What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

Recently, when we communicated with many readers, we found that they were still full of doubts about the appearance of the metaverse, and even felt that certain descriptions of the metaverse were merely sci-fi works, but this cannot be said to be misunderstood by the readers. After all, there is no more accurate description of the meta-universe, and most of them stay in the conceptual stage.

Therefore, we have heard the common view: the meta-universe is a virtual world, which maps one-to-one with the real world . Of course, this description has no essential problems, but it is still a vague but correct answer.

For this reason, we try to sort out some works or applications that can represent or approximate the appearance of the meta universe from the five aspects of film and television dramas, games, animation, entertainment and books. Although we cannot predict the future, it is just like the French writer Jules Verne. As written by “Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea”, there are some things about the future that we cannot predict, but we can imagine . Therefore, more than 150 years after the publication of “Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea”, it successfully predicted our current life. Really become omnipotent.

Therefore, in the face of the “fuzzy state” of the meta universe, we may also be able to see or perceive some of the true appearance of the meta universe through these works. Of course, if we look at them with the eyes of scrutiny and thinking, there may be more unexpected gains, then please keep this meta-universe entry guide.

In view of the length of the article, this article will be divided into upper and lower parts, which are easy for everyone to read. As the upper part of the article, this article will focus on film and television dramas, books and novels, and build an introductory guide to the meta-universe for everyone.

Film and television works

First of all, let’s take a look at the depiction of the meta universe in the film and television drama. Perhaps this is also the way most people can feel it intuitively. Of course, these works cannot be said to be the full picture of the meta universe, but they may represent the future direction to a certain extent when put together.

“Ready Player One”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

If the most worthy of the film and television works in the meta universe, there is no more than “Number One Player”, a high-scoring drama that swept the world’s box office in 2018. Regarding the plot, as the public is well-known, it tells a big boy who has nothing to trust in real life and is addicted to games. With an in-depth analysis of the virtual game designer, he has gone through hardships and found the three keys hidden in the level and successfully cleared the level. Games, and also harvested stories about online dating girlfriends.

The entire movie almost integrates many elements of the meta-universe, such as VR/AR headsets, somatosensory clothes, grand games, a freely convertible economic system, and a fairer “finishing” method , so it is also considered meta-universe. The representative works, but “The Number One Player” also tells us a truth: a centralized meta-universe system can never become the “meta-universe” that people hope for.

“Out of Control Player”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

Another one that is comparable to “Number One Player” is “Out of Control Player”, which was screened some time ago. A bank teller told by an out of control player by chance discovered that he was an NPC in a virtual world game and helped a female human being. The Lord ultimately protects the story of the heroine and the virtual world.

Compared with “Top Player”, it seems to be more like the initial version of the meta universe. It is not as exaggerated as “Top Player”, but it also has a lot of prototypes and elements of the meta universe , which is more meaningful for reference, so we can use It is an important work for understanding the development of the meta universe in the short term, but it is only a reference. However, in this work, the virtual world will be controlled by a certain subject, which also allows us to feel the importance of decentralization to the meta-universe.

 “The Matrix”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

Compared with the previous two, another more classic work is “The Matrix”. As a global box office leader in the early 21st century, the meta-universe in “The Matrix” seems to be more extreme. One is only parasitic. The flesh, the world that survives through consciousness and thought, is more geeky.

But from a certain symbolic point of view, it seems that “The Matrix” is more like a metaphorical meta-universe. It represents that human beings will move towards an era of AI + consciousness coexistence . If you carefully try to figure it out, some movements full of nipple joy Isn’t it true that applications? After all, some software takes hours to use. It’s not like a reduced version of the “Matrix”, but we still don’t perceive this change, but this is the change of consciousness brought about by the meta-universe.

And two months later, the 8 year absence of “The Matrix” is about to usher in the fourth part. In the first year of this year’s meta universe, the symbolic meaning seems to be more obvious.

“Genesis: War History”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

As another costly sci-fi movie, “Genesis: War” seems to be a little strange to most people, but its box office performance in a short period of time was on par with “Avatar”. The story tells that in the 1980s, the electronic software genius Kevin Flynn founded Incom Inc., bringing mankind into a new era. But shortly after the beginning of the glorious era, Kevin mysteriously disappeared. Kevin’s young son Sam entered his father’s closed office for many years to find out the truth about his father’s disappearance. He found the secret room and computer where his father worked. After a series of keyboard operations, Sam found that he was magically digitized and entered. The world of electronic online games created by his father started the adventure of saving his father from disappearing.

