” function, similar reports will appear almost every other time. 

What do I do if I lost my phone? "Crowdsourcing positioning" may become the consensus of the industry

But have you ever thought that the reason why such an incident can be established is because the thief does not understand the doorway. If you encounter a “skilled” person, immediately change the SIM card and turn off the flow switch when you get it, and will not give your phone a chance to connect to the Internet. Will the “recover your phone” function still work? 

Obviously not in the past, but it may not be easy to say in the future. 

Recently, a Google Play Services package with the version number of 21.24.13 has aroused the attention of industry insiders. There is no reason, because everyone found that in its code, there was an explanation text that had never been seen before, “Allow your phone to help locate your and other people’s devices (Allow your phone to help locate your and other people’s devices). ” 

What do I do if I lost my phone? "Crowdsourcing positioning" may become the consensus of the industry

what is this concept? Simply put, it means that after Samsung and Apple, Google will now join the “crowdsourcing positioning” technology camp. And considering the extremely high global market share of the Android system and Google services itself, this may trigger a wave of rapid globalization of “crowdsourcing positioning” . 

What do I do if I lost my phone? "Crowdsourcing positioning" may become the consensus of the industry

Apple’s AirTag actually uses crowdsourced positioning, but it scans based on more precise UWB technology. 

Having said that, what is “crowdsourcing positioning”? In fact, it is very simple, that is, use the WiFi or Bluetooth function of the mobile phone to scan the surrounding devices, and then estimate the relative distance based on the scanned signal strength. Although when only two devices scan each other, the estimated distance is inaccurate and the direction cannot be judged. However, if mobile phones all over the street and the entire building scan each other in this way, then by integrating multiple devices (and the missing The signal strength between mobile phones and the positional relationship of these devices themselves can achieve very precise positioning. 

More importantly, compared with the traditional anti-theft positioning technology based on base stations and traffic, the WiFi and Bluetooth scanning technology used in “crowdsourcing positioning” has very low power consumption, hardly affects the battery life of the mobile phone, and does not consume data at all. Even the phone can work without a SIM card. 

What do I do if I lost my phone? "Crowdsourcing positioning" may become the consensus of the industry

Even if the lost phone is not connected to the Internet, crowdsourced positioning can still find it 

Of course, some friends may say, doesn’t the thief know how to turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi switches of the mobile phone? In fact, on the one hand, because most people really don’t know there is “crowdsourcing positioning”, the protection against Bluetooth and WiFi by malicious people is indeed much lower than that of phone cards and traffic. On the other hand, manufacturers can also design that when the mobile phone turns on the “crowdsourcing location” function, it is mandatory to automatically scan for Bluetooth and WiFi at regular intervals. After all, when the mobile phone cannot be connected to the mobile network, it is indeed unable to locate through the base station, but even for the mobile phone that has unplugged the phone card, disconnected the network connection, or even turned on the ” airplane mode “, the Bluetooth function is still Can continue to be used. And this also means that it can still be found by “crowdsourcing positioning”. 

[Present Ventura sheet from the network] 

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