What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

Metaverse has received great attention in 2021, and many large companies have begun to “draw pie” for investors. For example, Meta’s “All In” strategy; Nvidia’s Metaverse infrastructure layout; Tencent’s Metaverse buy-buy strategy and so on. Giants at home and abroad have related layouts. However, what scenes has Metaverse specifically used in daily life? Is the Metaverse really just conceptual?

Yuan Cosmos Marriage

On December 9, 2021, an American couple (Traci and Dave Gagnon) held a Metaverse wedding, which cost about 30,000 US dollars (about 200,000 yuan).

In the Metaverse, whether it is in Vienna, Bali, English castles and other venues; flowers, dresses, music, etc., any element you want to add can be realized. Before the wedding, they released a short wedding invitation video, introducing them to a wedding called “MetaVerse Wedding Of The Century”.

What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

Yuan Cosmos Wedding

The wedding was held on Virbela’s virtual platform. Virbela is a company focused on providing virtual environments for work, study and activities.

At the wedding scene, Traci slowly walked onto the stage with his girlfriend holding hands, and then Dave Gagnon took Traci’s hand. Then there were two 7-year-old flower girls; one with a ring and the other with a flower basket walking towards the couple. Then the two parties put on rings to each other to complete the etiquette.

In this regard, some people think that it is meaningless to get married in the Metaverse, but some people think it is meaningful. It is a matter of opinion whether the Metaverse marriage is meaningful to the new couple. However, it is undeniable that our current lives have gradually begun to virtualize. To marry in the Metaverse, new couples do not need to consider various objective or non-objective factors. In addition, fantasy factors or plots that cannot be realized in the real world can be added to the Metaverse (such as holding a wedding in space, etc.). Finally, the Metaverse marriage will help us save the resources of the physical world.

Metaverse buys land

On November 25, 2021, a 4.87 square meter piece of digital land was sold at a high price of US$2.43 million (approximately RMB 15.52 million) on the virtual world platform Decentraland.

Decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain, where users can socialize, play games, and trade. Decentraland is also a virtual city with a lot of virtual land on it. Users can create anything on the virtual land and create a virtual space of their own, such as shops, office buildings, exhibition stands, etc.

Previously, the highest transaction record on the platform was US$913,000 (approximately RMB 5.81 million). What makes people feel incredible is that the selling price of Decentraland land is actually higher than the average price of a single house in Manhattan in the United States, and even far higher than the price of a single house in other US administrative regions and San Francisco.

The land buyer is Tokens.com, a digital asset investment group. The land for sale is a land located in the center of the Fashion Street Estate. The buyer Tokens.com stated that they will use this land to expand the digital fashion industry.

The well-known Chinese singer Lin Junjie also spent US$123,000 (approximately RMB 783,000) to buy 3 suites in Decentraland. Lin Junjie even stated on his official Twitter where the house he bought was located. The picture on Twitter is the virtual house he bought.

What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

JJ Lin Twitter

What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

Records of Lin Junjie’s purchase of land

Source: Decentraland official website

In fact, Decentraland can be imagined as a new continent. With the increasing number of users in Decentraland, everyone will conduct various activities here, which will increase demand and traffic. Similar to the real world, the closer you are to the city center, the more resources there will be, and the corresponding lot prices will rise.

What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

 Map of Decentraland (marked in blue for sale)

Source: Decentraland official website

From the above picture, the purple areas are all undeveloped areas, and the green squares are the corresponding city centers.

There are 90,000 lands in Decentraland.

Judging from JJ Lin’s Twitter information, the three pieces of land he purchased are actually located close to the city center.

What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

JJ Lin’s Decentraland page

Source: Decentraland official website

In Decentraland, you can build what you want on the land. It can be a store, a house, or other assets. In fact, JJ Lin can build a work exhibition hall on his land to display his music or other works, so that everyone passing by can see his work.Or he can also build a concert stage on the ground, and everyone who passes by can hear his concert, and even pay to enter and listen to his online concert.

In addition to selling land, there are also items for sale on Decentraland, because items are unique after Decentraland is created, so there is value and space for transactions.

What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

Items sold on Decentraland

Meta-universal education

On May 16, 2020, Mark Fisher, the vice president of the University of California, Berkeley, spoke at a virtual graduation ceremony: “Congratulations to our graduating students from all over the world, it is you who make Berkeley better!”. In order to send off the new graduates, the Metaverse graduation ceremony rebuilt more than 100 buildings in the school, including the school stadium and small shops.

