What are the “new” delivery of existing GameFi

GameFi, which is gradually being outlined, is emerging at a blowout speed. Compared with their predecessors, they are constantly upgrading and iterating in terms of picture quality, gameplay, and scenes. Among them, more or less The game is still continuing P2E, but the market environment has indeed changed in the rapid emergence of different points. We only use a few cases of GameFi games to understand the “new” delivery of existing GameFi.

Axie Infinity exploded and shaped the prototype of GameFi’s value logic

The combination of games and finance, the money earned from playing games comes from the upgrading of traditional gameplay in the encrypted world, which once again renders the charm of the encrypted world to the real world, attracting a huge market of players to enter one after another. In this wave of hot market sentiment, the predecessor Axie Infinity is undoubtedly the hero of another wave of promotion and development of blockchain technology, and has found more application scenarios and room for development in defining the ownership of self-worth.

Specifically, the reason why the game is so popular is that it really allows users to make money in entertainment. To this end, the project team designed a dual-token model. For example, I am one of the players. Before starting the game, I need to purchase at least 3 Axie NFTs in order to continue the next game. By completing daily tasks, you can get the system’s SLP rewards. Of course, in order to obtain such a continuous increase in incentives, players will actively check in tasks. At the same time, users can participate in the trial mode battle, which in turn can obtain corresponding incentives. In competitive battles, both the winner and the top-ranked players will receive different proportions of rewards. In this way, players can get a lot of wealth. Of course, if the player changes hands and sells the token, it means the game is over. In the market of game tokens soaring, players want to win more tokens. As a result, breeding new Axie is a necessary option, which requires the consumption of users’ corresponding tokens as reproduction costs. Create new income. In addition, players can also pledge AXS to obtain revenue. In short, the internal logic of value creation and value consumption is formed in PlayToEarn, and a positive cycle of value is formed under the impetus of players and users.

The difference between the newcomers of the chain game

Of course, the prosperity of GameFi does not only rely on Axie Infinity, and the objective situation is that with the rise of Axie tokens, the threshold for players to participate is getting higher and higher, and it is no longer the first choice for users to afford games. More and more candidates are emerging in the market to further satisfy the opportunity market of different users’ preferences.

Defina—a well-crafted card game

The technical team of this project comes from Nintendo and has been developing it silently for a period of time, and the overall strength is strong. Open Defina’s official website and through the promotional videos on display, we can feel the style of Japanese comics and the card making pictures are more sophisticated. The project is backed by 30+ investment institutions such as Huobi Ventures and Metaverse Capital, and is shortlisted for the Binance mvb program. It is a brand-new Metaverse game project based on blockchain NFT technology. To start the game, you need to buy 4 heroes, and the higher the level of the hero card, the higher the entry cost. Players need to fully understand the skills and card combinations of each card in order to improve the combat effectiveness of the card in the array attack. Whether in automatic battle or arena PK, you can win corresponding rewards. At the same time, players can also get various FINA rewards by completing daily and weekly tasks. It is understood that the project uses the blind box NFT gameplay in the pre-sale, which has attracted a lot of attention. The very competitive pvp battles, pvp mining and pve upgrades have further monetized them and promoted the widespread popularity of NFTs.


Sidus Heroes is an RPG-type P2E Metaverse chain game that provides a 3D NFT hero that can be used for NFT transactions, and is equipped with armor, weapons, spaceships and other equipment. The game ecological model builds a planetary group with 12 different races as an ecological storyline. There are various political organizations, social roles, and resources necessary for life. The ecological construction of oneself and the entire planet is cultivated in a competitive battle mode. Continuously promote the modernization of the planet. Users participate in new 3D role-playing games in a high-quality and smooth battle environment and various scenes. They play, explore, and profit in different ways, and have the immersive feeling imagined by the Metaverse. According to the official introduction, the game’s development team has more than ten years of experience in traditional game development, which also brings more game-like gameplay to the GameFi world. It is understood that although the project has launched the demo version and new website of the game, it is still in the development stage. It is expected that the multi-platform joint IDO will be launched on December 15, and the public beta version of the game may be launched in two months.


The project appeared two years ago, and it has become more accumulative in this year’s craze. A round of financing of 18 million US dollars has been completed. In the model setting of the game, newbies who have just entered need to understand the video of the game and action. After registering, they will receive corresponding rewards. In the process of learning how to buy a house, you need to choose a block navigator, who can understand our real-world city or Block location ownership. There are four identity roles in the whole game: tourists, locals, experts, and managers, and unlocking different characters requires a corresponding number of tokens. Then, as a tourist, you can browse the virtual real estate situation in the entire ecology, which includes all kinds of real estate in our real world, such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and museums. Users can choose to buy or collect the corresponding real estate. Of course, the more real estate they own, the more wealth the user has. However, in the long run, geographical location, cooperative development, limited development, and rarity will correspond to different values. The appreciation space will also be affected by the above factors. It is expected that real estate GameF games represented by Upland will bring more business on the chain, and can truly set off a wave of business needs to connect to the real world. At an event held in July this year, a post-95 couple bought a digital real estate to be used as a wedding house. This purchase behavior shows to a certain extent the audience’s attention to digital assets or similar business scenarios on the chain, and once again verifies that NFT or game transactions wake up users who have digital rights and self-worth. The construction of real estate infrastructure such as this will also become an indispensable part in the Metaverse world. Projects like Upland can stir more value elements in the flow of buying and selling, and carry out a wider range of ecological construction.


The fish blockchain game Koi Metaverse developed by Koi Labs Game Studio is very similar to Axie Infinity in terms of gameplay, and it also adopts a dual-token economic model. The game releases NFT fish with 14 types of genes. Different genetic fish have different characteristics. Most importantly, high-quality genetic NFT fish will affect the mining efficiency, which will also directly affect the player’s game revenue. In order to further breed and improve mining efficiency, players need to consume tokens to cast fish tanks. In addition to the basic gameplay, Koi’s innovation is to solve the existing shortcomings of NFT in a one-stop solution and provide users with a more friendly trading experience. It can support different blockchains including Ethereum and BSC as well as ERC721, ERC1155, and BEP721. A variety of standards are aggregated. At the same time, the platform is equipped with a lending service for borrowing assets such as Ethereum or other USDT, which embeds the gameplay of DeFi deeper into GameFi games. It can be said that the universal Koi Metaverse solves the problems of slow NFT transaction speed, market fragmentation, and lack of basic financial tools to a certain extent, in order to promote the further rapid development of the industry. At present, the basic work of the project has been completed, and the launch of the game and related functions should not be far away.


The four projects mentioned above focus on card, Metaverse, real estate transaction and aggregation, and maximize the value of their own game features as much as possible to fill the GameFi game world with different aspects. In short, GameFi combines NFTs, games, transactions, and scenarios. It is self-evident in extending the Fi+ market, but the entire market stage is still quite early, just like the snake game in the early stages of traditional game development, creating a similar king. The glory of the blockchain MOBA game is still quite a long time away, and the builders of GameFi still have a long way to go.

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