Web3 is not just a new technology, its inclusiveness allows more people to participate

The new chapter of the Web3 Internet is based on decentralized blockchain technology that is changing every aspect of people’s daily lives around the world.

The reason for this phenomenon can be attributed to many factors such as changing times, trends and user preferences.

In addition to the above factors, there is an incredibly important fact that Web3 is more inclusive than its predecessor, and the innovators behind it are making their mark on a larger human-centric Internet.

Inclusion sparks interest and creation in Web3

According to a recent study by Harris Poll: 18% of Black Americans are already involved, compared to 20% for Hispanics, and approximately 44% of people of color own digital assets.

In 2021, actor Hill Harper launched The Black Wall Street, North America’s first black-owned digital wallet and financial capacity-building technology, to help meet the needs of black Americans.

Black and Hispanic blockchain leaders, educators, marketers have been working hard to outperform other groups by adopting blockchain technology since the pandemic began.

Age is not a factor in Web3’s success.

Just 7 years old, Rebekah and Esther Obi created a 20-piece NFT collection of shapes and colors and sold out their founding NFT collection in just an hour. Their initial exposure to NFTs has achieved such good results.

Nonprofits raise money in new ways during wars and pandemics. For example, the Make A Wish Foundation sold NFTs after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as a way for charities to accept cryptocurrency donations, and organizations that save Ukraine’s children also accept digital asset donations.


In the NFT space, gender is not a barrier either.

Emmy-winning producer Cindy Cowan, known for her work in Hollywood, is chief strategy officer at Mogul Productions, a decentralized film financing platform that believes women should support the rest of the crypto industry female.

In a recent The Badass CEO Podcast, Cowan detailed how she’s revolutionizing NFTs in the music and film industry, an industry notoriously sexist.

During an NFT auction, her friend Rob Prior, world-renowned Marvel and DC Comics artist, lit his drawing on a livestream, allowing the drawing to re-emerge as an NFT on the Mogul platform as part of a 24-hour auction and eventually sell for Sold for $200,000.

Women Influence in Web3

The innovators behind Web3 are far from an exclusive club for the “blockchain brothers”, and women have had a profound impact on Web3 as creators, builders, and leaders in the field.

There was a recent Twitter radio show about women and inclusion in Web3 featuring fashion designer and bestselling author Rebecca Minkoff, Refinery 29, Goop’s Alison Wyatt (Alison Wyatt) and startup advisor and angel investor Girlboss.

These women came together to form the Female Founders Collective (FFC) to encourage female founders to help each other succeed in Web3.

During the discussion, it became clear that the number one pain point for FFC female founders was getting venture capital.

When there are less than 2% female founders in Web2, there is a great opportunity to find other sources of funding for women in Web3. Opportunities for 2% of funded women are more public funding than venture capital compared to opportunities for female founders in Web3 and NFTs.

Many female founders make the mistake of having to launch a series of NFTs at OpenSea , but Rebecca Minkoff’s vision for the FCC is to educate women about what different companies are good for, and the value and utility of NFTs. Web3 will change statistics and she wants to make sure women know what these tools are and how they can best grow their businesses.

Also joining the discussion is NFT photographer Lori Grace Bailey, who encourages other women to get involved with Web3 because she believes all women have the opportunity to expand their influence in the field.

Netki COO Dawn Newton is bullish on the inclusion of Web3, as women can access these platforms and create equal access by bringing other women into the NFT space.


Web3 will usher in a more open economy, and we still have a lot of work to do before it arrives.

As a group, we are still on the cusp of the Web3 build phase and are laying the groundwork for Web3 to become globally popular within a decade.

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