Welcome to Metaverse: The Era of Making Money in Games

I have always had such a hunch that in the next 10 years, the Internet will usher in a slow and violent recast.

In the end, it penetrated into the lives of ordinary people under the tentacles of the Internet with an extremely impactful face.

What are the ways you can make money from playing games for individuals?

Leveling, selling numbers, selling rare ids, rare equipment, participating in game events, or derivative economy?

No, these are the very normal paths at present.

The pattern opens, you think again.

There is such a game where players can make money directly in the game, people sit at home, and the money comes from the Internet.

It’s called Axie Infinity! This is an NFT-driven game. Recently, NFT and Metaverse are very windy. In fact, this game is very closely connected with them.

It’s just that the current domestic participants and popularity are not very high, and blockchain practitioners may have heard of it.

Why do I have the initial point of view, because I found that the current Internet is undergoing great changes.

But these changes have combined many things that “a few players” have participated in, such as various projects in the blockchain. Excluding the infrastructure of storage, computing, and the network, NFT, meta-universe, and token games may be breakthroughs in future Internet changes. .

Axie Infinity games can be directly owned and operated by players. This method is completely different from the existing centralized games, allowing this few people to participate in the Ethereum game, showing huge market potential.

Simply put, Axie Infinity is a kingdom-like universe. Whether it is a proficient liver emperor or a player who contributes to the game ecology to help break the circle, they can earn tokens in the game.

Welcome to Metaverse: The Era of Making Money in Games

Even people in the game community can develop their own tools in the game. To put it bluntly, you can open it for yourself.

At present, the game is preempted, but with more than 40 million active players, he has generated a monthly income of more than 16 million US dollars, with a valuation of 2 billion US dollars.

The similarity between him and the meta universe lies in his dual attributes of social and work. In my last article (Humanity’s journey is not only the stars and the sea, but also the “meta universe” on the chain!) mentioned that the meta universe will become a parallel universe on the chain , and the blockchain will allow reality and virtual to communicate. become possible.

In the Axie Infinity game, they have successfully taken the first step.

This game ecology is more like a small world of online social work.

Due to the underlying blockchain economic structure, it can truly become a game that can be called “playing games to make money”.

Rather than the transaction behavior of the secondary game market that is still circulated internally as mentioned at the beginning.

Axie’s monthly income can easily surpass the salary of a fresh graduate. Of course, I’m talking about our developing countries.

This also disguised thousands of players in developing countries to become Axie Infinity loyal fans.

Welcome to Metaverse: The Era of Making Money in Games

While playing games to earn tokens, the seven aunts and eight aunts are also involved in the ecology.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the blockchain. Under economic incentives, these ecological participants are precisely the players with the longest life cycle.

Readers who have experienced combat games may understand the way players earn tokens in Axie at the speed of light.

There are generally these types:

1. Participate in PVP battles to get prizes on the game leaderboard

2. Cultivate Axies and sell them on the market, collect rare Axies, etc. These can all be sold on Uniswap and Binance.

You can make money just by playing, and I’m so envious that I burst into tears.

At the same time, starting this year, players can obtain the governance token AXS.

Then with AXS, you can publish tasks in the game by yourself and attract other players to participate.

In other words, these players are part of the Axies universe, with built-in governance rights.

Do you dare to think about this in games currently under corporate operation, such as League of Legends and Yuanshen?

I dare not think about it…this is simply impossible.

But in the Axies game, it has become a reality under the design of the blockchain economy.

If you know CryptoPucks, then you must know CryptoKitties.

The former digital avatars created sales of $680 million in the NFT trading market.

Welcome to Metaverse: The Era of Making Money in Games

Welcome to Metaverse: The Era of Making Money in Games

The latter allows blockchain to enter people’s entertainment life for the first time. The CryptoKitties game debuted on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017.

The game is essentially a next-generation electronic pet game in the form of a cartoon and cute NFT cat. Cats are sucked regardless of online or offline . Soon, this game became popular.

From popularity to decline, CryptoKitties reflects the normal life cycle of a game.

Many game players left behind have become the denominator of Axies’ success.

Players can work, socialize, and entertain on Axies. This blockchain game gives players power and economic incentives.

So that the user’s life cycle is extended indefinitely.

The user’s high stickiness and activeness make it possible to break through the dimensional wall at any time.

Welcome to an era where you can make money by playing games. I believe that Axies is just the beginning.

In the future, with the upgrading of the Internet. With the blessing of the blockchain, a new Internet form will eventually appear.

The underlying design of the blockchain and NFT have entered various prosperous gaming universes, allowing countless small universes to burst out of unique economic vitality.

Then things that are not daring to think of now and have mechanical defects will be changed.

Perhaps in the future, each of us ordinary people will be able to jump out of the real world of involution, explore new life paths in new fields and new worlds, and find the second growth curve of their lives.

When the minority becomes the majority, it is the time when a new face emerges.


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