Web3 becomes a new starting point for industrial Internet under the wave of decentralization

At the same time as this summer, there is the heat of Web3.

In 2022, the confusion lies in the fact that in the bleak tide of rectification and layoffs, the myth of making wealth on the Internet is not the end, and Web3 bucked the trend and opened up a new bright road for big factories. Data shows that in the first quarter of 2022 alone, the investment in the Web3 field will reach nearly 10 billion US dollars, more than double the level of the same period last year. Some institutions predict that the market size of Web3 on the application side will exceed $50 billion in 2022.

Because Web 3 is a sufficiently disruptive technological revolution, the big companies are arguing over the prospect of what is within the reach of the slightly barren human imagination. Because of this, no one can act as an authority in the face of this sufficiently new wave of technology.

First, let’s start with “3”

The buzz about Web3 and the huge changes it will bring to the industry is exciting, but few really understand why it happened and what it will bring to the world? To clarify these two issues, we first need to go back in time to meet two “friends” we are more familiar with, Web1.0 and Web2.0.

If the development of the Internet is divided into three stages, the names of big companies that appeared in the era of Web 1.0 and 2.0 have become exaggerated money printing machines, which explains why Web3 has won the favor of so many investors in the cold capital winter. . At the beginning of 2022, although an atmosphere of “Speaking Web3” has formed, no one can say with certainty what Web3 is and get everyone’s unanimous approval. At present, the consensus with high recognition in the market is: if Web1.0 is a “read-only” Internet, and Web2.0 is a “read + write” Internet, then Web3 is a “read + write + own” Internet.

Web3 becomes a new starting point for industrial Internet under the wave of decentralization

Chart: Timeline – From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0

Specifically, look at the Web 1.0 of the read-only era . At that time, websites fed information to users, and users could only passively browse text and pictures. For example, Zhang Chaoyang and his Sohu seized the opportunity to become the most handsome boy at that time.

With the rise of blogs, the Internet has officially entered the web 2.0 of the interactive era . At the same time, the emergence of the phenomenal iPhone has brought people into the mobile Internet era. Since 2004, users have already changed from passively receiving information to actively expressing their opinions on Weibo, Facebook, Doukuai and other social networking sites, and have truly become the protagonists of content creation.

But the disadvantage of Web2.0 is that netizens do not have real ownership of accounts and data . For example, we can see the sales of a head anchor at any time, which is comparable to a listed company. However, after creating a sales miracle, they will disappear at any time, because the power of the platform and users is wrong from the beginning, and the platform has the absolute power of life and death.

Web3 becomes a new starting point for industrial Internet under the wave of decentralization

Chart: The main difference between WEB3.0 and 1.0 and 2.0

The change of Web 3.0 is that the right to use and flow of information is given to users through decentralized technologies such as blockchain . Simply put, Web3.0 can reshape the “reality” of the Internet, allowing users to own digital assets that truly belong to them. Ethereum founder Gavin Wood’s definition of Web3, “Less trust, more truth”, in his eyes, Web3 will reduce users’ “trust” in the Internet’s centralized organizations to “empower people”, and truly use ” real” technology to solve the “monopoly” problem.

For example, in the past month, Goose Factory has successively announced the suspension of three products, including “Qin Shi Mingyue World”, “Pocket WeGame” and “Civilization Big Bang”, then the time and money spent by users of these games All smashed.

But in the era of Web 3.0, the traditional game monetization model will be subverted, securely recording every transaction on the network through the blockchain, and allowing the creation of NFTs such as weapons, clothing, avatars and virtual lands. And NFT-based game items can be migrated across different platforms and sold to other players on the secondary market.

Therefore, the big pie of Web3 is to let users “make their own decisions”.

2. From the Web3 version of “Taobao” to the Web3 version of “Society”

When everyone was in awe of the blueprint of Web3, Musk, the busiest man in the world, had an ambiguous attitude. For a while, Bitcoin skyrocketed and plummeted, and for a while he fell in love with Twitter who was heading for Web3, but he could not help but admit that he had already Considered one of the most important opinion leaders by Web3 advocates.

And Musk’s view that “the best way to predict the future is to start building it ” has also made the giants not to be outdone, and have taken action to explore Web3. A large number of executives from Apple, Amazon and other companies have resigned to invest in the Web3 project, and there are also a number of “high P” from similar domestic Internet companies who have given up stable high salaries and considerable options to join the Web3 entrepreneurial tide.

Web3 becomes a new starting point for industrial Internet under the wave of decentralization

Figure: Typical ecological scenarios and vendor examples in Web3.0 scenarios

What is the current hottest application of Web3? The answer may all be related to NFTs.

First of all, we need to know that NFT, as a kind of Bitcoin, can ensure the uniqueness of digital assets by encrypting various digital assets. In reality, the value of many items does not come from itself, but scarcity, so the unique characteristics of NFT attract many creators to produce digital goods.

