What are the safety issues that cannot be ignored in the adrenaline Metaverse in the post-epidemic era?

To talk about the most popular concept in the last two months, the “Metaverse” must be at the forefront.

First of all, Facebook changed its name to max out social media, and then to the secondary market related concept stocks continued to rise, this virtual world parallel to the real world, suddenly became the market’s popular “sweet and glutinous rice”.

Zuckerberg said: Metaverse (Metaverse) will be the next chapter of the Internet. What exactly is the “meta universe”, we have seen that it creates a fire, but we cannot avoid the security issues it faces.

 Adrenaline in the post-epidemic era 

 Come with us into the virtual world of the meta universe 

During the epidemic, the University of California, Berkeley, in order to prevent students from missing the graduation ceremony due to the epidemic, rebuilt the campus in the sandbox game “Minecraft”, and students gathered together as virtual avatars to complete the ceremony.

Due to the inability to hold offline parties, some parents held birthday parties for their children on ” Minecraft ” or Roblox , and many people’s daily social interactions turned into fishing, catching butterflies, and stopping by on Dongsen Island. The boundary between life and game.

In April last year, the famous American pop singer Travis Scott held a virtual concert with an avatar in the chicken-eating game “Fortress Night”, which attracted more than 12 million players from all over the world.

“Three-Body” author Liu Cixin said: There are two roads in front of human beings, one outward, leading to the stars and the sea; the other inward leading to virtual reality.

Some people say that the “meta universe” here is the way to the inside.

Metaverse, according to the current industry knowledge, is to use blockchain, virtual space, AR/VR and other technologies to build a virtual real world.

Metaverse emphasizes the integrity of ecology and the subjective initiative of users. In other words, the user is not just a passive player in the “meta universe”, but can socialize, play, create, and trade according to personal needs, just like real life.

According to current investigations, the future Metaverse may go through two stages: In the first stage, multiple virtual communities “distributed” exist, and some companies first come up with a virtual platform of their own. In the second stage, these platforms are interoperable under a certain mechanism and are connected in series by a system. And when the functions of various types of companies in reality intersect in the virtual world, the Metaverse also appears.

Of course, these attributes may also be developed by a single company, such as the game company that created the virtual world “Oasis OASIS” in the movie “Number One Player”.

 The door to another world has opened 

 Conjectures on the technology and infrastructure of the meta universe 

Of course, to realize the imaginary meta-universe, technologies such as blockchain, 5G, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data, edge computing, games, and brain-computer interaction are needed.

For example, blockchain technology is a bridge between the virtual world and reality. The hash algorithm and time stamp technology of the blockchain provide users of the “meta universe” with traceability and confidentiality of the underlying data.

The consensus mechanism can solve the credit problem and use the decentralized model to realize the self-certification of each node of the network.

Smart contracts guarantee the transparent execution of Meta Universe’s payment and clearing system, greatly reducing possible harmful behaviors such as corruption and black-box operations.

The blockchain enables virtual items such as equipment and props to be tokenized, and realizes the value transfer of data content into real assets.

According to a document from West China Securities Research Institute, according to the various technologies required by Metaverse, the Metaverse industry chain can be divided into seven levels, namely:

1 The experience layer is the dematerialized experience of social interaction, games, live music, etc. that we actually participate in.

2 The discovery layer is a way for people to learn about the experience layer, including various application stores.

3 The creator economic layer, which helps creators produce and monetize the results, including design tools, monetization techniques, etc.

4 Spatial computing layer, 3D layer, including 3D engine, VR/AR/XR, etc.

5 The decentralized layer, including edge computing, blockchain, etc., helps the ecosystem build a distributed architecture.

6 Human-computer interaction layer refers to the hardware layer, including wearable devices such as mobile phones and smart glasses.

7 Infrastructure layer, including network facilities and chips.

In addition, Metaverse needs to have six characteristics: continuity, real-time, compatibility, economic attributes, connectivity, and creativity. The talents that meet these six characteristics are called meta-universes, especially economic attributes, connectability, and creativity. Currently, the operability of realizing them is low.

 The future of the meta universe is more than romance 

 Security issues such as cyber attacks cannot be ignored either 

With the continuous development of Metaverse related technologies, it can be foreseen that more problems will follow one after another. The first is the protection of data and users’ personal privacy.

In order to provide users with an immersive and interactive experience, the collection of personal information by Meta Universe will be unprecedented. Meta Universe will inevitably collect a large amount of personal information for analysis. At the same time, personal transactions and social contacts in Meta Universe will also generate a large amount of personal information. Once this information is leaked or abused, the consequences will be disastrous.

As Metaverse integrates many information technologies, its security risks may be more prominent and diversified. From the perspective of its integrated technologies, Metaverse is likely to face the following technical security issues:

Metaverse is the same as other Internet platforms. In addition to various security issues such as security incidents, data and privacy, whether there will be money laundering, fraud, etc. in the future Metaverse, these are the problems we will face in the future.

At present, the “meta universe” is still in the preliminary stage of exploration, and it is far from the imaginary “ultimate form of the Internet”. We can still look forward to the future of the meta universe.

What is your understanding of the meta universe? Welcome to forward and share your views~

If you think the article is too long, you can also watch this video “Interpretation of the Metaverse” video to learn more.

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