What are the projects worth paying attention to in the StarkNet ecosystem?

In StarkWare’s thriving StarkNet ecosystem, there are already 105 projects. We were curious about what type of projects were, so we did some research.

Now, let’s dive into the project types in the next @StarkNet ecosystem.

Below is a detailed classification.



DeFi is the largest project category, with nearly 40 DeFi projects in the ecosystem. The protocols we focus on are:

@AstralyXYZ is a fundraising and community-building platform – distributing tokens based on reputation (valuable contributors, early adopters, etc.).

@alpharoad_fi provide users with unique DeFi products.

@SandclockOrg are building the first trustless wealth management platform to deliver secure and sustainable benefits through their Metavaults.


The Tools category is the second largest project category, containing nearly 20% of @StarkNetEco ecosystem projects. Along with DeFi, these two types of projects account for more than half of all projects.



Although DeFi is the largest category in terms of project builds, most projects running on mainnet are tools. Within this category, there are some truly innovative projects, including:

@starky_wtf is a token-gated discord bot for StarkNet assets that is widely adopted by the community.

@TheNewtonHQ is a crypto-native Stack Overflow for all related tasks of Cairo and Starknet.

@StarkscanCo is a must-use blockchain browser for the StarkNet community.

@StarkWareLtd has made significant progress on GameFI. StarkNet has become a hub for innovative games that want to take advantage of rollup’s higher throughput.

@TheDopeWars is a community-driven gaming Metaverse project inspired by hip-pop culture. Users can start with their own Hustler and level up step by step.

@NoGameStarknet is a space-themed MMO game in which the planets are NFTs with different rare attributes.

@matchbox_dao is building infrastructure for on-chain gaming. The common goal of this group of developers, artists, and designers is to build a large-scale library of open source tools and primitives.


@AgeOfEykar is a strategy game where users can grow their team and expand their territory.

@LootRealms is a timeless strategy game that involves complex economic and social decisions. Build your empire and defend your resources.

@focustree_app is developing the first web3 productivity app that rewards users with cryptocurrencies for productive output.

@StarknetOdyssey is the cosmic primitive for your NFT adventure. Find your own place in the vast galaxy!

NFT & Infrastructure

Although @StarkNetEco is still a young ecosystem, infrastructure and NFTs have started to emerge as a strong category.

The three most interesting items in these categories are:

@EmpiricNetwork is the leading oracle of StarkNet, providing high-quality data for the protocol.

@almanacNFT is a collection of data for 10,000 different trading days for more than 10 different trading pairs. Make unforgettable price fluctuations a lasting memorial.

@briqNFT are the new interoperable building blocks in the Metaverse. Collect bricks and build whatever you want!


We’ve seen a lot of DAOs and DAO tools find a home in @StarkNetEco ecosystem:

@dolvenlabs aims to create value for projects in the StarkNet ecosystem. Let your StarkNet ideas get funded with their help.

@SnapshotLabs is building Snapshot X, a modular, easy-to-integrate DAO voting solution. Thanks to StarkNet’s zk-rollup, Snapshot was able to move its solution on-chain!

But these aren’t the only categories. We see projects in various areas being built on StarkNet, and here are some other protocols that caught our attention:

@ArgentHQ is on StarkNet too! Argent X brings account abstraction to the crypto space, and its smooth user experience has served more than 200,000 users who are all satisfied.

@BanxaOfficial is providing inbound-outbound services to Starknet users.

Last but not least: special thanks to @OnlyDust_xyz team. Their task is to distribute incentives fairly among developers. Simply apply for a project that interests you and get paid for contributing to the most outstanding projects in the StarkNet ecosystem.

To summarize, here are the specific categories of projects:



The above is an analysis of data collected directly from the StarkNet website. If you want to view the datasheet, just join the community to contact Ad (@bradrian_0x)!

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