Weibo access to TopHolder digital collection becomes social?

Weibo access to TopHolder digital collection becomes social?

Popular digital collections are “invading” social platforms.

On March 17, Wang Zijian, a senior player in digital collections, noticed that the big V @Genius Xiaopanda released the digital collection “Run” on Weibo. He has been following this IP for many years, and without hesitation, he immediately placed an order for 8,888 yuan. “It has a certain collection value.”

Weibo access to TopHolder digital collection becomes social?

Wang Zijian placed an order for the digital collection “Running”

Image source / Weibo

Since last March, digital artist Beeple’s NFT work “Everyday: The First 5,000 Days” was auctioned for a sky-high price of 69 million US dollars (about 450 million yuan), NFT has completely “out of the circle” overseas, and the popularity has returned to China. Artists, designers, and museums have all joined the creation of digital collections one after another, and many digital collections sold out as soon as they were released.

NFT digital collections are digitized specific works, artworks and commodities that are uniquely identified by blockchain technology, which means that they are irreplaceable, unique, and even regarded as one of the current development directions that are most compatible with the Metaverse. However, unlike foreign NFTs that mainly focus on cryptocurrency transactions and support secondary circulation, the mainstream digital collection platforms in China, affected by compliance and other factors, only support RMB payment, and have certain restrictions on secondary transactions.

But this does not affect the enthusiasm of the domestic market. Digital collections have become a status symbol. Young people are willing to pay for their aesthetics and hobbies to buy digital collections; creators come from all over the world to release digital collections; big manufacturers have stepped in and launched digital collections trading platforms.

Big V@Genius Xiao Panda was able to launch digital collections on Weibo because, on this day, Weibo reached a cooperation with “TopHolder Number One Collector”, a self-media digital collection tool set under Tianxiaxiu. TopHolder will be the only official service provider of digital collections on the Weibo platform to support the development of its digital collections business.

One is a domestic top social platform, and the other is a digital collection platform that can link the Metaverse virtual life community “Hong Universe”. When real social encounters with digital collections, the outside world is curious, what new gameplay will this cooperation bring? What variables will it bring to the digital collection market?

Artists and cultural and creative IPs are competing to release digital collections

The digital collectible market is surging, and no one wants to miss out on this trend.

On March 17th, after seeing the digital collections released by @天小鹏 on TopHolder on Weibo, cartoonist @大羊BoBo paid attention to the platform TopHolder and learned that Weibo users can apply to become the creators of digital collections on the platform. , and decided to settle in immediately.

Weibo access to TopHolder digital collection becomes social?

Digital Collection by @Big SheepBoBo

Image source / Weibo

He quickly succeeded in the application, and the next morning, he uploaded two of his own works as a digital collection, priced at 2,999 yuan. “Very unexpectedly, within 5 minutes, both works were bought.” He uploaded another piece that night, which sold the next morning.

Previously, @大羊BoBo has also paid attention to other digital collection platforms, but has not acted for a long time. Until this time when Weibo was connected to TopHolder, he was attracted to the operation of generating digital collections with one click, just like sending a circle of friends. The immediate feedback from the initial water test further aroused his curiosity. “I plan to study the ‘mystery’ in it recently, and if it goes well, I plan to devote some of my energy to digital collections.”

Cartoonist @大羊BoBo is not the first to taste the sweetness of the digital collection market. After all, the popularity of this market has long been an open secret.

Relevant reports show that the transaction volume of the NFT market in 2021 will reach $17.6 billion, a year-on-year surge of at least 210 times. In the domestic market, digital collections such as the Dunhuang series were sold out as soon as they were released.

Ye Yurui, Co-Secretary-General of the Metaverse Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation, told Shen Ran that the post-90s and Generation Z, the main force of consumption in the future, were born in an era of relatively abundant material, and they paid more attention to spiritual needs. , willingness to pay for products and services that are easy to share and socialize. Of course, it is not ruled out that some users are waiting for the price out of investment psychology, expecting to make profits in the future when the regulations allow.

