Weird and charming, blue food has become the darling of the restaurant industry this year

Blue used to be unpopular in the catering industry, but now it seems to be able to continuously create surprises.

Whether it’s a curiosity or a big increase in appetite, blue food has seized the “C position” in the formulas developed by catering companies this summer.

Starbucks launched a blue Frappuccino called “Fappuccino of Ice and Snow”. According to the clerk, the blue part is added with blueberry sauce. The official propaganda copy stated, “Get rid of the annoying poisonous sun and play an anti-season snowball fight in the ice and snow world.” This new product seems to have a fancy blue “summer fit” attribute.

Weird and charming, blue food has become the darling of the restaurant industry this year

Starbucks “Fappuccino” (Image source: Starbucks WeChat public account)

Also expressing this concept is Haagen-Dazs, co-branded with Bubble Mart to launch the “Orange and Blue Dream Parfait Cup”, propagating that “orange and blue sublimate the visual beauty in the contrast, full of summer expectations and enthusiasm “In addition, there are Luckin’s “Walden Blue Diamond Rena Ice” and Hey Tea Disney’s limited “Glacier Adventure”. These concepts convey the summer coolness between the lines.

In addition to “cooling off the heat”, blue is easily reminiscent of the ocean and the sky. If the atmosphere is created, it is a “articulate artifact.” Another new Haagen-Dazs cake, “Kaihai Yeah Ice Cream”, emphasizes the “ocean flavor” in the copy, while the blue part of Manner’s new online celebrity “Panda Latte” is described as “deep.” sky blue”.

Haagen-Dazs told Jiemian News that the blue color of the “Kai Hai Ye” ice cream cake can give this cake a scene-like feeling of vacationing by the sea; on the other hand, consumers often pay attention to the product when choosing products. Beauty. Blue also gives people a noble feeling, in line with the positioning of the Haagen-Dazs brand.

Weird and charming, blue food has become the darling of the restaurant industry this year

Haagen-Dazs “Watch the Sea Ice Cream” (Image source: Haagen-Dazs official WeChat account)

Blue has always been a controversial color in the catering industry.

Weibo had a hot search on the topic “How blue food no appetite” drawing hairnet faithful a lot of discussion, as at present the amount of reading 140 million. Some netizens said that “blue food looks like poison” and “blue food really makes people lose their appetite.” But in the eyes of other people, blue goes well with summer, “it feels cool when you look at it.” Others believe that “blue food arouses strong curiosity.”

According to a report from the media ” Kamen “, in general, healthy blue color usually comes from phycocyanin, black wolfberry, blue orange, blueberry and other materials. Among them, the blue velvet powder commonly used in milk teas is made of phycocyanin; while black wolfberry and blueberry have natural anthocyanins, but the stability of black wolfberry is relatively long, and it is easily affected when used in stores. Taste and aroma are a good match for fruit tea and have been widely used. Blue tangerine is a liquid made by merchants mixing white tangerine and blue food coloring. It is favored by many consumers because of its good taste.

Earlier, some food companies launched blue products, which also achieved good results.

2017 blue Pepsi Cola, produced in Indonesia, was originally brought into China from overseas purchasing, due to the unique color rapidly in the community to pay circle of concern, especially young favorable for consumers, even Stir expensive.

After searching on Taobao, Jiemian News found that merchants sold a 450ml bottle of blue cola for 16.8 yuan per bottle, while the price of ordinary Pepsi with the same specification was 3.5 yuan per bottle in convenience stores. Looking through the Internet promotion at the time, everyone’s impression of this is also ocean and summer-“Bali has three blues: blue sky, blue sea, and blue coke”. The feeling of summer comes from the taste of plum, which also contributes to the hot summer.

Weird and charming, blue food has become the darling of the restaurant industry this year

Blue Pepsi

Due to the social media value of a particular season and good-looking photos, blue has room to play. Whether it is Starbucks’ “Fappuccino” or Manner’s “Panda Latte”, in the eyes of young consumers, they are all high-value items worth sharing on social platforms such as Moments of Friends and Xiaohongshu .

At one time, the catering industry resisted blue.

“Studies have found that among various colors, the color of food that is least popular with the public is blue.” The book “Color Psychology” by psychology writer Lu Fang mentioned that a study in the United States proved that the color of food affects people’s health. Taste.

The different colors of food not only affect people’s judgment and recognition of its taste, but also affect people’s desire to eat. Another experiment showed that even when the same food was dyed blue and appeared in front of people again, everyone almost unanimously said that they “do not want to eat.” Psychologists believe that blue represents tranquility and calmness, makes people feel quiet and reduces appetite.

Not only will it suppress people’s appetite, dark blue, especially black or purple foods will also be regarded as things that have or will go bad, and these are taboos that affect sales in the catering industry.

The book mentions that American color science professor JL Morton believes that when human ancestors were searching for food, they found purple and black foods are usually fatal “alarm signs”, that is, foods of these colors are basically all Toxic or has deteriorated. Therefore, when looking for food, ancestors would always subconsciously avoid black and purple food. If things go on like this, black and purple have a negative effect on people’s psychology, thinking that they are bad for health, and even poisonous.

However, blue is not useless in the catering industry. And now that social networks are popular and millennials are in power, blue can also create more surprises for the catering industry.

As a cool color, when blue is used in food packaging or as a tableware for dishes or soups in restaurants, it is most commonly used in combination with other colors, often giving people “high-end” and “refreshing”. “a feeling of.

There are examples in “Color Psychology”. For example, a plate with a white background and blue border looks fresher, or a white background with blue patterns printed on it. Not only because it can bring out the good dishes, but also because it sees more clean, giving a very clean net of feeling.

Combining the characteristics of the times and the popular trends of social networks in the past two years, blue seems to be able to bring some surprises to diners.

Pantone Color Research Institute (Pantone Inc.) is an authoritative organization that specializes in the development and research of colors and is well-known around the world. It releases the representative color of the year every year to provide a reference for brands and companies in color trends. Blue is the color of the year in 2020. Executive Director Laurie Pressma believes: “We are living in an era that requires trust and confidence. The endless blue is reminiscent of the vast sky at dusk, and the classic blue encourages us to look beyond our eyes. , Expand thinking.”

This may also be an encouragement and enlightenment to the catering industry. For example, the Weibo topic “How appetite blue food is” suggested by some netizens: “Some food companies can do the opposite, such as launching blue light food products or meal replacements.”

In addition, some blues are also popular with consumers through adjustments to color brightness and saturation. The typical “Tiffany Blue” is between green and blue. Among various desserts such as macarons, it can particularly hit the “girly hearts” of some consumers. Therefore, creating exclusive brand colors or product colors is also a direction that brands and businesses can refer to.

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