WeChat public platform “Code of Conduct”: The provision of secondary trading services for digital collections will be suspended

The WeChat public platform’s Code of Conduct adds new provisions on digital collection transactions, clearly stating that engaging in virtual currency or digital collection business is an illegal business act, and the provision of digital collection secondary trading services will be suspended.

WeChat public platform "Code of Conduct": The provision of secondary trading services for digital collections will be suspended

WeChat public platform "Code of Conduct": The provision of secondary trading services for digital collections will be suspended

Digital collections are catching fire too fast

Digital collection refers to the use of blockchain technology, corresponding to the unique digital voucher generated by specific works and works of art, on the basis of protecting its digital copyright, to achieve true and credible digital distribution, purchase, collection and use.

Since the beginning of this year, the digital collection market has continued to be hot, and several products have sold out as soon as they are released.

At the same time, Ali, Tencent, Jingdong and other Internet companies have entered the field and launched their own digital collection platforms, such as Ali’s whale detective, Tencent’s phantom core, JD.com’s Lingrare and so on.

Numerous museums have also poured into the boom of digital collections. The cultural and creative digital collections issued by these museums are all selling hot, and they are sold out after dozens of seconds on the line. The stone tiger of the Jinsha Site Museum and the pottery dog of the Eastern Han Dynasty of the Sichuan Museum have become phenomenal explosions.

These public accounts and Mini Programs have been blocked

It is understood that the public account of the digital Tibet platform “NFTea Digital Tea Ticket” was recently blocked, which seems to be the first time that WeChat has banned the public account on the grounds of “secondary trading of digital collections”.

According to incomplete statistics, the banned accounts include ArtMeta Digital Collection, One Point Number Collection, Guizang Metaverse, Painting Student Meta, Yuanben Space, Shenda Digital Collection, Zero Earth, iBox Digital Collection E-commerce and OneMeta and other public accounts. The specific number of bans cannot be verified, but it is certain thatthere are not a few digital collection accounts on the Mini Program. In addition to the WeChat Mini Program, Alipay and Baidu Mini Program also have a number of digital collection trading accounts.

Behind the popularity of digital collections, complaints are continuing. According to reports, consumer complaints are mainly concentrated on the suspected speculation and price gouging of the platform; Merchants ship falsely and do not refund; Data loss, stolen purchases, etc.

Wary! The digital collection is in chaos

Digital collections, as a kind of blockchain technology innovation and application, have positive significance for the dissemination of excellent culture, but due to the short time of appearance in China, identification and regulatory standards have not yet been established, resulting in chaos.

The platform “gameplay” for issuing digital collections is roughly the same: the way to obtain digital collections includes pre-sale, auction, lottery, blind box, synthesis, new user registration, etc., users can spend a few yuan to a few hundred yuan to snap up, and the sale is “second light” has become the norm.

The routines in digital collections need to be taken seriously. Some platforms first attract users with low-priced collections, and then raise the price of some collections that are not high at actual prices, and when users spend large prices to buy and resell, the order is locked for a long time and cannot be successfully traded, after this heat, the price of the collection will continue to fall, and the user will bear the loss. And the merchant circle money to play “missing” will also make it difficult for consumers to protect their rights.

It is worth vigilance that in addition to price gouging and false delivery, there are also many hidden dangers in the transaction security of digital collection platforms. In this regard, if consumers are not careful, they are likely to be deceived and cause damage to their own rights and interests.

Source: Netinfo Zunhua

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