What are CoinMarketCap, CryptoQuant, StakingRewards, Celsius?

The crypto world is crazy. If you don’t understand the fundamentals and price movements, you will be distracted. An important part of this education has to do with tools. With the right auxiliary tools, we can manage investment portfolios, plan investments and investment strategies.

In this article, we will introduce 6 websites/applications that we can better use to improve the performance of our crypto investments/transactions. These tools will help us:

  • Follow news about coins/tokens and track price trends.
  • Build a crypto portfolio tracker.
  • Perform on-chain analysis.
  • Perform technical analysis.
  • Find coins/tokens with good pledge rewards.
  • Borrow/lend encrypted assets and use existing assets to obtain passive income.

The use of these tools (or similar tools) is absolutely necessary.


CoinMarketCap is a web service mainly used to obtain real-time information about coins and tokens. There are thousands of assets listed here, and users can use this information to make trading/investment decisions. Here are some cool things users can do with CoinMarketCap:

  • Read the latest news and announcements excerpted from many legitimate encrypted sources.
  • Track the price trends of thousands of crypto assets.
  • Read a brief description of the encryption project.
  • Find centralized and decentralized exchanges that provide users’ favorite coins/tokens.
  • Create a watch list.
  • Check and compare the performance of assets belonging to specific categories (smart contract platforms, NFTs, games, meta universe, utility tokens, exchanges, etc.).
  • Find the airdrop.

Another great feature of CoinMarketCap is its Learn and Earn program. By watching the video and completing the quiz, users will be eligible to earn some free cryptocurrency in their wallet.

FTX (Blockfolio)

FTX (formerly known as Blockfolio) is an excellent mobile application through which users can trade encrypted assets. The trading options and user interface of the app are amazing. This application is introduced in this article mainly because of its portfolio management features. Using FTX, users can track the performance of their favorite coins/tokens. Here are some cool things users can do with FTX:

  • Create watch lists and track the performance of your favorite assets.
  • Create buy/sell alerts.
  • Create a crypto tracker (portfolio manager) and add your existing coins/tokens to it.
  • Follow news about crypto assets.
  • Follow market signals.
  • Trading crypto assets.


CryptoQuant is one of the best web services for checking analysis reports on the chain. In the crypto world, there are three types of analysis:

  • Fundamental analysis: Check the basic aspects of the project, such as token economics, behind the team, source code, announcements, functions, and news surrounding tokens.
  • Technical analysis: Use indicators to check the charts and price trends of crypto assets in different time frames (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.).
  • On-chain analysis: Check the activities and transactions of different projects at the blockchain level.

Fundamental and technical analysis is a fairly mature and ancient field, and there are many references to perform such analysis. On the other hand, on-chain analytics is a relatively new and emerging field.

CryptoQuant is a magical platform that can check indicators and reports related to blockchain activity on the chain. Here are some cool things that users can do with CryptoQuant (take the BTC blockchain as an example):

  • Transaction flow: BTC’s capital flow between exchange wallets is used to evaluate investor behavior.
  • Flow indicator: Based on the flow indicator constructed by the model on the chain, the value of BTC is evaluated to signal possible price fluctuations, allowing investors and transactions to operate at ease.
  • Market/Indicators: Predict market trends based on market data including open positions and stablecoin supply.
  • Miner Flow: The flow of funds between BTC and related miner wallets to assess supply.
  • Bank flow: data of digital asset banking services, such as BTC reserves, inflow/outflow, transaction and address counts. Digital asset banks provide various financial services, including loans, custody, mortgage, payment, and integrated assets.
  • Inter-entity flow: the flow between miners and exchanges, see the competition between miners clearing and exchanges.
  • Fund data: Trust and other data of regulated funds, including total digital asset holdings, market premiums, trading volume, price adjustments, etc. Fund data is data disclosed by various institutions, not on-chain data.
  • Market data: Explore the capitalization model of market price alternatives.
  • Network data: Provide indicators of BTC network usage as the basis of the price model.

You can view similar reports for Ethereum, stablecoins , and altcoins.


TradingView is one of the most popular charting tools among crypto users. For anyone who wants to participate seriously, technical analysis is an absolutely necessary skill. Here are some cool things you can do with TradingView:

  • Use various charting tools and options to track the price fluctuations of crypto assets.
  • Create different types of watch lists (for example: active transactions, long-term coins/tokens, NFT tokens, meta universe assets, etc.)
  • Create buy/sell alerts.
  • Use hundreds of available indicators at the top of the chart.
  • View and compare charts side by side
  • Follow trusted and experienced people for copy trading or just to get ideas.

TradingView (or similar charting tool) is an absolutely necessary tool that allows users to know the price of cryptocurrency assets at any time.


StakingRewards is a great website that allows users to understand the current status of the Staking Rewards agreement and rewards. At present, there are many tokens on the market, which provide users with different reward mechanisms and let them pledge their assets. Through the service of StakingRewards, users can view and compare the returns of all these projects in the same place. Here are some cool things you can do with StakingRewards:

  • View top crypto assets by pledge value.
  • Check the pledge-related indicators in different projects (return percentage, pledge value, total pledge value, risk and complexity, etc.).
  • Calculate the expected returns of pledged different projects.
  • Look for staking providers (DeFi, Exchanges, Wallets, etc.).

Staking is a great way to earn passive income. Finding relevant and credible information to pledge is sometimes a lengthy and complicated task. Thanks to resources like StakingRewards, they have done a good job of collecting useful information in the same place, and users just need to check their website from time to time to update themselves.


Celsius is a leading crypto lending platform. Users can think of it as a unique encrypted bank, through which users can have a variety of options to earn interest on encrypted assets. Once you start buying cryptocurrencies, you must consider some passive cryptographic income strategies to prevent long-term holding of positions. Celsius is one of the best choices in this regard. Here are some cool things you can do with Celsius:

  • trade.
  • Use your own crypto assets as collateral to borrow cryptocurrencies.
  • Lend cryptocurrency and earn interest.
  • Participate and earn interest.

It is very easy to use Celsius to create a profile and start earning interest. Once this is done, you will notice how good their interest rates are. Here are some examples:

  • USDC / USDT: 10.02%
  • BTC: up to 6.2%
  • ETH : up to 5.35%
  • Aave: 4.86%
  • Link: 3%

For many tokens, we still don’t have any options for passive income. BTC is the most famous example.


In this article, 6 tools that the author believes every crypto user should use every day are introduced.

Once you decide to use these tools, the following is a summary of what you must do.

  • Use CoinMarketCap to track price action and news, earn some passive income while learning new concepts about blockchain/cryptocurrency.
  • Use the FTX mobile app to create crypto asset portfolio tracking and buy and sell reminders.
  • Use CryptoQuant for on-chain analysis.
  • Use TradingView for technical analysis.
  • Use StakingRewards to find the best coins/tokens that provide rewards.
  • Use Celsius to earn passive crypto income while holding assets

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