Compared with the grand story of “The Matrix”, the story of “Genesis: War” is a bit old-fashioned, but it uses the world of electronic online games as the stage to build a different world view , and it can still be used as another way to understand the meta universe. The way, after all, another translation of the movie “Electronic World Contest 2” may seem more meta-universe.

“Another Dimensional Hacker”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

Another sci-fi movie released at the same time as The Matrix, “Alternative Dimensional Hacker” also tells an adventure story brought about by the superposition of the real world and the virtual world . Two scientists, Doug Hall and Hannon Fuller Pushing virtual reality to the limit, realizing a computer simulation of Los Angeles in 1937, but when he was swimming in the virtual world, Fuller was killed. When Hall was exploring the truth between the real world and the virtual world, he discovered An even more amazing fact.

Although it seems that the concepts and meanings are not new, the different feelings brought about by the switch between the real world and the virtual world are also the experience that the future meta-universe may bring to us.

“Game of the Brave: Decisive Battle in the Jungle”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

“Game of the Brave: Battle of the Jungle”, which is similar to “Genesis: War”, is a new movie in the past two years. The film mainly tells the story of four high school students who accidentally crossed into the game of Brave and turned into game characters. The attack on the beasts of the jungle and the hunting of evil forces, the story of the four men who defeated many crises and returned to reality.

In a sense associated with this film and meta-universe not too great, but if another angle, can be considered a smaller version of the “top players”, just not that science and technology fan, but full immersion , the future is likely yuan The prototype of the universe is similar to this virtual world with many game elements.

“Virtual Reality”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

This movie is a little different from other movies that talk about virtual worlds. What appears in the movie is a kind of medicine-type software. By dripping this special medicine into your eyes, you can experience a new world. You can do it in the virtual scene. Anything you want to do. But this film not only talks about a new technology, but also interprets the relationship between virtuality and reality, survival and death from another angle .

The most worth mentioning is that dozens of hours of exciting experience in the virtual world, only a few seconds passed in reality, greatly improved the player’s sense of experience, and can experience N kinds of life in a short period of time. . This may provide some new ideas for the creation of the meta-universe.

“Avalon” (2001 Oshii Mamoru)

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

Avalon was once an important island in the legend of King Arthur, an ideal home away from the world, and a paradise in that world. In this movie, Avalon is a simulated war game. Because a large number of young people are addicted to the game in order to escape reality, even if the excessive game will cause damage to the player’s brain, there will still be people who will follow suit. This virtual game is called Avalon.

On another level, it is precisely because of the same experience in the virtual world and the real world that people are reluctant to return to the real world. In the future, Meta Universe is also committed to pursuing such a goal .

There are a total of four worlds in the film. A mysterious person challenges the heroine who is the top master in the game. The heroine has to go to the unknown battlefield and find the truth in the virtual world. Movies not only bring imagination to the virtual world, but also thinking about virtual and reality.

“Sensual Game”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

This movie released in 1999 can be said to be the ancestor of many science fiction films, and even influenced the later “Inception”. The film tells that in the era of advanced technology development in the future, a virtual reality game with a kind of organoid as a drive is holding a press conference, but the game designer is trying to avoid the killer who broke in at the press conference and save her. Both security guards enter the different world of the game.

The movie fully interprets one of the important elements of the meta-universe: immersion , so that at the end of the movie, it also brings endless thoughts to the audience, whether it is true at the beginning or true at the end.

“Hardcore Henry”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

Compared with the classic old movies introduced above, this hardcore Henry’s picture is closer to our current lives. The film tells the story of the protagonist Henry being transformed into a super soldier after surviving from the front line of life and death to rescue the wife of the Russian soldier. story.

This is a film narrated from a first-person perspective. The viewing effect is like playing a counter-strike game. The tension and novelty brought by the first-person perspective greatly increase the sense of immersion and authenticity , which is very in line with the current popular market. Features of VR games. And the experience of watching movies with such a perspective in the form of screens is very immersive. Then in the future, with the support of meta-universe technology, when we use AR/VR and other Display hardware to watch such movies, The feelings will be even stronger, and perhaps future movies will have such a first-person movie as an important development direction.

“Western World”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

This movie tells the story of people using advanced technology to build an adult park called “Daloth” in the future. There are three parks with different themes. As long as you pay the corresponding fees, you can enter the park at will. The protagonist comes to a paradise with the theme of “Western World”. There is a programmed NPC in the paradise, where you can do anything to any character without being punished.

