What are the ways to quickly perceive the Metaverse at this stage? (Part2)

As we described before, many people still cannot intuitively feel what the metaverse is. Although we say that it is the virtual world of the future, there is no relatively mature metaverse product that allows us to perceive what the metaverse is. What, most of them are just the rudiments of the meta-universe or some aspects of the meta-universe are being perfected.

In order to let everyone know what the meta universe is like without any barriers, we try to sort out some works or applications that can represent or approximate the appearance of the meta universe from the five aspects of film and television dramas, games, animation, entertainment and books.

In the first part of ” Easy Collection丨 What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta-universe at this stage?” In ( Part 1), we explain how to get started with the meta universe from two key directions: film and television dramas and books and novels. As the next part of the complete content, we will focus on how to experience the meta universe from the three directions of games, animation and entertainment. .


  • “Heavy Rain”, “The Extraordinary Twins”, “Detroit: Become Human”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the Metaverse at this stage? (Part2)

What if the future movie is a first-person perspective, and you can choose different dialogues and decisions to finally get different endings? It seems that this kind of situation often appears in games, so if the two are combined and this immersion is amplified through some hardware facilities of the Metaverse, will it become a mainstream movie method in the future?

And this is the current niche segment-interactive movie games . Here we don’t have to worry about whether it is a movie or a game. In fact, it may be a new category of the fusion of the two. And one company that is currently at the forefront of this field is Quantic Dream, a well-known French company founded in 1997. Its three classic works are “Rainbow” in 2010, “The Extraordinary Twins” in 2013 and “Twins” in 2018. Detroit: Becoming Human is one of the three most well-known works in this field. The three works have won more than 250 global awards in total.

Interactive movie games, compared to traditional movies or games, players have a stronger sense of participation and interaction, as well as a deeper immersive experience. Such an experience will also explore new possibilities for the construction and development of the meta-universe. The three works of “Heavy Rain”, “Extraordinary Twins” and “Detroit: Becoming Human” are worth savoring the novel experience brought by this unique perspective and way of expression .

  • “Eve Online”

EVE Online is also called EVE online. This is a PC-side online game developed by Icelandic CCP. It was first released by Simon & Schuster Interactive (SSI) in May 2003. It takes the magnificent space as the background and highly integrates hard science fiction elements to show players a free virtual universe sandbox world, where players can shuttle and explore freely among thousands of stars .

Players can perform various activities in it, including mining, industrial manufacturing, scientific research, financial trade, exploration of archaeology, and PVP/PVE battles. But this character is not a character set by the system, but the player is an individual. The character of the player is what he does because of what he does. It seems to be living in this virtual world. He can choose to mine. Become a miner; choose to plunder merchant ships and become an interstellar pirate; or become a bounty hunter who chases pirates and so on.

But the most talked about is its exquisite economic model design. The economic model on the Eve of the Star Wars was carefully designed by an Icelandic economist who was invited. Like in reality, on the eve of Star Wars, there is a complete economic system, there is also a trading market, there will also be price trends of commodities, and the player’s spacecraft is his important asset. If the spacecraft is destroyed, it will be lost forever. This asset. And these economic systems, which are indistinguishable from reality, made the game Eve of Star Wars included in Mankiw’s “Principles of Economics” as a case of online game economics .

Many designs in this game similar to reality make this game full of immersion, and players will spontaneously form various organizations, such as chambers of commerce, legions, scavengers, and so on. Players also play their roles very immersively. For them, playing in this game is a way of life. And this kind of experience is exactly what the meta-universe should give us. If you want to try the meta-universe with the background of space star wars, Eve of Star Wars must be the best choice. The only problem is that this game has a high barrier to entry and requires a lot of knowledge to play smoothly.

