Web3 is attracting the attention of the world’s top talent

Tech companies need to keep evolving or they will be eliminated by the times.

The world’s biggest tech giants, including Amazon, Google, and Meta, have grown accustomed to outdated ad monetization business models.

Advertising remains an attractive opportunity, but blockchain has higher growth potential by comparison.

Web3 is booming

The data shows that the daily active addresses of the Ethereum chain have increased from 200,000 in January 2020 to 550,000 today, an annual increase of about 65%, while the daily active addresses of the Solana chain have increased from January 2020 to 55. 10,000, which is basically at the same level as the number of Ethereum chain addresses. This data can indicate that more and more people are participating in the Web3 economy.

It is important to note, however, that Web3 is not a unique, separate area of ​​the crypto industry, it is more of a paradigm for the entire industry, a way of conceptualizing crypto development as it integrates various different chains.

This includes NFTs, DeFi, and the Metaverse, which together will ensure a very strong year for Web3 and we will see more of the corporate VC sector entering the space.

Top talent is migrating to Web3

This trend may have started with the “creator economy” as more independent-minded people seek opportunities to express themselves and have integrated into Web3’s “ownership economy”.

We’ve seen an influx of technologists, with Electric Capital reporting a 100% increase in developers since last year for GitHub repositories associated with blockchain projects.

Not only developers, but executives are also entering the Web3 space.

The former chief marketing officer (CMO) of the Meta wallet project Novi holds the CMO position at Circle, the former general manager of Amazon AWS Edge Services is now the CTO of Gemini, the former financial director of Lyft and the former director of corporate development at Uber have all joined OpenSea.

The demand for technical talent in Web3 is huge. In the UK, job postings for blockchain are at an all-time high, with job postings in the industry up 400% since 2020, according to LinkedIn.


Continuing to master the 20-year-old online ad monetization business model is no longer interesting enough for the top talent in the tech industry who are looking for new opportunities that Web3 offers.

The data demonstrates the attractiveness of the industry and cements the beliefs of Web3 investors.

Combining the incentive mechanism of Web3’s ownership economy with top technical talents and a large amount of capital is exactly what everyone expects, and Web3 will also usher in better development opportunities.

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