Stanford University, an internationally renowned university, has recently opened a Metaverse course to adapt to the development of the times and make changes. The number of the course is COMM166/266. In this course, students can wear VR headsets in their dormitories, or anywhere in the world, and take classes remotely. When the course is at most, as many as 300 students appear in the same virtual classroom at the same time.

This course may be the first course in the world to be conducted entirely in VR. Stanford University Communication Professor Jeremy Bailenson said that in this class, students don’t play VR occasionally. In fact, VR will become the cornerstone of our class. No one has ever organized hundreds of students. In a few months, they wore VR headsets together and wandered in a virtual space. According to Professor Jeremy Bailenson, there has never been such a thing in the history of virtual reality and education. In other schools, there may be a class with more than ten people using VR together. In this class, it will reach the scale of hundreds of people, and more than half of the time will be spent in VR. In this class, we will break through the boundaries of the VR experience.

What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

Professor Jeremy Bailenson

Professor Jeremy Bailenson is also the initiator and director of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab.

In this class, the student’s class location may be a virtual museum, or it may be some more life-like scenes, or the least visited corners on the earth, such as volcanic craters and submarine reefs.

What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

Virtual museum

Professor Jeremy Bailenson once said that the longer-term goal of this course is to make students familiar with VR as soon as possible and more deeply. After all, it has established its position as one of the core technologies of the metaverse and will become the key in the future metaverse era. Communication tools and carriers. In the view of Professor Jeremy Bailenson, for VR technology, now may also be a critical time point for determining the direction of technology in the next few decades. At a critical point in time, let Stanford University students understand, be familiar with, and master VR technology, and then they can continue the path of innovation in Silicon Valley and use VR technology to promote technological progress.

It seems that Metaverse education is booming and there are already practical examples. But Metaverse education still has its challenges. First of all, many projects that say they are educating the Metaverse are actually only educational scenarios using VR, not real Metaverse education. For example, how the two worlds of the real world and the Metaverse interact, and how to project the value of the Metaverse into the real world are the main issues. The second is how to build and maintain a healthy Metaverse education ecology when every student is a creator. It seems that offline schools now have their own ecosystems (such as shops, copy shops, etc.). The challenges that Metaverse education needs to overcome.

However, Metaverse education is also beneficial. For example, advanced technology equipment can simulate a realistic teaching environment, such as Amazon forest, so that students can have a better and profound experience. Or students can go to the most dangerous and beautiful places in the world without leaving home, whether it is the bottom of the Mariana Trench or the summit of Mount Everest, whether it is the extremely hot Sahara Desert or the icy Antarctica , Whether it is a crowded downtown or a vast expanse of space. As long as you have advanced technology and equipment, you can deceive the brain, deceive all human senses, and bring humans into a virtual reality that is more real than reality.

In addition, there is no need to take the lives of experimental animals in the biology experiment class. In the history class, children can participate in historical events of the year through technological equipment. Students can simulate most physics and chemistry experiments in the virtual world.

Christmas in the Metaverse

On December 22, 2021, NVIDIA announced a winter wonderland that took 300 hours to build. The event is also a Christmas virtual world launched by Nvidia and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH, a hospital) to raise funds. In total, the virtual world consumed more than 30 million squares, covering an area of ​​nearly 160,000 square meters.

The map uses Nvidia’s ray tracing technology to bring festive story elements to life, such as interactive Santa Claus, tasks, Ferris wheel and roller coaster.

There is also a complete GOSH building in this virtual world. People can donate money to GOSH Hospital in this virtual world to bring Christmas atmosphere to the children in the hospital. The final funds raised will be used to develop advanced medical technology, pioneering research projects for the treatment and cure of rare diseases, and to develop support services for patients and families.

People can also explore a hedge maze, ride a roller coaster or just play with some penguins. In addition, there is also a Christmas market to stroll around.

What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

A winter wonderland created by NVIDIA

Although the current Christmas Metaverse is still rough, in the future, as Nvidia is interested in Metaverse, it is bound to increase investment and research and development related to Metaverse, and the experience of Metaverse and related facilities will be greatly improved. In the future, the Metaverse project created by NVIDIA believes that progress will be greatly improved and progressed. This time may be just a “test of water” by NVIDIA.

