What are the new batch of projects funded by the Web3 Foundation?

This article comes from the Web3 Foundation blog.

The Web3 Foundation announced the latest 11th batch of Grant projects on its official blog today, involving 23 projects. It is reported that the Grant Program of the Web3 Foundation has been established since 2019, and currently more than 300 projects have been funded.

The following is the detailed list of the 11th batch of Grant projects of the Web3 Foundation:

development tools:

1. UNI-ARTS: Ruby Substate client

2. SuperColony: securely develop smart contracts on ink

Wallet, interface:

3. Cyril Carlier: Polkadot auction website

4. Uniscan: NFT browser

5. Tesseract: mobile dApps/wallet connection

6. Wow Labz: DOT market

7. Health Hero: NFT product analysis suite

New execution modules and dapps:

8. Pawn: Nulink-a decentralized privacy protection solution

9. Uddug: JuniDB — peer-to-peer database

10. Canyon Labs: The second phase of permanent decentralized storage

11. Skynet Labs: Pallet of decentralized off-chain storage on Skynet

12. Uniwrap/1001 Group: NFT-based encryption investment management tool

13. YibanChen: Substrate wallet communication, domain name service, website hosting

14. Banksy Finance: Lending center based on NFT pool

15. SubDAO Labs: PolkaSign-Web3.0 application for electronic protocols

16. Valibre: User Local Interaction Protocol (PLIP)

17.Reaudito: Shivarthu, a blockchain-based decentralized governance system

18. LimeChain: Subsembly — Support GRANDPA

19. OpenSquare: Off-chain voting platform

20. InvArchitects: Substrate’s IP infrastructure

21. SubGame Network: The second stage of the decentralized game platform

22. CESS LAB: Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS)

23. CheersLand Labs: Polkadot and Kusama ‘s gaming platform

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