Welcome to the official launch of DoomHero at the beginning of 2022

Doom Hero, NFT+DeFi+RPG 3D strategy game


The New Year in 2022 will drop. The “Doom Hero” completed by the famous Japanese game team Heroic Sword Studio for 3 years has been launched on January 1, 2022 at 12 o’clock Tokyo time (11 o’clock Beijing time), celebrating with players from all over the world new Year!

The game is online, the world celebrates, the welfare is gratifying, and the strength of favorite fans:

(1) During the DHG public beta, the output will start to be released at 180 antennas. It is worth celebrating to see the cash every day.

(2) The 1.5 times output benefit during the DHG beta period will continue for 1 year! Continue for 1 year! Continue for 1 year! The important thing is said 3 times!

(3) The good news continues. The ten largest guilds all over the world are entering the game. Lbank is about to appear, the airdrop event with attractive benefits, the arena qualifying game is about to open and so on, let us wait and see!


Gamefi chain games are undoubtedly the perfect innovation of traditional games and blockchain, the next trillion-level outlet. With the upsurge of Metaverse chain games, global chain game projects have begun to proliferate, and the considerable benefits of head chain games have attracted more and more gold guilds, global players, and capital institutions to join. The entry of BAT, a Fortune Global 500 company, has become a fuse to detonate the Metaverse era, and everyone has become a member of the Metaverse chain travel era without knowing it! But the tuyere is always mixed with sludge. Accompanied by the collective escape of Valkyrie, Bian Hero, Spaceship, Wristwrench, BNX and other games, the chain game has entered the 2.0 era ahead of schedule.

What is it like in the chain game 2.0 era? The entire chain game industry pattern and game rules will be rewritten, so this wave of flash crash is not an end, but a prelude. Chain games are just beginning!

The current GameFi entertainment is weak, and the future development space is huge, and the “Play to earn” model is in line with the future game trend. This will inevitably make GameFi the next wave, and blockchain games are transforming into playability in the future.

Doom Hero, NFT+DeFi+RPG 3D strategy game


The game “Doom Hero” is a RPG+SLG MMORPG blockchain game developed by the Heroic Sword Studio team based on the BSC public chain based on the BSC public chain. The game combines NFT asset proof and DeFi economic logic to realize the core Play to earn of GameFi. The game uses Unity 3D engine technology and ARC high-profile rendering technology to provide players with an immersive experience to create a meta-cosmic space with real vision, hearing, and touch. .

Japan’s HASH FUTURE Society was established in 2013, focusing on computing in the blockchain field. Its team, Heroic Sword Studio, is composed of mostly well-known game producers, planners, and developers in Japan. They have participated in “Game King” and “Castles “”, “Pokémon” and many other game series, “Doom Hero” after 3 years of accumulation, catering to the Metaverse concept and the core concept of GameFi came into being. It is a typical representative of Chain Game 2.0.

“Doom Hero” is a GameFi product that combines European and American 3D comic style with SLG gameplay and RPG gameplay. The game presentation uses Unity engine, 3dsMax modeling, and ARC rendering, so that the game not only has high-quality graphics, but also Let players experience hearty battles. The birth of video games is to provide players with entertainment and revenue. No matter traditional games or chain games, they cannot destroy its original intention. “Doom Hero” adheres to this principle.

play-to-earn , play to earn doomsday heroes


In “Doom Hero”, players must have 5 heroes and form their own teams to fight. Unlike other chain games, the zombie enemies in the game are very powerful. This makes players have to think about the lineup, the timing of the release of skills, The level of skills, the upgrade of equipment and other issues can defeat the enemy.

The equipment, heroes, and rare items acquired by players in the game are all NFT items, which can be traded on the official Market and three-party channels.

After participating in PVE, PVP and other modes, the token rewards obtained by players can not only be used to improve the combat effectiveness of the team, but also can be sold on the market.

A variety of battle modes are set up in the game. Alliance wars, arenas, world bosses, and throne battles provide players with generous rewards. The principle of being strong and strong also brings players quite exciting competition.

Compared with the DeFi pledge mining environment that still exists in other chain games, Doom Hero incorporated it into the game at the early stage of the game mechanism design. The wild mining area not only has super high profits, but also is full of thrilling competition PK. In other words, through the player’s own efforts to obtain the corresponding income return, the game’s ecological environment is more healthy and balanced.

DHD+DHG dual currency model to create a continuous economic balance


Doom Hero adopts a dual Token model, namely Doom Hero Dao (DHD/diamonds in the game) and Doom Hero Gold (DHG/gold coins in the game). DHD is used as a governance token to maintain the construction of the game ecosystem, with a total circulation of 1 billion. , DHG, as a game token, provides in-game consumption and unlimited issuance, thus creating a virtuous circle ecosystem, where each player’s efforts will be fairly rewarded.

Zombie virus invaded strongly,

The doomsday world has come suddenly,

Who will save the perishing world?

Who is the strongest doomsday hero?

Everyone has great power,

Everyone is a fearless hero,

Join “Doom Hero”!


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