Weekly financing: 34 projects were invested; total disclosed financing amounted to about $124 million (5.31-6.6)

The total amount of financing and the number of large financing have dropped significantly.

Weekly financing: 34 projects were invested; total disclosed financing amounted to about 4 million (5.31-6.6)

There were 34 blockchain financing events announced at home and abroad in the week of May 31-June 6. Excluding Chipper Cash, which only partially involves cryptocurrencies, the total disclosed financing amount in a single week was about $124 million, and both the total financing amount and the number of large financing amounts dropped significantly compared with the previous weeks. On the race track, the vast majority of funding events still occurred in the DeFi space.

The following are specific funding events (in order of announced amount).

African cross-border payments startup Chipper Cash closes $100 million Series C round led by SVB Capital

African cross-border payments startup Chipper Cash closed a $100 million Series C round led by SVB Capital, with participation from Deciens Capital, Ribbit Capital and Bezos Expeditions, the personal venture capital fund of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. As previously announced, Chipper Cash closed a $30 million Series B round last November, led by venture capital firm Ribbit Capital, and Chipper Cash is now valued at $1 billion to $2 billion.

The fintech company has expanded its product range to offer cryptocurrency transaction options as well as other commercial payment solutions. Its CEO, Ham Serunjogi, said: Our approach to developing products and adding to them is based on what users find valuable. Crypto is a technology that has been widely adopted in Africa and many emerging markets. Therefore, we want to empower them to access cryptocurrencies and be able to buy, hold and sell them whenever they want. That said, he clarified that Chipper Cash does not currently offer crypto-related services to its customers in Nigeria. (Bitcoin News)

Unchained Capital Raises $25 Million, Led by NYDIG and Its Parent Company

Unchained Capital, a cryptocurrency financial services company, announced the closing of a $25 million Series A round led by New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) and its parent company Stone Ridge Holdings Group, with Ecliptic Capital, Starting Line NYDIG increased its minority stake in Unchained Capital through the investment and committed an additional $100 million in loan backing for Unchained with $100 million in loan backing and will continue to be Unchained’s primary funding partner to support its lending platform.

Solana-Based Crypto Derivatives Company Hxro Closes $15 Million Funding Round with Participation from Commonwealth Asset Management

Crypto derivatives company Hxro closed a $15 million financing round with exclusive participation from hedge fund Commonwealth Asset Management. Hrxo Network is said to be a decentralized protocol built on Solana that provides license-free access to liquidity in the options market. (CoinDesk)

Decentralized content distribution platform Mirror closes over $10M in funding at $100M valuation with participation from USV and others

Mirror, a decentralized content distribution platform, closed a seed round of funding of more than $10 million at a $100 million valuation with participation from venture capital firms Union Square Ventures (USV), Andreessen Horowitz and others, people familiar with the matter said.

DeFi’s End-to-End Privacy Protocol Panther Protocol Closes $8 Million Private Placement

Panther Protocol, DeFi’s end-to-end privacy protocol, announced the closing of an $8 million private placement from Alphabit Fund, Arcanum Capital, Black Dragon, Deep Ventures, Defiants, Ellipti, Moonwhale The company has more than 140 investors, including Alphabit Fund, Arcanum Capital, Black Dragon, Deep Ventures, Defiants, Ellipti, Moonwhale, Protocol Ventures, Kosmos VC, Rarestone Capital, and Titans Ventures. The funding will be used to develop protocols that interoperate with a range of DeFi applications. Panther Protocol will reportedly allow users to 1:1 mint secured privacy-protected synthetic assets, including zBTC, zETH and zUSDT, tokens that can be used across a variety of DeFi applications. Using zk-SNARKs, such assets can obfuscate all information involved in on-chain transactions, including wallet addresses and the assets traded. (Crypto Briefing)

Composable raises $7M, Advanced Blockchain participates in incubation and leads

German blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) provider Advanced Blockchain AG is continuing to invest and develop Composable Finance. advanced Blockchain incubated Composable with Rarestone Capital and, through a subsidiary, invested $2 million in the project, making it a $7 million investment. Advanced Blockchain invested $2 million in the project through a subsidiary, becoming the lead investor in its $7 million funding round. With this investment, Advanced Blockchain anticipates an ongoing revenue stream in the future in addition to the increased value of its investment. composable intends to obtain a parallel chain slot on the Polkadot blockchain. advanced Blockchain, as a seed investor, will receive 5.7 million Composable Token.