  • “Star Citizen”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the Metaverse at this stage? (Part2)

Star Citizen is a new next-generation space science fiction sandbox online game produced by Chris Roberts, the producer of “Galactic Captain” and “Freelance Lancer”. Its biggest selling point is to build a real-life experience. Deeply immersive feeling. This game is still the game with the largest amount of crowdfunding at present. It has many supporters and sufficient financial strength. What brings this game is that the development team can spend a lot of effort to stack enough details in the game to allow players to play in it. The experience will be the same as in the real world.

Eve of the Star Wars is more an immersive experience in the economic model, players free to play roles and other aspects. Interstellar Citizen has achieved an immersive experience at the operational level, where players feel the feedback that is very close to the real world , stacking up enough detailed virtual worlds, just like driving a helicopter, you need to control a lot of buttons and pay attention to many Like the data indicators, driving a spaceship in Interstellar Citizen also has very cumbersome operations, just like actually driving, players can deeply feel that perhaps it should be so cumbersome to operate a spacecraft in the future.

If the meta-universe is so hard-core and realistic and expands to more worlds, such as the magical world of Middle-earth, then living in such a virtual world must be a different kind of experience.

It should be noted that this game is still being gradually improved, and the game mechanism is constantly changing, but if you just want to experience such a highly realistic virtual world, especially for hardcore parties who like to operate, this game Must not be missed.

  • “Minecraft”

“Minecraft” is a 3D first-person sandbox game. Players can freely create and destroy blocks that do not pass through in a three-dimensional space, and use imagination to build and explore a world exclusive to the player . Blocks are the most basic unit of Minecraft. Players can complete the main line of the game by destroying or creating blocks in single or multiplayer mode, and collecting items to explore the map. In Minecraft, every player is his own god.

“Minecraft” perfectly implements the core elements of the meta universe, allowing users to interact with others in the game and create their own world . In this world, a tree can hold up a piece of sky, the world can be red, and a cat can walk on two legs. If you want, you can get lost in the mine, shuttle in hell, swim in the sand. In Minecraft, anything is possible.

  • 《Roblox》

What are the ways to quickly perceive the Metaverse at this stage? (Part2)

Roblox is the first unit of the meta universe and the world’s largest multiplayer online creative game. It is a game platform compatible with virtual worlds, casual games and self-built content. It provides easy-to-use construction tools for developers to make games conveniently. Most of the games in the game are created by users. Anyone can build games through Roblox and get part of the revenue from this game, or play games made by others, and pay for the premium services and content.

Everyone has an avatar and uses this to enter the virtual world built by different developers. Up to now , there have been hundreds of millions of users playing on Roblox, and more than tens of millions of games are on the platform .

As the fuse that triggered this round of meta-universe wave, Roblox platform brings a new meta-universe experience that has never been seen before, and it is one of the games that friends who want to understand the meta-universe should experience most.

  • “The Sims”

“The Sims” is a simulated life game developed by Maxis in 2000. Players can set gender, appearance, and character. Here, players can buy land, create houses, decorate homes, and build their own homes. You can also go out to party and make friends at work.

“The Sims” is not just a simple business game. It has designed more than 50 professions, and even cockroaches that can be killed by insecticides have become elements of the game. “The Sims” succeeded in bringing sociality to the fullest . Reaping a good career and love is more than just pressing an OK button. Need to maintain good interpersonal relationships and step by step emotional advancement.

“The Sims” gives users the opportunity to experience life in advance, which coincides with the idea of ​​Metaverse to reproduce all the products of the physical world in the virtual world . Maybe one day in the future, each of us avatars can experience “The Sims” in the meta-universe.

  • “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the Metaverse at this stage? (Part2)

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is an adventure game released by Nintendo in 2017. A knight with amnesia set foot on the road to retrieve his memory and save the princess. As written in a fairy tale, the knight will eventually defeat the dragon and save the princess. However, this process is lonely and thought-provoking. “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is a rare detail.

The high degree of realism even makes the player misunderstand that he is an amnesiar, and slowly immerse himself in it . Starting from scratch is a wonderful and unspeakable experience. I don’t know if we can start from scratch over and over again in the future meta-universe world and experience a different life.

