What are the characteristics of the Coinbase NFT platform, which attracts millions of people in 24 hours?

Coinbase ‘s NFT platform attracted millions of users on the day it announced the start of registration, which is another sign for NFT. The NASDAQ listed platform will soon begin to support NFT transactions, which is undoubtedly another global promotion of NFT.

Sanchan S Sexena, vice president of Coinbase, announced the details of the Coinbase NFT platform on social media. He said that the NFT trading platform will use unofficial servers that are not controlled by Coinbase to achieve decentralization. At the same time, the platform has no lock restrictions on NFT transactions, and users can transfer NFTs from other platforms to the Coinbase NFT trading platform, or transfer NFTs from the Coinbase NFT platform.

The following is Sanchan S Sexena’s introduction to the Coinbase NFT platform:

Recently we launched the Coinbase NFT market. Thank you very much for the strong support from the community. Here I want to briefly share a few points. I will continue to update more details in the coming weeks.

Open to all creators:

Creators from all over the world can give full play to their creativity here. We are building an open market for all creators, where they can create personal profiles, build communities, or sell their own NFTs.

Your NFT belongs to you:

As Brian Armstrong said, Coinbase embraced decentralization. Each NFT will be cast on the chain, and metadata will be stored on non-CB servers (such as IPFS). From the first day, you can put your NFT anywhere without restriction.

NFT sale:

If you have already minted your NFT elsewhere, you can easily list it in the CB NFT market. If you want, you can also cast NFT on CB NFT conveniently and quickly. Of course, you can also sell these NFTs on any other market, and the platform will not lock them.

Inherent sociality:

The reason why NFT can become a major trend is inseparable from various related communities. The purpose of our development of this product is not only to participate in transactions, but also to allow it to assist in the construction of the community, the cooperation between the community and its followers, and to nurture a new trend that goes beyond transactional.

Buy the way you like:

Collectors will be able to use their favorite self-custodial wallets (such as CB Wallet, Metamask, etc.) to purchase NFT, or simply log in to their Coinbase custodial account to complete the relevant operations (and custodial it on CB after purchase). Of course, it is also possible to buy directly with US dollars.

Single interface of cross-chain NFT:

Although we will lay out the interface on Ethereum first , we hope to establish a single interface in the future so that collectors can purchase any NFT on the chain. Just as you can buy each type of Crypto on CB today, you can also use CB NFT to buy NFT on any chain.

Finally, we want to develop this product with you. We will share the latest information and development methods in the development process with you every week, so that everyone can get a glimpse of our latest products.

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