Although this drama allows us to feel what it would be like to experience different simulated worlds, the human nature and desires in the drama are allowed to be released without restriction. Such a world must not be the meta-universe we expect. When NPCs were no longer under the control of the established program, they launched an attack on the player, and the paradise became a hell, which made the world think about how humans should coexist with technology. The same concept was also conveyed in “Out of Control Players” released this year. Therefore, before the real arrival of the meta-universe, we should also seriously position our role in the meta-universe .

“Black Mirror”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

Black Mirror is a British drama built on the background of modern technology. One of the short films called “Fifteen Million Miles” depicts the vision of future technology that will completely change our lives. In the world in the film, everything can be virtualized. Everyone lives in a room with high-resolution screens on all sides. All objects can interact with humans at a high level. Advanced games also have extremely precise somatosensory operations. , Even the sun can be virtual. People only do simple tasks—rely on bicycles to earn virtual currency—miles, and live the same life day after day. The earned miles can only be used to buy daily necessities and virtual products.

Maybe this is the future meta universe? Technology changes lives, brings convenience to people, but also confines human freedom. Except for “Black Mirror”, the whole drama expresses the use, reconstruction and destruction of human nature by contemporary technology , which is very worth watching.

“Upload Freshmen”

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

“Uploading New Life” is a science fiction drama produced by Amazon. The story is set in the 2033s. A virtual reality world of a huge lake view hotel was developed. People can choose to upload their consciousness here after physical death, and then it will be generated. A digital body that is almost indistinguishable from the real body can feel pain and comfort, and needs to eat and digest. Every morning when you wake up in the hotel with the sun, you can even choose to adjust the scenery outside the floor-to-ceiling windows and change the seasons.

This drama has a unique plot design. Everything you enjoy as a digital body requires traffic purchases, including but not limited to eating, drinking coffee, reading books, etc. This comedy uses technology to help the world achieve “immortality” in the virtual world , on the one hand shows us the universe may have future yuan scene, it also brings us to think about death .

Fiction books

Some historians once said that the history of words is the history of civilization. Words have a very important influence on mankind. Looking back at the classic science fiction novels from the 20th century to the present, we can see the meta-universe more or less.

Perhaps many dystopian novels will “demonize” technology and make people think deeply about the huge shadow behind the flash of technological development. However, this is not a reason to give up technological progress. Controlling technology is the only way for the development of human society. Let us now Let’s take a look at novels related to the meta universe.


What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

This is an unavoidable book that mentions the origin of the meta universe. Because it first proposed the “Metaverse” super meta-domain (that is, the current meta-universe) and defined “avatar”, giving everyone a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg of the future world . Facebook founder Zuckerberg requires every employee of his company to read this book. Such a request seems a bit unreasonable. But when you finish reading “Avalanche”, you will be hooked.

And the charm of “Avalanche” is that every time I read it, there is a new feeling. The story line of “Avalanche” looks very simple, but it is a special virus that infects the super yuan domain and the human brain, the protagonist and the villain in the final 1V1 showdown.

At the first time, you might think this is a cool article. It looks like a waste book, but the super-powered hero is both an invincible swordsman and a computer hacker. His English name is Protagonist (the protagonist), full of uniqueness. Some American humor. The coolest skate girl, the saddest villain…make you want to stop. However, on the second time, you will read the core of civilization. The deep meaning can only be understood and unspeakable.

“The Singularity Is Near”

The rapid development of technology has led to the expansion and challenge of the essential meaning of mankind. As our race breaks through the constraints of genetic law, humans will reach an unprecedented level of intelligence, a high degree of material civilization, and break the limit of lifespan. This seems to be a common point of view in many science fiction novels. But what will the world eventually become?

The author’s thinking and exploration of science and technology has also shown us what is possible under the support of more science and technology in the future. For example, in the well-known “Harry Potter”, many legendary stories may be able to After a few decades become reality, the magic in the book will be re-understood. Through the use of nano-devices, the “Quidditch” movement in the story and the behavior of turning people or objects into other forms of behavior will be fully immersed. It can be achieved in a virtual reality environment.

There is a point in the book: The power of thought that changes the world itself is accelerating. And our current expectations for the metaverse are only based on our current technology, and ignore the accelerated development of technology itself. Perhaps the possible realization and realization of the metaverse in the future will be very different from what we imagine today. The same, but the future meta-universe must be a combination of many rapid-developing technologies .

“The Singularity Is Near” tells us that perhaps the future is the union of humans and machines, that is, the knowledge and skills embedded in our brains will be combined with the intelligence we create with greater capacity, faster speed, and greater knowledge sharing capabilities. Human knowledge will become bigger and bigger like a snowball, and move towards a brilliant and infinite future. A conscious universe is emerging, and this is a new era.