At that time, we no longer need to say “The stories in fairy tales are all deceptive.” nor “The world is so big, I want to see it.” In the meta universe world, we can experience fairy tales every day.

  • “VR Half-Life: Alex”

“VR Half-Life: Alex” is a representative of VR games in the meta-universe field, which properly fills the user’s sense of substitution, allowing users to be truly immersive in the game world.

The storyline of “VR Half-Life: Alex” is not complicated. The protagonist Alex embarks on a lonely and thrilling journey in order to save his father who was taken away by a certain joint army. Experience your own heartbeat in nearly 30 hours of game in 11 chapters. In “VR Half-Life: Alex”, users can interact with everything they see, not with buttons, but with real actions . At the same time, the multi-dimensional sound effects and the sound of clothes rubbing can be perceived by people. Let the player have nowhere to escape, deeply immersed in the illusion created by the game.

As the current strongest VR, “VR Half-Life: Alex” has taken a big step towards “Oasis” among the top players, allowing users to experience a different kind of life in the virtual world, which is a meta-universe display provides a very good template.

Of course, there are many games that can make people perceive the meta-universe. We only selected some representative examples. You can further explore the expansion of the meta-universe direction brought by the ninth art of games.


  • “The Adventures of Quest” is also called “The Great Adventure of Jonny”

“Welcome to the World of Quest!”, this is a classic anime produced by Warner Bros., originally broadcast in 1964, and then reproduced in 1996. It was introduced to our country in the following years and became Broadcasted on TV stations such as CCTV-6, it was one of the animations most familiar to children of that era.

This animation tells the story of the protagonist Jonny’s father who developed a virtual world called Quest World. Jonny and his friends entered this virtual world through VR goggles to fight against international criminals.

What are the ways to quickly perceive the Metaverse at this stage? (Part2)

Although this animation is very old and the 3D effect is very rough, it makes people play, but such 3D special effects are very rare in the past. And its sci-fi and bizarre storyline makes people feel that “the original cartoon can still have such an imagination”. I have to say that the bizarre virtual world brought by this animation back then gave the author a first impression of the virtual world. The longing for and the unlimited imagination space are also rare attributes that the real world cannot provide, but the meta-universe can bring us.

  • “Sword Art Online”

If we are locked in a virtual world, and if we die in the virtual world, we will die. What will happen? Sword Art Online tells such a story.

In 2022, humans will realize the fusion of the real world and imaginary space, and electronic manufacturers have developed an online video game called “Sword Art Online”. In the game, players can live, practice martial arts, upgrade, do business, and explore in a floating city of Aincrad, which is composed of 100 areas with different styles, and travel the virtual world immersively .
Until the immersed players suddenly discovered that the game had no exit button, they learned that they were trapped in the game by the game developer. The only way to clear the game was to break through the difficulties and explore the upper level, and finally defeat the 100-level BOSS. After completing the game, everyone can successfully exit the game, and the most terrifying thing is that in this process, once the player returns to zero, their lives in reality will also come to an end.
Sword Art Online tells that in this context, the male protagonist Kirito, who was one of the few beta players, used the experience of previous tests to grow to the leading super player in the game. He accidentally discovered the secret of the game and finally broke the deadlock. The story of saving everyone.

If life in the virtual world matters our lives in reality, this is indeed a very scary thing, but under such pressure, people have to regard games as real life in the virtual world. Everything has become common sense and not a game anymore, and that situation is indeed like being alive in the virtual world.
I hope that the future metaverse will not develop into this way, but if the game in Sword Art Online does not threaten our lives, it would be a good experience. Sword Art Online is also an anime that many people think is a very intuitive embodiment of the meta universe and should not be missed.

  • “Accelerated World”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the Metaverse at this stage? (Part2)

If we enter the virtual world and gain the ability to think a thousand times faster, how will it affect our real life? “Accelerated World” is another work by the author of “Sword Art Online”. It tells the story of the disputes surrounding this ability.

