What are the advantages of Polkadot in upgrading?

On October 13th, Gavin tweeted that when other chains took months or even years to complete the deployment and upgrade of new network functions, Polkadot and Kusama only took 8 hours to deploy the new logic to the chain. , This is a safe, decentralized process managed by stakeholders.

Subsequently, Polkadot’s official Twitter also uttered again, saying that this upgrade once again set a historical record, creating, voting and deploying a new runtime upgrade within 8 hours.

The version of this upgrade is v0.9.11. In addition to the function of controlling the lease period of the parachain, the upgrade also includes the modules required to start the parachain on Polkadot, but the user-oriented function has not been enabled yet, mainly for the next phase of launch be prepared.

What Gavin mentioned earlier is indeed the case. Most public chain upgrades face the danger of a new fork. On the issue of forks, Polkadot mainly relies on the advantages of the Substrate framework. Let the upgrade become a very smooth thing.

The Substrate framework proposes to abstract the construction of the blockchain, that is, to build a blockchain no longer needs to start from the basics, but to modularize the basic code of the blockchain, which can be assembled quickly. The Substrate framework has many characteristics such as modularity, diversification, strong scalability, high degree of freedom, interoperability, and strong security. For example, many modules such as database, public/private key generation, data structure, settlement, time stamp, etc. have been created, which greatly saves the development cycle and development process of the R&D team.

The non-fork runtime upgrade selected by the Substrate framework is one of the unique features besides modularity. Polkadot ‘s runtime upgrade allows Polkadot to change the logic of the chain without hard forks. It also enables a one-click upgrade of the blockchain based on the Substrate framework, which provides a foundation for repairing important security vulnerabilities, adding new functions, restoring the ecology on the chain, and changing core rules.

Previously, if other public chains suffered a hard fork, when the logic of the chain changed, the new node and the old node would not be compatible, which means that such changes are backward incompatible. It will bring about belief problems and a lot of upgrade workload for nodes in the network.

Polkadot will not face this problem. The specific explanation is that the Polkadot node contains a WebAssembly execution host instead of encoding the runtime (the “business logic” of the chain) in the node. This can maintain a consensus with the instruction set at a very low level.

And, the Polkadot runtime is stored on the Polkadot blockchain itself. Therefore, Polkadot can upgrade its runtime by upgrading the logic stored on the chain, and Polkadot stakeholders can propose and approve the upgrade through the on-chain governance system.

After the new client is released, the Wasm runtime stored on the blockchain is updated to the new version, and all nodes on the network will execute it. Generally, there is no need to manually upgrade your nodes before the runtime upgrade, as they will automatically start following the new logic of the chain. Only when new host functions are needed during runtime or when the network or consensus changes, the nodes need to be updated.

Therefore, we can find a part of the explanation of the above settings in this newly upgraded github introduction. For example, the new upgrade changes include the addition of parachain trays to the Polkadot runtime.

After this upgrade, it will be an important small step in Polkadot’s entire ecological technology framework. Therefore, the importance of the upgrade of the Polkadot label is medium.

Recently, in addition to Boca ecological kusama during the auction, the more gentle eco-development, but if the technology practical point of view, the possibility of the application of technology far exceeds Boca Ethernet Square , Square, because we have seen most of the Ethernet-based tokens Application, and is not a cheap, fast, and worthwhile development destination. Polkadot brings technical ideas or application possibilities beyond the needs of the cryptocurrency field.

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