What are the real builders in the industry doing when Web3 is popular

Since the golden sentence “How to ensure that the Web3 revolution takes place in the United States” came out at the classic encryption hearing in the United States at the end of 2021, the concept of Web3 officially broke the circle and became a new concept that is popular all over the world. For a time, “what is Web3?” and “What kind of changes will Web3 bring?” have become questions that traditional capital and technology companies are eager to know the answer to.

And this sudden popularity has also brought surprises to the builders of the current Web3 industry. Today, the charm of Web3 has been gradually accepted by traditional capital and enterprises, and they have joined the game one after another, which has also introduced more funds and outstanding talents to the Web3 industry, injected new vitality into the industry, and accelerated the development of Web3 industry development.

Therefore, since this year, more and more Web3 industry exchange meetings are blooming all over the world like a hundred flowers blooming. And just recently, the first “Global Web3 Ecological Innovation Summit · Singapore” was successfully held on July 14 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore, which is also one of the most spectacular Web3 events this year.

Among them, there are not only old-fashioned Web3 industry builders such as Ouyi and Babbitt, but also traditional capital and enterprises that are new to the door. Of course, there are also some people who take the opportunity to gain popularity, but Web3 is a fair world, and will do it for real Contributing builders will be rewarded accordingly. Through this conference, let’s take a look at what those real Web3 builders are preparing, and how they spend the night before the Web3 boom?

The environment has changed, but innovation cannot stop

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in late 2019, production activities and economic activities in various countries have been severely affected, global supply chains have also been hit hard, and countries have been forced to undergo a years-long stress test. The Russian-Ukrainian war this year has made the global economy even worse. Energy and food, two factors of production that are deeply related to people’s livelihood, have been deeply affected in many countries. Anti-globalization has become the main theme in the future.

On the other hand, the unstable situation in Europe caused the return of the US dollar, coupled with the US policy of raising interest rates and shrinking the balance sheet, the US dollar appreciated rapidly and affected the foreign exchange of various countries. The funds of the Web3 industry were also affected by this, and they were withdrawn from the circle one after another. The liquidity in the industry was obviously insufficient, which in turn affected the trend of the industry.

However, economic development always has cycles and fluctuations. We cannot stagnate innovation due to the downturn in the economic environment, but we should actively build in order to lay a solid foundation in the down stage and obtain satisfactory results when the cycle returns to the up stage, especially This is especially true for Web3 entrepreneurs.

What are the real builders in the industry doing when Web3 is popular

Because the current Web3 industry structure is undecided, the development of business models and technological iterations are still in their infancy , and there are many innovative directions worth exploring, such as making existing Web2 mature applications a corresponding Web3 version. There are enough directions worth exploring, and if some new growth points can be found in them, it may be a good hedge against the downturn of the economy.

However, the Web3 industry also has many problems that need to be solved urgently. Compared with Web2, as the infrastructure of Web3, blockchain has relatively weak network carrying capacity, and each blockchain fights its own way, forming an information island and poor user experience, which hinders the wide application of Web3. reason.

As a veteran of the Web3 industry, Ouyi is naturally very aware of these problems. In order to allow more users to better enter Web3, Ouyi has a clear set of ideas and is actively innovating.

Crisis often brews new opportunities

The old saying goes “crisis, crisis, opportunity in crisis”, we can see one or two from the many experiences in the past, whether it is the financial crisis of 2008, which is closer to us, or the earlier Internet bubble, we can see the Internet bubble. It has brought about the great development of the Internet in the past 20 years, and the financial crisis in 2008 ushered in the great wave of the mobile Internet, which also confirms the proverb “If you lose your horse, you will know it is not a blessing”.

For the Web3 industry, most people only see the current excitement, but in fact, it has been difficult for everyone in the past few years, but relatively speaking, it is this difficulty that makes Web3 come to today, and also Only then can more organizations see the potential of Web3 now.

But many of the Web3 companies we know have come out of the “darkness” of the past few years. Whether it is UniSwap, which detonated the DeFi market, or CryptoPunk, which brought the NFT boom, they have all experienced years of immersion, and After experiencing the test of the public, it has brought new vitality to the Web3 industry.