As the establishment of cyberpunk science fiction literature, “Neuromancer” has always been controversial.

Affirmative readers think this is a rare classic, and it is an unprecedented masterpiece to win the world’s top science fiction award grand slam, which is also known as the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award and the Philip Dick Award. As an American novel, “Neuromancer” is full of American heroism. The protagonist has gone through hardships to complete the task, and the leader behind the scenes turned out to be a super artificial intelligence.

Gibson told us in vivid language that “there is another real space in the screen. People can’t see this space, but they know it is there. It is a real field of activity, almost like a landscape. painting!”. This space not only contains people’s thoughts, but also a system constructed by artificial intelligence and virtual reality .

However, there are also criticisms of this novel. Because the future world described by Gibson is bizarre, crazy and specious, everyone is shuddering, but this may be one of the possibilities that the metaverse may bring. If you want to learn about cyberpunk or metaverse, you must not miss this book.


Liu Cixin once said, ” There are two roads in front of human beings, one is outwards, leading to the sea of ​​stars, and the other is inward, leading to virtual reality .”

“2018” is not so much a science fiction as a satirical prophecy. Liu Cixin’s novel published in 2014 tells that humans can extend their lifespan to 300 years old by changing their genes. Virtual currency gradually replaced physical currency and formed a virtual society on the Internet. What choices will the protagonist make in this era?

The story of “2018” is extremely scary to think about, but with the development of the metaverse, the social form in the future will definitely undergo a certain degree of change, let us wait and see.

“Ender’s Game”

With the invasion of alien races, mankind established an international fleet and placed hopes on extremely gifted children. Through the selection and simulation of battles in the mind game, the selected chief commander Ande, who was selected for the battle effectiveness, finally saved the human beings, but destroyed the alien races.

Does the struggle between aliens and humans have to be life and death? “Ander’s Game”, published in 1985, should be the first game to be discussed in depth. As a classic of a generation of science fiction, we can see its shadow in the games “StarCraft” and “Three-Body”. However, in addition, the future technology described in the novel also has a profound impact on contemporary times.

Whether it is Ender’s psychological game or simulation warfare, this novel depicts a virtual space with five senses, which makes it amazing for everyone to read . It also made the author involuntarily think of the U.S. Air Force’s AR simulation exercise procurement plan. We are gradually turning the technology conceived in science fiction into reality.

However, it seems that long novels have an unavoidable common problem. Some chapters seem to be too long, so I suggest that in addition to the first required reading, others can be read selectively.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

What are the ways to quickly perceive the meta universe at this stage? (superior)

If the earth is just a virtual space created by a high degree of civilization, is the purpose of all mankind’s existence to explain “the answer to life, the universe, and anything” ?

A ruined earth, a lonely protagonist, and an old friend who is actually an alien… “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” is full of black humor, and under the shell of comedy is a deep thought of life. Seeing the interesting plot in the book, I can’t help but wonder what kind of interesting experience it would be if I could truly experience all kinds of experiences in the meta-universe.

“The Skill of Slaying Dragons”

If God is a programmer? This question was answered very well in “The Skill of Slaying Dragons”. It is a science fiction novel dressed in a love story.

I once saw an explanation on Zhihu, and I felt very scared to think carefully. The hero and the heroine are AI-based bugs and fixes. The death of the hero and the hero means the victory of the god programmer.

We often say that the future belongs to programmers, but what the future is like, maybe Metaverse will give us the answer.

“The End of the World and the Cold Wonderland”

“The End of the World and Cold Wonderland” is a novel published by Haruki Murakami in 1985. In the part of “Cold Wonderland”, the protagonist “I” is a calculator subordinate to the “organization”. In order to compete with another organization, the “factory”, the “organization” has developed a technology called “fuzzy calculation”. “I” is one of the experimental products of this technology. At the “end of the world”, I cooperated with my “shadow”, but in the end we exiled ourselves.

Perhaps Haruki Murakami’s original intention was not to describe the world in which the meta-universe exists, but merely a satire on the “violent nature of highly developed capitalism.” However, it leads us into the imagination space of a new future world .


In this article, we mainly listed in detail the guide to entering the pit of the film and television dramas and books about the metaverse. Basically, it explains the direction of the metaverse through visual and external feelings. It may be time-consuming for some readers. , But this immersive experience may bring more thinking.

And in the next part, we will focus on the experience to explain the current perception of the meta universe, which may be more suitable for players who want to do it, so if you want to know what is going on, let’s listen to the next breakdown!

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