DeFi Protocol Impossible Finance raises $7 million led by CMS, Alameda Research and others

DeFi Protocol Impossible Finance closed $7 million in funding led by True Ventures, CMS Holdings, Alameda Research, and Hashed. To date, the project has attracted 125 institutional and angel investors, such as Sino Global Capital, IOSG, Divergence, GBV, mgnr.io, Lemniscap, Primitive, Incuba Alpha, BR Capital, Coin98, The LAO, Maple Leaf Capital and angel investors Sandeep Naiwal (Matic), Kain Warwick & Jordan Momtazi (Synthetix), Bette Chen & Ruitao Su (Acala), Bobby Ong and TM Lee (Coingecko), Larry Cermak (The Block), and Calvin Liu (Compound), among others.

NFT Protocol RMRK Closes $6 Million in Financing from LD Capital, YBB Foundation and others

NFT Protocol RMRK announced the closing of a $6 million round of funding from D1 Ventures, LD Capital, YBB Foundation, DFG, PAKA, Signum Capital, Carbon Blue, etc. The funding will be used to build standard cross-chain NFT infrastructure.

Decentralized Risk Modeling Platform Credmark Raises $5.5 Million and Partners with API3

Crypto credit data company Credmark is now turning to risk scoring for decentralized protocols, providing accounting-grade data to the DeFi space. Credmark Chief Strategy Officer Momin Ahmad said it is working with prophecy machine provider API3 to launch a decentralized risk modeling platform that will attempt to score decentralized finance (DeFi) projects. As part of the funding, Credmark is now including employees from Coinbase, Moody’s, API3, Bridge Mutual and a former FICO executive among its advisors.

DeFi Prophecy Machine Protocol Lithium Finance Raises $5 Million Led by Pantera Capital and Hashed

DeFi protocol Lithium Finance closed a $5 million funding round led by Pantera Capital and Hashed, with other investors including Alameda Research, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Huobi Ventures, NGC The funding will be used to build a decentralized data prophecy machine focused on private asset pricing.

Subspace Labs closes $4.5M seed round co-led by Hypersphere Ventures and Stratos Technologies

Subspace Labs, a development team for a perpetual decentralized storage solution for the Polka ecosystem, recently closed a $4.5 million seed round co-led by Hypersphere Ventures and Stratos Technologies, with participation from Consensys Mesh, IOSG Ventures, Republic Labs, D1, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Gate Labs, NGC, Candaq, Krypital, Dealean, Cabin VC and DefinanceX.

Pontem Network raises $4.5 million with Animoca Brands and others

Pontem Network, a decentralized application, closed $4.5 million in seed funding with participation from Delphi Ventures, Collider Ventures, Alameda Ventures, Skynet Trading, and Animoca Brands.

DeFi11, the DeFi gaming ecosystem, closes $3.5 million in funding with NonceBlox and others

DeFi11, the DeFi gaming ecosystem, announced the closing of a $3.5 million seed and private round of funding from NonceBlox, Kyros Ventures, Ex Networks, AU21 Capital, Fomocraft, Alphabit, Launchpool, TDeFi, Biconomy MintedLab, Defied Bank, Magnus Capital, Dadventures, LVT Capital, Zokyo, Phoenix Crypto VC, Zero2Launch, BBS Finance, Trustdao Capital ExNetwork, Synergia Capital, Propeller, Protocol Ventures, Block Chain Capital, Titans Ventures, O1ex, Empire Global Partners, GD10 Ventures, Global Block Ventures Capital, x21 and A195 Capital participated.

Chronicle Raises $3.2 Million to Create NFT Marketplace, Led by 4SV

Chronicle has secured $3.2 million in funding to create a digital collectibles NFT marketplace, with plans to launch this summer and hire professionals to do the work. It will also use the funding to develop its own platform, build an in-house studio for digital collectibles and expand its international reach. chronicle hopes to venture into markets such as film and television, animation, art and culture, music, gaming, celebrity and fashion. 4SV, AU21 Capital, Aussie Capital, Bella Protocol, Blocksync Ventures, DAO Maker, GBV Capital, GravityX Capital, Legos Capital, Magnus Capital, Moonwhale Ventures, Pluto Digital Assets, Three M Capital, Twin Apex Capital, VBC Group, Vysyn Capital, X21 Digital, and 499+Block participated in this investment.

Decentralized information analytics platform DeepDAO closes $3 million funding round led by Hypersphere and DFG

DeepDAO, a decentralized information analytics platform, closed a $3 million funding round led by Hypersphere and DFG. The new funding will be used to expand its data suite for tracking DAOs. DeepDAO v1 currently provides data for over 100 DAOs, primarily including aggregated DAO data on Treasury, membership and governance. (Cointelegraph)

Metaverse brand signin closes multi-million dollar angel funding led by licensed institution Metaverse Money

Metaverse brand signin announced that it has closed a multi-million dollar angel funding round a month ago, led by licensed institution Metaverse Money, with only FBG CAPITAL and LD CAPTIAL as the only accredited investment institutions in the Chinese-speaking region, and only Big Sky Wing as the only individual investor. No institution in the Chinese-speaking region has been authorized for private placement.