According to Shen Ran’s observation, collectors snap up digital collections out of three mentalities : one is out of love for certain creators; the other is because of social needs, some people have regarded digital collections as a kind of identity recognition , is the “ticket” to enter a certain circle; the third is to invest and make money.

No matter what kind of mentality collectors enter, the result is that the digital collection market has accelerated and attracted creators from different fields to join.

On the TopHolder platform, creators in the fields of art and design, cultural and creative IP and IP derivatives, commercial original concepts, etc., can apply to become creators, generate their works into digital collections, publish and trade them.After TopHolder and Weibo are connected, for these creators, there is another way to realize Weibo social assets .Wang Zijian’s purchase of the digital collection of @GeniusXiao Panda is a typical example of the latter’s social asset realization.

As of March 21, the digital collections “Yu Taixian Guofeng Illustration-Sleek Sophisticated” and “Yu Taixian Guofeng Illustration-Stable”, which are priced at 30,000 yuan, have been sold.

Weibo access to TopHolder digital collection becomes social?

@fish too idle digital collection

Image source / Weibo

Digital artist Liang Weihua began to pay attention to the overseas NFT market as early as 2020. Whether it is the layout of the digital art field of traditional auction houses, the testing of the digital collection platforms of major manufacturers, or the emergence of emerging platforms, he will continue to pay attention and find suitable platforms to enter.

Weibo access to TopHolder digital collection becomes social?

Liang Weihua’s Digital Collection

Image source / Weibo

In the independent operation test stage of TopHolder last year, he has already settled in, and he is adjusting his creative style in time according to the fashion trend of digital collections. On this platform, some of his digital collections have sold for tens of thousands of yuan. “It was the first time that Weibo digital collections were sold for 10,000 yuan, and I was so excited that I stayed up all night.”

Recently, after Weibo was officially connected to TopHolder, as of March 21, Liang Weihua had released more than a dozen digital collections, and all of them showed that they had been sold.

Some people have already eaten the first piece of cake, which also stimulates more and more pioneers in China to enter.In particular, practitioners related to cultural and creative IP and IP derivatives have seen the potential value of digital collections in the field of IP operations.

GoodsgooStudio, a trend IP creation platform under Sunac Culture, has been seeking the combination of trend IP and digital art. It felt that digital collections were stepping on the wind, so they started cooperation this spring and planned to settle in TopHolder.

Its director Jamie Zeng said, “Digital collections have become a way for young people to express their attitudes towards life, and there is always an unexpected market for consumers to collect IP. If you want to operate a new form of IP, you must not miss this share. Trend.” Therefore, the platform is accelerating the combination of its IP and digital collections, and will provide limited-edition digital collection avatars for its two IP hairstyles, AZZZA (Yasa) and Y2K dancer KILKIRA (Kikira).

Weibo access to TopHolder digital collection becomes social?

AZZZA (Yasa) and KILKIRA (Kikira), which are owned by Sunac cultural trend IP platform Goodsgoo, will soon release digital collection avatars

Jamie Zeng mentioned that the digital creative industry is on the track of rapid development, and the willingness of young people to pay will become stronger and stronger. When digital collections have a certain scarcity and can trigger empathy, target consumers will be found.

He discussed digital collections and blind boxes together, “Young people buy digital collections, just like buying blind boxes, which is an emotional experience consumption behavior. When blind boxes frequently appear in social circles, young people begin to use blind boxes as Identity verification in a certain circle, the same is true for digital collections.”

The influx of creators, what is the picture?

Behind the access of Weibo to TopHolder, it also represents the general trend of socialization of digital collections.

The most direct driving force of the combination of the two platforms is that the entry threshold for digital collections has been lowered .

From the creator’s point of view, after TopHolder is launched on Weibo, it will enable more celebrity creators to become creators of digital collections. As of March 17, hundreds of IP institutions, celebrity creators, and professional artists have applied to become digital collection creators.

