What can blockchain do to awaken dormant traditional cultural IPs?

The value of blockchain is much more than speculation in coins

What can blockchain do to awaken dormant traditional cultural IPs?

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Blockchain technology has been completely “out of the loop” due to the fever of the cryptocurrency circle. Compared to the roller-coaster digital currency market, blockchain technology, which is free from financial attributes, is starting a digital revolution in the industrial circle by reconstructing the trust and chain of transactions with its underlying technology of non-tamperability and traceability.

Since 2020, Hanfu enthusiasts have begun to appear confidently on the streets, especially in the historical scenic spots of ancient cities and towns, where Hanfu enthusiasts with their hair tied in a bun and their clothes flowing can be seen everywhere.

According to the 2020 Hanfu Consumer Trend Insight Report released by Tmall Clothing and other organizations, the Hanfu market is showing explosive growth. 2019 saw the amount of Hanfu transactions on the Taobao platform exceed 2 billion yuan for the first time, and the number of consumers who have placed orders for Hanfu on the Ali platform is approaching 20 million.

The rise of Hanfu and the national trend has driven a huge increase in interest in traditional cultural IP among designers and brand merchants.

This makes the founder of Tattoo Collection China, a tattoo database platform, both happy and distressed, which has more than 200 thematic libraries of tattoos and 20,000 groups of tattoos since its creation in 2018.

In the view of Qing Sui, the founder of Tattoo Collection China, these colorful and rich patterns, in addition to aesthetic significance, is “a living museum that reflects the history of the nation”, and it is a happy thing to be seen by the market.

But what he struggles with is that there are so many difficulties in integrating traditional cultural IP into modern life, especially into the market. Because of these difficulties, even though Hanfu culture is on the rise in China, the consumption of matching cultural content is still lagging behind, resulting in no domestic IP comparable to Disney’s yet.

IP development is a long and difficult road
2020 Tmall apparel domestic IP top ten consumption list can be seen, traditional culture IP products occupy an important position, Dunhuang Institute has become the “top flow” of goods IP, there are a large number of traditional cultural elements are still sleeping in museums around the Institute, or deep in the lanes of the South China Sea.

Similar to many designers who love traditional culture, Qing Sui also hopes that the unique Chinese aesthetics represented by the pattern can enter people’s daily lives and resonate with them emotionally. But how to activate these dormant traditional cultures, Qing Sui was still looking for a way out when he saw that the ant chain could provide a new solution idea.

There are two major obstacles to the realization of the value of traditional cultural IP industry for a long time: on the one hand, the lack of protection for outstanding original designs, and on the other hand, the threshold for businessmen to obtain IP licenses is too high.

What can blockchain do to awaken dormant traditional cultural IPs?

Yang Yang, the main manager of Tattoo China, told Leopard Change, “Domestic copyright protection and operation is very difficult at present, especially the tattoos of Tattoo China are all vector files, and there has been no tool on how to let the designers make secondary creation. The original cooperation between pattern collection China and designers, mainly in the form of community exchange, competition exhibition, etc., mainly based on the trust between people and academic art exchange, also has not explored the path of commercialization.”

Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Group and president of Intelligent Technology Business Group, also said that the original is easy to be infringed, but it is very difficult to defend the rights, “It is often said that 3 months of creation, copying up is 3 minutes.”

Secondly, the chain of commercialization of the cultural products themselves is relatively long, especially some traditional cultural IP, because there is no good commercialization, many of the crafts, crafts slowly lost.

The person in charge of the IP side of “Wu Liu Qi”, Ah Ha Entertainment, told Leopard Change, “In our experience of cooperation, both the brand and the IP side will have a long period of deliberation and contact before cooperation, the IP side needs a high guaranteed license fee to ensure its rights and interests, while the brand side has uncertainty because of whether the difference between cost and revenue can meet expectations. This uncertainty and the long period of friction between the two sides have been the pain points of the more traditional licensing model of IP.”

Antchain’s IP business platform provides an unprecedented solution for original designers and companies such as Qing Sui and Aha Entertainment. Due to the tamper-evident and traceable nature of blockchain technology, it can make multi-party mutual trust and collaboration possible, which is equivalent to establishing a trust ecology, and based on this trust ecology, it can create new business models.

How Ant Chain Breaks the Game
Faced with two major problems in realizing the value of traditional cultural IP industry, how exactly does Ant Chain break the game through blockchain technology?

Protection and development are the two core pain points of the cultural industry, and they are also the first places where Antchain reaches.

First of all, in the link of production and protection, Antchain launched the copyright protection platform “Magpie Chisel”. Magpie Chisel is based on blockchain’s tamper-evident technology and provides services to confirm and protect original works.

Jiang Guofei said that Antchain has the industry’s top technical strength, with a one-minute certificate, which can be used to confirm the rights of your own works immediately after publishing them, proving that the works are yours.

According to Liu Jinxiong, the person in charge of copyright business of Antchain, compared with traditional copyright protection, the protection chain of Antchain digital copyright service platform is clearer, and the related cost saves more than 95%, which significantly reduces the threshold of copyright protection.

At the same time, the Magpie Chisel platform also connects with foreign service providers of Antchain to provide copyright protection services for domestic works going abroad. According to Jiang Guofei, since the launch of Magpie Chisel platform, it has served more than one million creators and provided inclusive copyright services for more than 50 million original works.

Secondly, on the commercialization of traditional cultural IP, Antchain has launched the “IP Business Platform”.

On the supply side, Antchain provides an IP database, introduces different IPs and provides intelligent matching, so that what kind of IPs businesses need, Antchain will continuously connect to the IP database, similar to Taobao in the IP world.

On the demand side, it is no longer a “one-shot deal” before paying high IP license fees in advance, but a per-piece payment according to the demand of IPs. For example, if a merchant needs to use a certain IP to make 50,000 school bags, then they will pay for the IP license of 50,000 school bags.

At the same time, the IP commercial platform adopts the business model of real-time liquidation and division of IP, and the relevant revenue can be divided to the IP copyright owner according to the agreed proportion in the process of selling each item, which solves the uncertainty of the transaction.

Through such an IP commercialization platform, the supply side and small businesses are better connected, reached and can go into business at the system level. At the same time, because of the construction of such a trust mechanism, all parties share the money according to the number of goods sold.

What can blockchain do to awaken dormant traditional cultural IPs?

For example, in the field of shipping and logistics, COSCO Shipping released the “Shipping Bill of Lading + Trade Documents Blockchain Platform”, which provides paperless services to customers by taking advantage of the blockchain technology of non-tampering, traceability and trust, and Antchain provides intelligent technology support for the platform.

In the field of international retail trade, Trusple, an international trade and financial service platform based on Antchain technology, solves the trust problem between buyers and sellers in international retail trade and makes it no longer difficult for SMEs to “sell to the world”.

In the field of agriculture, blockchain technology can better realize the traceability of agricultural products. For example, after consumers buy Jinggang Honeydew with blockchain QR code, they can see the whole cycle information of planting, production and testing of Jinggang Honeydew by sweeping it with Alipay.

In addition, the ant chain is also practicing blockchain industry in many fields such as financial services, government and people’s livelihood, public welfare and charity. Once the chain is on, it produces the qualitative change of industrial efficiency improvement and industrial cost reduction.

The chain is becoming a wave that sweeps through various industries.

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