In the not-too-distant future, through a terminal connection device called “Neural Linker” (which can be regarded as a device with AR/VR functions), people can already make virtual constructions and fully digital The quantized world is synchronized with reality . Office workers and students can directly display various interfaces in their eyes, and use their fingers to operate, send and receive information out of thin air, and even share thoughts directly with others through cables. It makes life impossible to disconnect from the Internet at all.

The protagonist Haruyuki Arita is a short and fat character who is always bullied in reality. He can only vent in the squash reaction game in the virtual world, but he has developed an amazing reaction ability here. He is the record holder with the highest score. . But when he was bullied again one day, he was helped by the vice president of the student union “Princess Kuroyuki” and got out of the predicament. Then he was exposed to a program called “Brain Buster” and became a person who could observe the real world with a thousand times the speed of thinking. “Buster Linker (Buster Linker)”, and then involved in the battle between overclockers.

If the meta-universe is already very popular in the future, we can switch between the virtual world and the real world at will, but how will the interpersonal relationships and disputes that occur in the virtual world affect our relationship in the real world? This may be In the future when the meta-universe is very developed, we will definitely face the problems. If we look at the accelerated world, we may feel how the popularization of the meta-universe will affect our lives.

  • “game Master”

Yugioh was originally developed by KONAMI and certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s highest-selling trading card game. Around this game, many Yugioh-related animations have been launched . In the world of Yu-Gi-Oh, people can use advanced hardware devices such as duel disks to display special effects such as monsters, magic or traps on the card in the form of 3D projection. The story of Yu-Gi-Oh is the exciting puzzle-solving or adventure story of the protagonists of the past dynasties surrounding the duel of card monsters.

And Yu-Gi-Oh very intuitively showed what kind of grand occasion the meta-universe will bring in the real world. Perhaps we will regard many parts of the virtual world that are closely integrated with reality as part of the real world. It’s like in Yu-Gi-Oh, card monster duel with others is a serious matter.

  • “Summer Fight”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the Metaverse at this stage? (Part2)

“Summer Day” is a Japanese science fiction and romantic movie released in 2009. It is about an online virtual platform called “OZ” that has taken the world by storm. Everyone has their own avatar in OZ, and this account Also associated with various industries in reality, such as communications, transportation, trade, etc. (which can be regarded as a digital identity) , OZ also claims to have the most powerful security defense system in the world.
The male protagonist is a sophomore mathematics genius who is very obsessed with programming. At the request of the senior sister, she pretends to be her boyfriend for her great-grandmother’s birthday, but inadvertently cracked OZ’s password during the period, and then the password was used by hackers, causing a virtual reality. The world and the real world are in chaos, and behind this is actually a virtual artificial intelligence destroying it. When everyone was in a panic, the elder sister’s great-grandmother stepped forward to stabilize the military’s mind, and then the male lead and the senior sister’s family made a careful plan and launched a fierce summer battle against the hacker AI.

The chaos in the real world caused by the virtual world, in fact, still has many clues from the current point of view, such as Facebook’s data leakage, or hacker attacks on the Internet to lock our important files, etc., but it is highly developed in the meta-universe. In the future, the degree of coupling between the virtual world and the real world is very strong. How will similar events affect our real world by then? The summer battle showed a possibility.

  • “.Hack// Beyond the World” (also known as the Legend of Genesis: Beyond the World)

.hack// is a series of works, basically around the virtual world online games to unfold the story. Here we recommend the series in the other side of the world in the 2012 theatrical version.

The story of this work is set in 2024, when the Internet has been fully popularized by human beings and can be socialized completely through the Internet. All children from birth have to connect with the world through the Internet. The heroine Yu Cheng Sora is a 14-year-old junior high school girl who tried the online game “THE WORLD” at the kind invitation of a friend. However, because of an event in the game that affected the link between the reality and the virtual world, some changes occurred in both.

