What changes will happen to our lives in the Web3.0 era?

What is Web 3.0? In one sentence, Web 3.0 is a more user-centric, transparent, and secure Internet that focuses on making things more humane.

Before introducing Web 3.0, we might as well review Web 1.0 and 2.0.

Web 1.0: the beginning of it all

Have you ever heard of a dial-up connection and it takes 200 years to download a 5MB file?

At that time, people mainly used the Internet to maintain basic communication, and the use of the Internet can usually only be seen in the offices of large companies. Compared with now, the number of websites is very small.

Yes, things were not so good at the time, but this was the beginning of a new era of civilization. We call it the Internet Web 1.0.

Web 1.0 is one-way. Large companies create content for people to read, with almost no interaction, users can only read data, and only content creators can edit and create content. So, just like reading a book in a library, users don’t have much rights, they are just consumers.

Later, plagiarism appeared. People started copying other content and pasting it on their website. Original content is very rare, so even universities don’t trust the Internet. To check a simple information, you need to go to the library. Of course, there was no social media at the time.

Web 2.0: Social Revolution

When Web 2.0 appeared, end users benefited a lot. Users can write and read data, and people have realized that there are serious limitations in a framework that can only handle one million users. Web 2.0 can handle billions of users, it has Ajax and JavaScript-based frameworks, and blogs replace boring static web content.

Web 2.0 also introduced video streaming and online games, and everything went online. Websites can be interactive and more dynamic, and online stores have begun to rule the world economy.

You can say that it is a real revolution, and the introduction of Web applications has opened up new horizons.

Web 3.0: The Internet of the Future

What changes will happen to our lives in the Web3.0 era?

1. The Internet of Everything

Looking around, we now have smart refrigerators, smart TVs, smart scales, and home assistants like “Little Ai”. All these things can be connected to the Internet, and they form a network of devices called the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things is one of the biggest features of Web 3.0, the purpose is to connect everything to the Internet. At present, not all devices can be connected. We currently do not have this kind of infrastructure, but with the development of 5G, this goal will be achieved in the near future.

2. User-centric

Web 3.0 blockchain DApp pays more attention to user-centricity. It will exclude middlemen. We don’t have to rely on huge data servers controlled by private companies. Our personal data will be more secure and private. Since there is no centralized server, all data will be spread between devices, and people can access them freely. It will create a more humane Internet world.

3. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will mainly focus on providing people with better analysis and results. In fact, technology giants are already developing their AI projects. For example, artificial intelligence will try to recommend music that suits your taste.

In addition, you will find that when you search for a specific product on Google, the ads on your Facebook page will also change, and everything is interrelated. Therefore, the future marketing strategy will no longer adopt large-scale marketing techniques, but will be people-oriented.

4. Semantic Web

The blockchain technology stack proposes a topic called the Semantic Web. The Semantic Web means a way to understand web content, just like human behavior, it is associated with machine learning and artificial intelligence, trying to teach computers to understand data and how it behaves. In semantic search, search results will be more accurate and relevant. Web 2.0 relies on keywords, page permissions, and domain permissions to rank content, but Web 3 browsers try to understand Web content like people.

5. The future of 3D graphics and content

There is no doubt that web content is more graphic nowadays, and people like to see and share videos and images instead of simple text. In the near future, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will become popular, and different applications and games will have more realistic graphics and feelings.

In addition, 3D printing is not limited to laboratory use. People will use 3D printing more and it will become more usable and cheaper.

Web 3.0 will recreate our Internet world, and more possibilities are still beyond imagination.

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