What can we learn from Web3 games from the traditional four types of gamers?

A new player type has appeared in Web3 games: The Earners.

GameFi is still the devil fruit in the Web3 sea, its ability to break the circle and attract gold may be able to open a new chapter for the next bull market, but its shortcomings are also obvious. This article mainly describes how traditional game companies categorize and attract their players, and what new genres Web3 games have brought, and what we can learn from traditional games.

In 1996, Richard Bartle, one of the pioneers of gaming, divided gamers into four categories based on their psychology. What are these categories? Why are they important in Web3 game development? This is an article for gamers and game developers.

Psychology is the study of the mind and how it affects a person’s behavior. In video games, this translates into the way players think and interact within the gaming environment. Some gamers are very competitive, while others are not, they just want to log into the game to communicate with friends.

Understanding these different types of gamers will help developers structure their game designs, economies, and mechanics around the specific types of gamers they want to attract.

Thus, in 1996, Richard Bartle created the “Bartle Taxonomy of Game Players”, which divides players into 4 groups based on their behavior in the game and who/what they prefer to interact with. Do players pay more attention to the game world or other players? Do players care more about plot or interaction?

Erwin. A and Brandon. D then created a series of questions and a scoring formula to divide players into these four groups according to Bartle’s model:

  1. The Achievers
  2. The explorers
  3. The socializers
  4. The killers

What can we learn from Web3 games from the traditional four types of gamers?

The Achievers

This type of player is dedicated to completing and collecting game data, records, and items that are inaccessible to ordinary people. Overcoming challenges and accumulating rewards is their main goal, and these players set their own goals and push themselves to achieve them.

What can we learn from Web3 games from the traditional four types of gamers?

They are also called “Diamonds”. They may not be the best, but when it comes to completing and collecting quests, items, loot, and skins, they’re your first choice, and their main motivation comes from being able to show off those achievements to other players.

For game developers, this type of game is the ideal candidate, because they play your game with direction and purpose, and the route to complete the game is what they want.

The Socializers

Also known as “Hearts”, these players can have fun interacting with their friends and other players in the game. The Socializers love helping each other and building community with others.

What can we learn from Web3 games from the traditional four types of gamers?

You see people who like to create teams and recruit players from all over for casual games, most likely The Socializers, and those who always use “world chat” are another good example.

They are more active in casual multiplayer games, but can still be seen in single-player games, such as on social networking sites such as Reddit and communities on Steam. Having a game that allows players to interact with players and create a community is even more helpful in attracting The Socializers.

The Explorers

Also known as “Spades” because of their love of exploring and discovering the unknown. These players go where others don’t and know things others don’t. They are the most curious players and enjoy finding easter eggs and unlocking rare rewards.

What can we learn from Web3 games from the traditional four types of gamers?

They’ll study every wall in Elden Ring, and they’ll study every gun’s stats in COD (Call of Duty). Obviously, they don’t like time-limited games, and after experiencing the game content and discovering the game’s secrets, they quickly get bored with the game.

The Killers

Also known as “Clubs”. These types of players prefer to compete with other players rather than NPCs, they put their sweat and energy into competition with each other, they play games to dominate other players, and you can see them at the top of each game leaderboard.

What can we learn from Web3 games from the traditional four types of gamers?

Most Killers have a friendly competitive spirit, but some only care that in PvP, his own entertainment is satisfied and will go to great lengths to ensure victory, just like those players who use cheats. For game developers, having Killers-level players in a game drives in-game competition.

Although this mode is the gold standard in game development today, it also has limitations due to the advancement of the game and the structure it is primarily aimed at MMORPGs.

Advances in gaming and technology have led to new types of players, which brings us to a fifth type of player, called:

The Earners

Thanks to blockchain technology and Web3 games, players can now earn money by playing games.

These games are just like any other normal game, but with the added advantage of being able to own your game items, as well as earn money by exploring and finding items, reaching the top of the leaderboards, or just doing simple daily tasks.

Pioneers and good examples of such games are Illuvium, UndeadBlocks, PlayBlank, AxieInfinity, Stepn. The Earners are players who focus solely on making money by playing the games that have created a thriving economy for The Earners.

They are motivated by high-income opportunities, and although most of them currently appear in NFT games, The Earners also play the role of game account sellers in traditional games and provide paid services to ordinary players. In Web3 games, they mostly appear as academics.

Here are some notes about the Bartle model:

  • Players do not exist in only one type, but include the characteristics of multiple types, only one of which is more prominent than the other
  • A game doesn’t have to have all types of players to be successful.

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