WEYU: A multi-chain platform to open up the NFT resale market

One platform to buy/resell multiple blockchain NFTs

WEYU: A multi-chain platform to open up the NFT resale market

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a blockchain system that exists in the exact opposite of the familiar concept of crypto coins. In the case of Bitcoin, for example, everyone has the same, equal and detachable Bitcoin of less than 1 at the same time; however, NFT is unique, non-detachable and has a minimum unit of 1.

Today, the NFT market is not transparent enough for the average Internet user, and the process of buying or selling NFTs is quite complicated, making it difficult to find even a trustworthy and verifiable resource.

WEYU, from the Netherlands, is the first multi-chain platform dedicated to the NFT resale market; created by a team experienced in smart contract development, website development, user experience engineering and global operations, it is dedicated to extending NFT to everyday Internet users.

WEYU integrates multiple blockchains, allowing users to buy/resell multiple blockchain NFTs using only one platform, and integrates advanced search algorithms and filters, a modern and user-friendly UI/UX design, and WEYU Academy materials to make it easy for users to get started, find the NFTs they want, and increase transparency in the NFT resale market.

WEYU tokens are built on a framework for exploring multi-dimensional cross-platform, community and business model token utilities. In addition to many utility variables, WEYU also references similar functionality from the implementation of the SafeMoon project. This feature embeds fees into the token, generates additional liquidity to reward token holders, and automatically consumes a portion of the fees.

On May 31, 2021, WEYU opened whitelist registration on WEYU.io, enabling anyone from anywhere in the world to easily join the WEYU journey. In less than a week, over 70,000 people have connected their Metamask, trustwallet and Telegram to join the WEYU whitelist. Everyone on the whitelist will receive an airdrop WEYU token when the WEYU token is launched. The airdrop will close at 18:00 (Beijing time) on June 13.

As of now, WEYU Telegram group members have surged to over 50,000, WEYU Twitter supporters have increased to over 40,000, and WEYU Youtube channel subscribers have reached over 30,000. We would like to welcome you to embark on our journey to create the most accessible multi-blockchain NFT marketplace, always with a focus on user experience.

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