This is a rare 3D theatrical version of the virtual world in the early years. Some parts of the plot are reminiscent of the summer battle. It is also the interaction between the virtual world and the real world. It seems that the metaverse will inevitably occur in the future development process. There are many entanglements between the virtual world and the real world. If you still have more thoughts after watching the summer battle, you might as well try this work.

  • Conan theatrical version “Detective Conan: The Undead of Baker Street”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the Metaverse at this stage? (Part2)

“Detective Conan: The Undead of Baker Street” is the sixth work in the Conan series of animated films. The film tells the story of young detective Conan’s challenge to the virtual somatosensory game in pursuit of clues to the truth of the murder and active action. Although the focus of the work is on plot reasoning, this theatrical version also brings a brand new experience.

Perhaps reading novels or watching film and television works can make us feel a hearty experience, but it is not as deep as the immersive experience . Imagine if the future meta-universe could be like the setting in this theatrical version, we could enter the virtual world constructed by some classic works, and openly explore and experience this world from a first-person perspective. And to dig out clues to solve the case, so that people can integrate into the clues faced by the protagonist, so that immersive brain-burning experience of the plot may be an important application direction of the future meta-universe.


In 1985, Neil Bozeman published the book “Entertainment to Death”, critically pointing out that through television and Internet media, perhaps entertainment will achieve the purpose of death. Everything is presented in the form of entertainment, which will cause human beings to become a vassal of entertainment, and eventually become a species of entertainment to death.

New media has an important influence on people’s ideological cognition and even the development of the entire society and culture. The media may trigger a series of social changes . Under such circumstances, the importance of entertainment to the metaverse is self-evident. In the following, we have listed 5 entertainment projects related to Metaverse, hoping to give you a reference.

  • Virtual concert

Since the concept of meta universe became popular, virtual concerts have been overwhelmed. The most well-known one should be the virtual concert in the game world of “Fortress Night”.

As early as April 2020, Travis Scott, who just won the 26th Grammy Awards, held a concert called “Astronomical” on “Fortress Night”. Travis Scott becomes a “giant” and turns the entire game world into a concert stage. It also refreshed the music Live record with the most players online in the history of the game. A total of 12.3 million players watched the show .

Link to concert related video :

What are the ways to quickly perceive the Metaverse at this stage? (Part2)

This year, A sister Ariana Grande and “Fortress Night” will hold 5 concerts. The dreamlike scene is simply breathtaking.

Link to concert related video :

However, virtual concerts are not only available in “Fortress Night”, and various domestic Internet labels have also stepped up their corresponding layouts. IQiyi released the “immersive virtual” online performance, and successfully held the first online concert of idol group THE9-“the city of virtual reality” immersive virtual concert. Combining XR scene technology, LED realistic virtual production, scene digitization, and live network to solve high concurrency technology, bring users an interesting, strong interactive and immersive experience .

Under the influence of the epidemic, virtual concerts have given fans an outlet to release their enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing more high-quality virtual concerts. As the most breakthrough application scenario of Metaverse, with the development of virtual concerts, we can see the infinite extension of virtual concerts in social interaction, interaction, and asset trading.

  • Virtual draft

Aesthetics, history, and cultural traditions have shaped the prejudices of the public. Breaking this shackle and just being yourself is something that many people dream of. As early as 2017, Wyclef Jean, a hip-hop singer who is well-known in the United States and Haiti, was arrested and imprisoned by the police in front of his children as a criminal suspect. He was treated unfairly only because of the color of his skin.

Many singers are eager to change all of this and let everyone pay enough attention to their works. In September 2021, Fox held a new singing competition Alter Ego, hosted by Rocsi Diaz, with Will.i.am, Grimes, Alanis Morissette, and Nick Lachey as judges, giving the contestants enough respect and freedom. They can shape their ideal self as avatars and give full play to their brilliance on the stage.

