What? 8302 Boring Apes in Greenland

Thirty years ago, Greenland was a small greening company with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. After 30 years of trials and hardships, under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Yuliang, Greenland people built a small company into a trillion-dollar Fortune 500 company, and wrote A legendary experience belonging to Greenland!

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Greenland Group, we will plan the comprehensive upgrade of the company with the mentality of returning to zero, especially to do a good job in the digital transformation of the enterprise. To this end, the official announcement grandly launched the NFT image symbolizing Greenland Group’s digital strategy – 8302 Boring Ape!

What? 8302 Boring Apes in Greenland

The number 8302 means : (8) homophonic “ba”, (30) represents the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Greenland Group, (2) means that this is the starting point for the second entrepreneurship of Greenland. The pattern of the whole boring ape is extremely simple, which means that Greenland will unload its past glory, go into battle lightly, and create new glory with a fighting mentality, and strive to start a new development journey in the digital age!

boring ape series

The Bored Ape series , which was born on April 23, 2021, is called Bored Ape Yacht Club. This set of NFT images consists of 10,000 apes with different characteristics and attributes.

What? 8302 Boring Apes in Greenland

These seemingly unremarkable apes are more and more recognized by the market. When it was first released, each monkey only needed 0.08ETH, which is about 200 US dollars. Now, the cheapest boring ape needs 74ETH, which is 190,000 US dollars, and the overall market value is more than 1 billion US dollars.

So what is the gameplay of the boring ape that makes it so special?

The first is its scarcity. Each Boring Ape is unique, a unique combination of 7 random characteristics: background, clothing, earrings, eyes, fur, hat and mouth.

What? 8302 Boring Apes in Greenland

Boring Ape holders also have the right to enter the shared drawing space. Every fifteen minutes, the holder can fill in a pixel in this space.

What? 8302 Boring Apes in Greenland

The developers of the boring ape are also constantly exploring the gameplay of the boring ape community.

The official first announced the release of the mutant ape, which means that the holder can correspondingly obtain a new “mutated boring ape” image according to the image of the ape in his hand.

What? 8302 Boring Apes in Greenland

Then, the Bored Ape Kennel Club was opened, giving a puppy to each ape of the holder, and soon the market value of these derivatives reached hundreds of millions of dollars. Of course, these rights are free for holders and are issued in limited quantities.

What? 8302 Boring Apes in Greenland

Combining scarcity and social attributes, Boring Ape’s market recognition has continued to increase, and it has become the most popular presence in the Metaverse identity.

And many international companies also choose to occupy a boring ape as the starting point for their entry into the Metaverse. For example, Adidas and Li Ning both released related NFT products after purchasing the boring ape.

What? 8302 Boring Apes in Greenland

What? 8302 Boring Apes in Greenland

The Boring Ape has gradually become the most influential symbol of the current Metaverse. Knowing this well, Yuga Club, the parent company behind The Boring Ape, has also taken a new step in the exploration of the Metaverse, the Otherside project .

What? 8302 Boring Apes in Greenland

The Otherside project includes two rights of NFT land and Ape Coin, mainly for existing bored ape and mutant ape holders.

At the same time, the community currency named Ape Coin has been airdropped for free. In addition to being able to exchange some Boring Ape peripheral goods, use and purchase the Otherside land mentioned above in the game Banji Bananas, Ape Coin also corresponds to the future development of the Boring Ape community. NFT holders can vote on the future development trend of the community by consuming Ape Coin in their hands, laying the foundation for the continuous expansion of the community user experience.

Greenland G-World is here

Greenland Group announced the purchase of Boring Ape, and officially took the first step in building Greenland G-World.

G-World will be an important milestone in the process of greenfield digitization. Through VR and AR technology, the dimensional wall between virtual and reality is opened up, and the online and offline scenes are truly interconnected; at the same time, G-World will also be a comprehensive social place for all Greenland users, and the immersive experience can make users more Enjoy the services of the Greenland Multi-Industry Aggregate.

As G-World continues to advance, more benefits and functions will be gradually unlocked. Greenland Group has the advantages of offline physical industry that other companies do not have, and has more possibilities in building “digital and real integration” and creating a virtual-real symbiotic social, entertainment and commercial space.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Greenland Group, we will share the NFT image of Boring Ape with supporters of Greenland Group, so that everyone can have their first digital collection through Greenland G-World, and also witness Greenland Jinchuang He The start of the digitalization process of Greenland Group.

This limited digital collection will be your unique identification to join Greenland G-World, and also a proof that you are a pioneer in supporting the digital transformation of Greenland Group.

It is our honor to witness G-World with you, and we look forward to every pioneer.

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