Endaoment, an on-chain nonprofit organization, closed a $2.5 million seed round led by Framework Ventures

Endaoment, an on-chain nonprofit organization, announced the closing of a $2.5 million seed round led by Framework Ventures, with Distributed Global, Station 13, DeFi Alliance, Chapter One, Tony Sheng, Jayson Hobby, 0age and Ben Rubin. Endaoment was reportedly incubated by Framework Venture’s sister company Framework Labs in 2020. The project is built on top of Ether, so donations never have to leave that blockchain unless the receiving organization wants to cash out. Because the company is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in California, all donations to Endaoment are tax-deductible under U.S. federal law. OpenZeppelin, an ethereum smart contract security auditing company, has completed an audit of its on-chain smart contracts. (Decrypt)

Automata Network, a decentralized middleware protocol, closes $2.4M strategic round with IOSG Ventures and others

Automata Network, a decentralized middleware protocol, has closed a $2.4 million strategic round of funding with participation from KR1, IOSG Ventures and Jump Trading.

It is reported that Automata Network is a decentralized middleware protocol that provides middleware-like traceless privacy services for DApps on Ether and Polka to enable privacy, accuracy, and frictionless computing.

NFT Trading Platform Pandora Raises $2.4 Million with Spark Digital Capital and Others

NFT trading platform Pandora Protocol announced the closing of a $2.4 million seed and private placement round with Genesis Block, Spark Digital Capital, AU21, x21, NGC, Zokyo Ventures, Exnetwork, A195, Protocol Ventures, Genblock, Magnus Capital, Chain Asset Capital, Amesten, Crypto Dorm Fund, Master Ventures, Bitcoin.com CEO Danish Chaudhari and others. .

NFT Startup Snickerdoodle Labs Raises $2.3 Million Seed Round Led by Kenetic

Snickerdoodle Labs, an NFT startup focused on data privacy, has raised a $2.3 million seed round led by Kenetic, a Hong Kong-based blockchain investment firm, with venture capital funds Blockchain Capital, Struck Ventures, Zilliqa capital, FTX Sam Bankman-Fried, Tribe capital and Zinal Growth.

Mars Ecosystem Raises $2 Million in Funding from YBB Foundation and Others

Mars Ecosystem, a new stablecoin ecosystem, has raised $2 million in funding from Continue Capital, Parallel Ventures, Kernel Ventures, YBB Foundation, Mayor Capital, 7Star Capital and Bella Foundation, according to official sources. Mars Ecosystem will use this round of funding to expand globally, bring in talent and continue to grow in the decentralized stablecoin space.

Zecrey, a Layer 2 privacy protocol based on zk-Rollup, closes $1.5M seed round with Loopring and others

Zecrey, a zk-Rollup-based Layer 2 privacy protocol, closed a $1.5 million seed round with Loopring, SevenX Ventures, Bybit, CMCC Global, SNZ Holding, Stake Capital, Block[0], DoraHacks Ventures, Crasolum, Cypherpunk Guild, NEAR co-founder Illia Polosukhin and others participated.

THORChain Mobility Repeater Thorstarter Closes $1.5 Million Private Placement Led by True Ventures

Officially, IDO platform and THORChain liquidity relay Thorstarter closed a $1.5 million private placement led by True Ventures, with Nine Realms Capital, IDEO CoLab Ventures, Proof Group, Qi Capital MetaConstant, Brilliance and Next Ventures, among others. Officials said the funds will be used to build cross-chain exchange liquidity for THORChain, as well as support the development of the THORChain ecosystem.

Risk Management Platform Sherlock Raises $1.5 Million, Led by IDEO CoLab Ventures

Risk management platform Sherlock has raised $1.5 million in a Pre-Seed round led by IDEO CoLab Ventures, with A.Capital, Scalar Capital, DeFi Alliance, Primitive founder ALex Angel, and Aave Head of Risk Control Alex Bertomeu-Gilles, BadgerDAO founder Chris Spadafora, DODO co-founder Diane Dai, Quantstamp business development director Don Ho, UMA co-founder Hart Lambur, Synthetix co-founder Jordan Momtazi and others participated in the project.

