What changes have Crypto and NFTs brought to art? Hear what these ten artists have to say

In the past two years, the world has changed due to the development of blockchain technology. The traditionally illiquid art market has united with the cryptocurrency community through the use of NFTs.

In this article, we “go” online to ten unique countries around the world to meet with individual creators using NFT technology and ask them what they think about NFTs?

India: Malavika Reddy


An interdisciplinary artist from India whose father DLN Reddy is a well-known artist in India, she is currently dabbling in digital art and animation.


《Relinquishing You》by Malavika Reddy

In what ways has Crypto influenced your life and work?

Crypto gave me a chance to dream bigger than before. Before I started minting NFTs, I worked in galleries, creating art and holding solo and group art exhibitions. I don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies other than hearing the terms bitcoin or ethereum here and there. When I discovered NFTs, I thought it was the biggest opportunity to reach a wider audience. I’ve been in this field for over a year now, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited or motivated to create, or feel more hopeful about living a freer life.

United States: Glass Crown


A multi-disciplinary artist with a career in photography, sculpting, watercolor painting, pencil drawing and more!


《Templar》 by Glass Crown

1. What are the most interesting economic trends in the world today?

I think NFTs are the most interesting economic trend. We’re seeing it expand from artwork to many different types of use cases. Branding and real estate are just the tip of the iceberg, especially as it carries over to the real world. City DAO buys a piece of land in Wyoming, and you can own an NFT to become a citizen there. I love seeing NFTs start to change real world interactions!

2. How does NFT affect the creator economy?

The creator economy can flourish on the basis of NFTs. For example, artists in third world countries can now share their creations on a global stage and earn unprecedented incomes. It is expanding to include dancers, poets, musicians, carvers, and any conceivable creation can now be made into an NFT.

3. What changes do you want NFTs to make?

I see my artist friends wanting to get into the NFT space, but they don’t understand Crypto, how NFTs work. I would really like to see a resource that covers everything: how to mint NFTs, how artists raise funds, how artists market and more.Almost like an “NFT university”.

Nigeria: Khadee Ize


NFT artist from the African Crypto Center!


Color Goddess #03 on Opensea.

How do you think NFTs will change the financial situation of artists and other creators over the next 10 years?

Since joining the NFT space, the lives of many of my artist friends have changed. I feel that NFTs will have a positive, life-changing impact on artists over the next decade. In 10 years, many artists will be added to the millionaire list!

Russia: Jenny Mrrr


A 1/1 digital artist!


《Lace of grace》by JennyMrrr

1. What do you think is your greatest achievement as an artist?

My greatest achievement as an artist was getting into the NFT space. I have found good friends all over the world. I feel more confident in myself, which is very encouraging.

2. How do you think NFTs will affect the creator economy in the next decade?

I think NFTs will impact the creator economy in the best possible way. Our community continues to grow every day, and many talents are pouring into NFTs. I think everyone will find something in NFTs, not just money.

Chile: BoicotArt.eth


A 29 year old digital artist from South America!


Robin, from the “Cosmic Personalities” collection by BoicotArt.eth

1. What got you excited about creating NFTs?

When I discovered the crypto industry, I never thought my work would be valued by the community – I sold 0.12 ETH for one of my NFTs!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the money that motivates me to create, and a few months ago, some artworks could only be kept on my iPad. Now that they are open to the public, I am very proud to see them for sale at a higher price.

It’s such a wonderful feeling that my hobby is finally able to support myself. I never thought this would be a thing. It’s always been my hobby, nothing else.

2. How do you think NFTs will change the financial situation of artists and other creators over the next 10 years?

I keep thinking that if it wasn’t for NFTs, I might never be able to make money from my creations, or do something profitable with them. In the NFT space, however, I am open to selling my creations to the world!

10 years later, I’m not so sure. Of course, this will depend on the development of Crypto. I’m not sure if NFT projects that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars will exist, but I’m pretty sure 1/1 NFT will be better in the future. It’s about art, not hype!

Iran: Hasibe


A 27 year old photographer and montage artist from Central Asia!


Survivors of ancient civilization #4 by Hasibe

1. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

We’re still at the beginning of our journey, and many don’t believe it, but I see a bright future for it. In my opinion, the world financial system is changing and cryptocurrencies are a window into the future. I currently prefer Ethereum over other currencies.