From the perspective of collectors, young people who have been active on Weibo for a long time have added a form of expressing their personal voices through the form of digital collections. At first, digital collections set off a boom in the currency circle and the art circle. When the leading Internet companies in China entered the market one after another, digital collections are accelerating their popularity and becoming a new social password for young people. Jamie Zeng also mentioned that Weibo provides an application scenario for the consumption of digital collections, such as the future of digital collections or one-click setting as a Weibo exclusive avatar.

As a senior player, when Wang Zijian judges whether a digital collection is worth buying, he will weigh two factors: one is that the publisher’s IP and influence are large enough, and the other is that the platform for distribution must be reliable.He believes that only digital collections that meet these two factors have collection and investment value.

From the creator’s point of view, the influence and strength of the platform itself is one of the primary concerns.

Liang Weihua compared Weibo and TopHolder with other domestic digital collection platforms and found that publishing digital collections on other platforms often relies more on the personal influence of the creator, and the platform can gather limited traffic.

As one of the most influential social platforms in China, Weibo has 573 million monthly active users as of December 2021.In the open square with public domain attributes on Weibo, digital collections can be seen by more people and have the opportunity to go out of the circle.

And TopHolder has a certain accumulation in the digital collection industry. According to previous public reports, as the authorized platform for Qi Baishi’s digital collections, in January this year, it brought the first socialized digital collection of the original work “Shrimp Picture” by Chinese painting master Qi Baishi to bid at the first winter auction of Shanghai Jiahe, and finally sold for 300,000 yuan. The sale at the hammer price of Yuan is a milestone breakthrough for traditional ink and wash works to move towards digital art.

Weibo access to TopHolder digital collection becomes social?

The world show behind TopHolder has been deeply involved in the celebrity economy for many years. The Metaverse virtual life community “Honnverse” released by TopHolder provides high-quality content creators such as celebrities and IP through a highly open content platform and application platform. The customized virtual scene editing entrance and socialized display space also provide a new space for immersive interaction and social interaction for C-end users.

After this cooperation, the three platforms of Weibo, TopHolder and Hongyu Universe have been opened up. For creators and users, real social and virtual spaces can be opened up, and digital collections can be created, displayed and exchanged across platforms.

Before entering the platform, creators of digital collections will also consider their appeal on the platform.

A creator of digital collections pointed out that in order for collections to continue to be paid for, personal IP operations must be carried out on the platform to attract target fan groups.

According to data, as of September 2021, there were 1.355 million creators with more than 10,000 followers on Weibo. This means that there are a sufficient number of potential creators on Weibo, and their fans and personal influence on Weibo can be transformed into social assets in the world of digital collections.

Several practitioners have analyzed Shen Ran, and the cooperation between Weibo and TopHolder, with the blessing of blockchain technology, has strengthened the copyright protection of creators on the Weibo platform with digital collections.

The copyright issue of content on social platforms has plagued many creators for a long time. The works published on the TopHolder platform in Weibo, after being put on the chain and becoming digital collections, are given a unique code to ensure uniqueness and authenticity.

Behind this is the technical accumulation of TopHolder’s parent company, Tianxiaxiu, at the blockchain level. According to public information, as early as 2018, Tianxiaxiu established a blockchain value laboratory, and has independently developed a number of blockchain technology-based service projects including software, hardware, SaaS, etc., and released it in 2020. Developed the first blockchain digital economy art value application solution Hashii Art, and completed the world’s first blockchain full-link art transaction. In 2021, Rainbow Universe will be officially launched, which is also the manifestation of Tianxiaxiu’s blockchain technology.

How big is the imagination space when digital collections collide with real social interaction?

It is far more than Weibo and TopHolder who are eyeing the digital collection business.

Since last year, as the popularity of the Metaverse concept has continued to rise, practitioners have gradually understood that the Metaverse in the true sense is still very far away, but this does not affect players’ layout of digital collections, because it represents digital assets and digital assets in the Metaverse world. Status symbol.