Similarly, for veterans of the Web3 industry like Ouyi, only by finding opportunities and focus in every test can they stand at the forefront of the industry’s development . Even in a bear market, they are willing to grow together with the industry, and this is exactly what What we have seen and felt over the past few years.

Although Ouyi seems to have become one of the industry benchmarks now, the darkness they have experienced is no less than that of any Web3 company, or even worse.

Therefore, when the environment changes again, they are very firm. As shared by Benson, partner of OKX Blockdream Ventures at the Web3 Conference in Singapore, OKX Blockdream Ventures’ investment layout is not affected by the market cycle, and will continue to empower blockchain projects. , which also reflects their understanding and focus on cycles.

What are the real builders in the industry doing when Web3 is popular

See how Web3 industry veterans forge ahead?

It is no exaggeration to say that in the face of changes in the environment and various pressures, many Web3 veterans are still innovating and exporting fresh blood in the industry, whether they are well-known investment institutions such as a16z and Sequoia, Whether it is traditional giant companies like Google and Disney, or native Web3 innovative companies like Ouyi and HashKey, they spare no effort to continue to empower the industry.

Taking Ouyi as an example, its financial market director Lennix revealed at the GWEI Global Web3 Ecological Innovation Summit held in Singapore that Ouyi has reached an official cooperation with LinkedIn, a well-known talent leader, and plans to launch the first “Global Blockchain” at the end of July. Industry Talent Report . It is reported that the report will be co-authored by Ouyi and LinkedIn, with data samples covering 180 countries, and in-depth sorting, analysis and insight into the current situation of talents in the blockchain industry.

Similarly, Lennix also has unique insights into the development of Web3, he said, ” If companies have a way to persuade users to continue to authorize personal privacy data in exchange for more accurate products, services and information, they can still achieve Web2.0-style revenue generation, but Users’ awareness of private rights at the level of personal data cannot be reversed.”

In the first two days, we also saw that Ouyi officially obtained the temporary digital asset license granted by the Dubai regulator, and plans to expand more than 100 employees locally.

On the one hand, it is the overall downturn of the general environment. We see that more and more Internet companies have chosen to lay off employees and cut wages, but leaders in the Web3 field still choose to continue to expand their teams and dig deeper into the market to strengthen Web3 in the process of economic downturn. develop.

It can be seen that Ouyi has been helping the development of the Web3 industry with practical actions, and constantly improving its own strength, whether it is the expansion of talent construction against the market, or the joint LinkedIn release of talent reports with important reference significance for the industry, and Or help the Web3 conference this time, personally enter the game to promote innovation, all of which reflect the spirit of a real industry builder.

What are the real builders in the industry doing when Web3 is popular

Such feelings are not only reflected in the past and present, but also in the future, so we also saw that Ouyi and Tether jointly launched OKCU on the OKC public chain to meet the needs of the market, which can not only reduce the cost of users, but also expand the industry Influence.

We know that the OKC public chain, as an important emerging public chain in the industry, has shown good vitality in the past few years. Compared with other public chains, OKC has shown unique advantages in terms of technical performance (TPS has reached 4000+), transaction costs (average single transaction fee is $0.0001), and cross-chain compatibility.

At the same time, the OKC public chain is also the only public chain in the industry that is compatible with EVM and supports the IBC protocol at the same time, which means that it can span the two public chain ecosystems of Ethereum and Cosmos, which is another important reason for the launch of OKCU. Bring new innovations.

Of course, there are still many Web3 builders like Ouyi, and it is precisely because of their existence and efforts that the industry has what it is today, otherwise we will still be struggling in the dark, and we will not be recognized on a wider scale. , and this is the result of everyone’s efforts.

Although Web3 is still in its early stages of development, as Mr. Zhang Qijie, President and Professor of the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), said at the Web3 Innovation Summit, ” The concept of Web3 brings infinite possibilities and new businesses will flourish. , many businesses will become financially rich, entertainment will go beyond the real world, and production and services will have new forms, scope and creativity.”

Perhaps, with the emergence of more and more Web3 builders and their perseverance, the industry will usher in greater development, and we will see more products that meet the public’s cognition, perhaps this day is coming soon… …

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