The virtual audition promotes the development of the avatar. The idol controls the avatar independently, and then superimposes the virtual player on the stage through AR. The avatar is more realistic and natural, and it can even capture the crying expression of the idol and restore it. The combination of virtual images with live audiences and judges is itself a form of expression of the meta universe, which also provides a good model for the prototype of the relationship between the body and the incarnation in the meta universe .

  • Virtual idol

As the technology of avatar making becomes more mature, more and more virtual idols have appeared in the public eye . Sousa, a 19-year-old American, Brazilian, and Spanish mixed-race girl, has 2.75 million followers on IG. Not only is she a blogger, she is also included in the “Times” annual list of the most influential people on the Internet with Trump. one.

What are the ways to quickly perceive the Metaverse at this stage? (Part2)

And in January 2021, CCTV variety show “Let’s go live!” “Hua Cai Youth”‘s first national style virtual KOL-Ling, has received the love of many users, and has carried out cross-border cooperation with Tesla, Naxue’s tea, and Tmall luxury products.

The birth of virtual idols makes us seem to have returned to the time when the CG animation film “Final Fantasy 7” was launched in 2005, allowing fans to lament the advanced technology and see more possibilities in the future. In the future, our avatars in the meta-universe can take various forms and be lifelike.

  • Hatsune Miku

We introduced virtual idols above, but when it comes to the ancestors of virtual idols, we have to mention Hatsune Miku. Hatsune was born on August 31, 2007, and quickly became popular with the song “The Song of Green Onions”, and under the hard packaging of CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA, they held concerts using holographic projection technology one after another .

However, in fact, Hatsune Miku is a virtual singer developed by CRYPTON, which aims to provide music producers with convenient audition and music synthesis software Vocaloid. In addition to Hatsune Miku, there are also roles such as MEIKO, KAITO, Luo Tianyi, and Le Zhengling.

Hatsune Miku has provided unlimited possibilities for electronic music production speech synthesis, and explored the new situation of future music. The music style evolved from it has deeply impressed the world so far, and it also provides a good place for the meta universe. Template.

  • League of Legends KDA

The League of Legends introduced the concept of the women’s team as early as the S8 World Championship two years ago, and now the KDA studio has been established, and the promotion and operation of the KDA women’s team has officially begun.

What are the ways to quickly perceive the Metaverse at this stage? (Part2)

From the earliest Ali to later Evelyn, Kaisha, Akali, Seraphine, the KDA girl group is not only the protagonist of the League of Legends concert, but also the skin of the hero. Players can manipulate the heroes of the KDA women’s team to kill the Quartet in the League of Legends world. Compared with traditional virtual idols, it gives players more sense of experience and participation .

As the competitive online game League of Legends that has promoted the development of global e-sports, it has a large number of fans around the world, and has been named the “Best E-sports Game of the Year” by The Game Awards for consecutive years. The participation of League of Legends in virtual idols has brought more imagination to the meta universe. Perhaps in the future, we can participate in the battle of League of Legends in the meta universe and engage in e-sports more immersively.

Look forward to the future

We spent two weeks taking stock of five different ways of perceiving the meta-universe in film and television dramas, novels, books, games, animation, and entertainment. Meta universe is not a specific product or technology . The meta-universe is more of a way of life in the future. We cannot rush to conclude that the meta-universe is a perfect world, just as the discovery of the “nuclear reaction” brought weapons and power stations at the same time, and the birth of the network also brought it Convenient information and hacker attacks. The future meta-universe road will be hindered and long.

However, the future belongs to the meta-universe. With the progress of civilization and the rise of world citizenship, we are more clearly aware of the value of freedom, democracy, and civilization . The open world gives everyone the possibility of independent existence. Everyone is an island, and no one can become a piece of land no matter how close they are. Everyone is not an island, and socializing connects us closely. And the meta universe can turn such contradictory thoughts into facts.

Let us stand at the forefront of technology, take the lead and understand the future.

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