Fang Jun, the author of the book “Super Introduction to the Metaverse”, told Shen Ran, “The current digital collection is not the final state of the next-generation Internet, but it is a key small step towards the future.” The “2021 Metaverse Industry Development White Paper” pointed out that the more important significance of digital collections is that they are a manifestation of digital asset certificates in the Metaverse, which will gradually evolve with the development of the Metaverse, with huge business opportunities.

In the middle of last year, overseas social giants launched NFTs, and domestic digital collection platforms also emerged. Especially in the past two months, many companies have launched digital collection platforms one after another. “Intensifying”, many practitioners of digital collections believe that the entire market is now on the rise, and more platforms will appear in the future.

Platforms large and small are all eyeing digital collections. Fang Jun analyzed that there are generally three directions for large platforms to deploy digital collections : the first is to establish an independent e-commerce platform, which is organized by the platform to issue and sell or give away, which is the current mainstream direction in China; the second is that users will The digital collections held are introduced into social platforms. For example, Twitter allows users to verify the NFT avatars or digital art collections they own, and display them uniquely in hexagons; the third is that social platforms allow users of their own platforms to confirm and generate works. Digital Collection.

Weibo access to TopHolder digital collection becomes social?

He believes that the cooperation between Weibo and TopHolder belongs to the third way, providing convenient tools for creators and users to confirm the rights of content works and generate digital collections. Meta (formerly Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently said that his Instagram will soon support NFT functions, and it has also been speculated that it will be promoted in a third way.

There are different ways of getting involved and different purposes. For Weibo and TopHolder, one of the reasons for entering the game is that digital collections are beneficial to the content ecology of the platform. 

Ye Yurui’s analysis of Shen Ran shows that the cooperation between Weibo and TopHolder in the layout of digital collections is a breakthrough exploration, which is conducive to the three-dimensional and scene-based online social networking, and the capitalization of relationships, which can attract early adopters and the main consumer groups in the future. At the same time, the two parties will also increase the stickiness of existing users, and help creative users grow into writers, artists or KOLs in sub-sectors through creator-driven, forming a platform that includes PGC (professional production content) + UGC (user produced content) The multi-level and diversified content ecology.

“The future is the era of the explosion of the creative economy and the experience economy. Users are no longer satisfied with just being a bystander, and hope to drive their friends around them to engage in deeper participation and interaction, and gain more sense of accomplishment. In the long run, pay attention to, Likes, forwards, rewards, re-creation, etc. are also a kind of influence and productivity, which will promote the development of data as a factor of production, and it is also a beneficial attempt of digital economy development in the field of To C.” Ye Yurui said.

Fang Jun believes that although the digital collections initially supported on the TopHolder platform are mainly image artworks, the ability to create outstanding creators including professional-level pictures, videos and texts on a social platform is the largest Resources, confirming the rights to their works, generating digital collections and allowing compliant circulation will promote the prosperity of the content ecology. 

According to the official introduction, TopHolder will also launch the function of generating digital collections from video and audio in the future.

It must be said that behind the development of digital collections, opportunities and risks coexist.

Ye Yurui mentioned that in the past year or so, the domestic digital collection market has been in a state of savage growth. The issuance of the vast majority of digital collections has created a single hot event, but no one has paid attention to it in the follow-up.

Many industry observers said that it is currently in the early stage of the market, and some players have the mentality of investing and making money. There is a certain bubble in the digital collection market, and there are situations where the price does not match the value.

“In the Metaverse world, credit is an asset, and early overdraft of credit is easy to lose development opportunities. For market development, you must be patient, and you should not be too utilitarian to pursue short-term, flat and fast.” Ye Yurui reminded.

In his view, in the next 1-3 years, the domestic digital collection market will blossom, but it is also possible that many platforms are only short-lived, and only platforms with certain professionalism and novel gameplay can emerge.

“Only a professional platform or company with a larger and broader ecosystem, more transparent transactions, more convenient operation and higher cost performance can stand out in the increasingly fierce competition.” He said that in the future, digital collections will have a series of identities or circles. Events or offers, and even benefits, can be sustainable.

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