2. How do you think NFTs will change the financial situation of artists and other creations over the next 10 years?

I think NFTs will improve the social and economic status of artists. I think NFTs have been a miracle for artists from the beginning, artists will get the rights they should have.

I think, in the next ten years, the monetary system of the whole world will be digitized, and children born in ten years will only see coins and banknotes in museums, maybe in the Metaverse Museum! And I think everything will balance out and the tighter path the currency is going through now will be more moderate.

There is no doubt that NFTs empower artists financially. So I think a lot of children’s dreams in the future will be to become an artist and build a new world.

Turkey: Ramadzo


A Russian-Turkish photographer and digital artist from Asia Turkey! He has won an honorary award in international photography competitions.


collection by Ramadzo

1. What new things have you done since entering the NFT space?

Oh… NFTs have pushed me to learn to speak publicly on Twitter, Discord, take new art lessons and practice more English.It’s just the little things I can remember right now.

NFTs are a world where you can’t stop and just make art. You should always be there to learn and find your way. This is what I want to do now.

2. How do you think NFTs will change the financial situation of artists and other creators in the next 10 years?

Many people think that NFTs are not art. Especially those who are based on traditional and classical art…I see a lot of very talented modern artists who spend their time on art for very little income, a work can only be sold for $9.90, just Because they love to create, they cannot live without art.

And now everything has changed. I think a new era has arrived where all creative people, even those without an art education, are able to show their inner world in their art. Everyone is unique and everyone will find their own client! And will be able to sell his art for 9 ETH instead of just $9.9.

I really believe it! Good luck to all artists trying to find their way in NFTs!

UK: Cal Carmichael


An artist and designer from Newcastle, UK! I am creating my own artwork and NFTs in my free time.


New Chapter by Carmichael

1 What do you consider to be your greatest achievement as an artist?

As far as recent achievements go, my “Serenescapes” NFT artwork is completely sold out on Opensea – it’s now trading over 10 ETH. This is crazy to me.

2. What new things have you done since entering the NFT space?

NFTs give me the freedom to create and sell art, which gives me a real sense of joy and purpose. It has allowed me to further invest in myself and has given me the opportunity to meet and network with so many talented creatives from across the globe. I also have the opportunity to build relationships with collectors, sell my art, and give me the opportunity to invest in others.

3. How do you think NFTs will change the financial situation of artists and other creators over the next 10 years?

I’m sure giving artists more creative and financial freedom will keep NFTs growing in a positive way. Judging by the confused looks on my friends and colleagues’ faces whenever I mention NFTs, we’re definitely still in the early days! I’m excited to be in the field and see where this road takes us in the future.

Australia: Danielle Weber


The work of acclaimed Australian artist Danielle includes original works for many high-profile clients and large-scale murals!

1. What new things have you done since entering the NFT space?

  • Build my community differently.
  • Team for the first time!
  • The creation is more free, without any guidance, purely the concept and meaning behind my own paintings.
  • Meet many well-known artists in the NFT field.
  • Grow in public speaking.

2. How do you think NFTs will change the financial situation of artists and other creators over the next 10 years?

NFTs will enable many artists to get rid of middlemen. When it comes to royalties, I can see not only who bought my work, but where it is going, and continue to gain recognition for that work for years to come and stay in close contact with my clients.

For me, being able to bridge the gap between “traditional” physical and digital art: more opportunities to expand the business and ensure there are various revenue streams. NFT will eventually influence art into free creation, not the restriction of commission system.

Spain: Anya Kuzai


An artist from Barcelona, ​​Spain!


“We’re going to meet the Dalai Lama” by anyakuzai

1. In what ways has Crypto affected your life and work?

It showed me that I can make money not only from my work, but also from my personal projects.

Before becoming a full-time NFT artist, I only learned about them for investment, and now I will live by creating! It gave me the impetus to create my art world, and I started my personal project: “Anya’s Story”, which consists of several different stories, with the goal of eventually making an animated short!

Second, I had the opportunity to collaborate with other cool NFT artists.

This year I teamed up with other artists to create a great project [BRUTAL SPACE], which will be a P2E game, and I helped create the NFT for the game, which sold out immediately.

2. How do you think NFTs will affect the creator economy in the next decade?

Now, the artist is taking financial control back into their own hands, using it as a crowdfunding for the project. At the beginning of last year, I never expected anything like this to happen, so to be honest, I don’t know what awaits us in another year, let alone ten years. I’m excited to see what the future brings us.

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