Industrial design and experimentation in the Metaverse

NVIDIA is the leader in the industrial application of Metaverse. Nvidia launched the Omniverse beta in October 2020. More than 17,000 customers have tested the experience. Many companies including BMW, Ericsson, Volvo, Adobe, Epic Games, etc. are participating in Omniverse cooperation. Omniverse is an open platform designed for virtual collaboration and accurate real-time simulation of physical attributes. It is called the Metaverse of engineers. Engineers can make simulations of robots, cars, factories and other things in it. Users and teams can connect major design tools, resources, and projects in a shared virtual space to collaboratively iterate. The complex visualization workflows of creators, designers, and engineers are also changing.

BMW Group is the first car manufacturer to use Omniverse to design an end-to-end digital twin of the entire factory. Omniverse simulates a complete factory model, including employees, robots, buildings, assembly parts, etc., making thousands in the global production network Designed product engineers, project managers, and lean experts collaborate in a virtual environment to complete a series of complex processes such as design, simulation, and optimization before real production of new products, which is said to increase efficiency by 30%.

What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

BMW uses Omniverse to improve its production system

Source: BMW Group official website

In addition, Volvo uses Omniverse for car design; Ericsson uses Omniverse to simulate 5G wireless networks; British architectural design company Foster + Partners uses Omniverse to achieve seamless team collaboration across 14 countries, and so on.

Foster + Partners is a legendary design and construction company that has designed Apple’s headquarters building and the famous St. Mary Aix building in London (better known as “The Gherkin”). The company’s designers from 14 countries/regions co-created buildings in Omniverse’s shared virtual space.

Multinational network and telecommunications company Ericsson uses Omniverse to simulate 5G wave propagation in real time to minimize multipath interference in densely populated urban environments. Infrastructure engineering software company Bentley Systems is using Omniverse to create a 4D infrastructure digital twin on the platform to simulate the structure of infrastructure assets, and then monitor and optimize its performance throughout its life cycle.

Omniverse, which conducts real-time collaboration in the virtual world, has been rapidly applied on a large scale in various fields due to its high efficiency and low cost characteristics. Under the promotion of Omniverse, Metaverse has taken the lead in realizing its landing in the industrial field.

In the past, when designing buildings, most of them were based on drawings. With the Omniverse platform, it is possible to design a high-precision three-dimensional design drawing closer to the real on the virtual platform. After successful experiments in the virtual world, return to the real world to complete all construction projects at a faster speed.

What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

Volvo uses Omniverse for car design

Source: NVIDIA official website

What activities have been carried out in the Metaverse?

Ericsson uses Omniverse to simulate 5G wireless network

Source: Ericsson’s official website

Nvidia is committed to creating a Metaverse for engineers. We can see that the Omniverse platform has a wide range of applications in many industries such as automobiles, telecommunications, construction and other industries. Nvidia’s technology has also been used by many giants in the industry. And these industrial modeling require huge computing power to execute. And NVIDIA’s Omniverse flat

Taiwan has demonstrated its strength very well.

Alibaba took advantage of the Metaverse trend to establish a laboratory. In October 2021, Alibaba established the XR laboratory in its Dharma Institute Research Institute and convened a team of experts including Li Honghua and Shi Jiadong. The XR laboratory is hosted by Tan Ping himself. Tan Ping is not only a big-time expert in 3D models and holographic technology, he also served as the deputy dean of 360 Artificial Intelligence Research Institute. His main direction is the research and development of 3D modeling and holographic technology.

XR Lab has discussed the application of Metaverse in agriculture, and has a practical application case. XR Lab builds an agricultural picking robot in the laboratory. Through the three-dimensional modeling of the orchard and fruit trees, a virtual three-dimensional model of the entire orchard is constructed, and then the robot can plan the motion in the virtual world to pick the apples. According to the introduction of the conference, its advantage is that it can greatly reduce some very labor-intensive tasks in the orchard planting process, and then reduce the management cost of the orchard. In addition, the robot can not only work during the day, but also pick apples at night. In the process of building agricultural picking robots, XR Lab also built a set of agricultural service management platform. Realize the collection and management of robot production data through this platform. In theory, these data can all enter the virtual world and become the basis for the virtual world to understand the real world. The robot has already started trial operation at the Shaanxi Apple base in September this year.

XR Lab has also successfully developed intelligent operation and maintenance robots used in IDC computer rooms. The robot uses vision and tactile fusion algorithms for data center inspections, hard disk replacement, and asset inventory scenarios. It has been tested and run in the Alibaba Cloud data center.

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