Community-governed DEX EmiSwap raises $1.38 million, plans to launch NFT cards in Q3

Community-governed DEX EmiSwap has raised $1.38 million from a large number of investors, each putting up to $25,000. The exchange is a decentralized, autonomous organization whose backers include Carl Moon, Box Mining, Edna, Jason D of TMM Holdings, Hodl.global, ExNetwork Fund and Inclusion Crypto Fund.

EmiSwap describes itself as a gamified, decentralized AMM exchange with full refunds of ethereum gas fees to investors. emiSwap also plans to launch NFT Magic Cards, an NFT card, in the third quarter of this year as a gamification mechanism designed to attract more users . The platform’s strategy also includes offering rewards to incentivize liquidity providers and swappers, providing cross-chain and multi-chain support, and encouraging ESW token holders to vote on the organization’s future development. (Cointelegraph)

Synthetic Asset Protocol ARCx Closes $1.3 Million Funding Round Led by Dragonfly Capital and Others

It’s official, synthetic asset protocol ARCx has announced the closing of a $1.3 million funding round led by Dragonfly Capital, Scalar Capital and Ledger Prime. The total funding raised by ARCx is reported to be over $8 million.

Solana Eco-DeFi Platform Apricot Finance Closes $800,000 Seed Round with DGF, NGC, CryptoJ and others

Apricot Finance, Solana’s eco-DeFi platform, announced that it has closed an $800,000 seed round of funding from Chris McCann of Race Capital (one of Solana and FTX’s early seed investors), Genblock Capital, NGC Ventures DFG, CMS Holdings, CryptoJ, Coinsights Ventures, Double Peak Group and others.

Decentralized Protocol Sigmadex Closes New Funding Round with LD Capital, Spark Digital Capital

Sigmadex, a decentralized protocol, closed a new round of funding for further protocol development with LD Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, Moon Inc, PNYX Ventures, NGC Ventures, Rarestone Capital, SkyVision Partners, 3Commas, Spark Digital Capital, Marshland Group, Hillrise Capital, Deep Ventures, GD10 Ventures, DAO Maker, Shima Capital, One Block Capital, Signal Ventures, Exnetwork Capital, Kyros Ventures, AU21 Capital, Tenzor Capital, Basics Capital, Lancer Capital, Titan Ventures, Regain Ventures, and others participated.

In addition to the development of the protocol, the funding will be used to continue to grow the Sigmadex team globally and further invest in the DeFi space, BSC and Polkadot ecosystem.

Jambo Network, a blockchain advertising technology support platform for the Polkadot ecosystem, receives strategic investment from Hoo Labs, Silicon VC and W3 Venture

Jambo Network, a blockchain advertising technology support platform based on the Polkadot ecosystem, has announced strategic investments from Hoo Labs, Silicon VC and W3 Venture. Jambo Network is a blockchain advertising technology support platform based on the Poca ecosystem.

Synthetify Announces List of Investors, Including Solana Foundation, CMS and Others

Synthetify, a Solana-based synthetic asset protocol, announced its list of investors, including Solana Foundation, Alameda Research, CMS, DeFi Alliance, BuidlHodl Capital, Divergence Ventures, ei ventures.

Solana-based crypto indexing protocol Symmetry closes first round of funding led by Alameda Research

Officially, Symmetry, a decentralized crypto indexing protocol based on the Solana blockchain, announced the closing of its first round of funding led by Alameda Research with participation from Coin98 Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, Rarestone Capital, ROK Capital and others participated in the round.

Decentralized prophecy machine DotOracle receives strategic investment from THORChain, Mozaik Capital and others

PotOracle, the polka ecology real-time decentralized prophecy machine and cross-chain liquidity network, announced that THORChain, Mozaik Capital, Sandbar Investment and Sentor Investment are its latest strategic investors, which will help DotOracle to launch its decentralized prophecy machine mainnet in when the validator is extended.

Streaming Platform Amasa Closes Seed Funding Round Led by Animoca Brands

Amasa, a micro-income streaming platform, closed a seed round led by Animoca Brands. Amasa is dedicated to enabling users to easily aggregate, track and invest the revenue they earn by interacting with the digital world, generating additional revenue for their digital assets. The platform also allows users to aggregate and reinvest revenue earned from other activities, including data sharing, micro-tasking, web browsing, prediction markets and other evolving use cases. (Proactive Investors)

ArkStream Capital Announces Investment in Cross-Chain Smart Contract Wallet Blocto

ArkStream Capital announced an investment in Blocto, a cross-chain smart contract wallet, an integrated cross-chain smart contract wallet service that enables users and developers to easily interact with their cryptocurrencies, DApps and NFTs.

ArkStream Capital Announces Investment in Efinity, a Polka-based NFT Blockchain

ArkStream Capital announced its investment in Efinity, a next-generation digital asset blockchain based on Polkadot.

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