Whether it is a pair of shoes or a painting, it can be turned into an NFT. The most popular Boring Ape NFTs on Twitter are at a rate of one million. In China, for example, the digital blind box of the Metaverse IP created by Nai Xue’s tea has achieved GMV200 million in 72 hours. Globally, data show that in the first quarter of this year, the NFT transaction volume reached $26 billion, exceeding the transaction volume of the whole of last year, and the growth rate was close to 50%.

Web3 becomes a new starting point for industrial Internet under the wave of decentralization

Under the environment of digital collections fever and market blowout development, the “Taobao” in the Web3.0 era, the digital collection platform , has become a hot track. The world’s largest NFT trading platform, Open Sea, is currently valued at more than $10 billion.

There is no one who does not want to be the next Opensea. Under the environment of digital collection fever and market blowout development, all walks of life and large and small enterprises are laying out this track. According to statistics, there are more than 500 digital collection platforms in China alone, and giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, NetEase, and BilibIli have all participated. The dimensions of each cut-in are quite different, and they are more different in depth and breadth.

In addition to wanting to become the Web3 version of Taobao, the integration and development of Web3 and other emerging technologies has also begun to shape some new industry ecosystems in the fields of finance, games, music and other public life.

  • Web3.0 x Finance→DeFi

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance. By allowing people, merchants and businesses to conduct financial transactions through emerging technologies, third-party institutions are eliminated, and fees and time costs will be greatly reduced.

Web3 becomes a new starting point for industrial Internet under the wave of decentralization

  • Web3.0 x Games→Games

GameFi is “Game+DeFi”, which refers to blockchain games that introduce DeFi models and tools. It has become the latest trend in the Web3 field for users to earn cryptocurrencies in playing games to gain benefits. For example, StepN, Axie Infinity and other games that make money through “buying NFT sneakers + running” have created a lot of wealth myths in Southeast Asia and other countries. This model of innovating the entire game business field has also become a hot target for capital.

Web3 becomes a new starting point for industrial Internet under the wave of decentralization

Chart: 2022Q2 Web3 Track Financing

  • Web3.0 x Organization → DAO

DAO is translated as a decentralized autonomous organization. The construction of the Web3.0 ecosystem, such as applications, tools, protocols, etc., is inseparable from collaboration. The organizational form that enables users to collaborate in an orderly manner is called DAO. Representative projects such as companies, communities, foundations, grants, creations, collections, media, etc., may disrupt the future of work.

Web3 becomes a new starting point for industrial Internet under the wave of decentralization

Chart: Traditional Organizations vs DAOs

In the music industry, many European and American musicians have already earned excess wealth far exceeding their fan base by releasing digital albums through NFT; in the field of education, with the student employment system based on blockchain technology, higher education institutions can Academic achievement and performance evaluate students’ professional skills, and combine recruitment information to achieve intelligent employment recommendation; potential employers can verify the authenticity of relevant information after obtaining student authorization; in the medical field, electronic medical records “on the chain” can allow patients themselves to become personal medical The real controller of the data will bid farewell to the problems of inconsistent writing, poor traceability, and difficulty in defining responsibilities…

It can be found that in the world of Web3, many down-to-earth cases are happening. According to a report by data research firm Apptopia, the number of Web3 applications available for download in 2022 will grow almost five times faster than in 2021.

Today, technology is rapidly industrializing. For example, the 5G industry has become the infrastructure for thousands of industries. It is foreseeable that the Web3 era may become a new starting point for the industrial Internet, because with the industrialization of new technologies such as XR, digital twins, and NFTs, thousands of industries will once again improve their efficiency.

Not only that, if in the era of Web 2.0, technology is a tool to improve efficiency, then in Web 3.0, technology will also become a system, reshaping society and civilization, all boundaries will be further integrated, and all elements will be further combined flexibly.

3. There are good and bad, and there are unknowns

However, the wood show will be destroyed by the forest wind, and the “high temperature” of Web3 has also caused a lot of doubts.

Not to mention those scams, the current problems of Web3 are attributed to the backward technology on the one hand. For example, the efficiency issue, the decentralized network is like a dark forest, a world of zero trust.Therefore, it takes more resources to complete one thing. Therefore, the hardware resources required for distributed storage computing in decentralized networks are much higher than those in centralized networks, which will also bring energy consumption problems.

Web3 becomes a new starting point for industrial Internet under the wave of decentralization

There is also a lack of content, and the high threshold for content creation is difficult for the public to enter, resulting in the inability of content value to circulate.

On the other hand, due to lack of regulation . The lag of regulation relative to the industry is inevitable. Therefore, many Web3 projects are considered to be hype marketing by investment institutions and start-up companies to attract funds, which lacks practical significance.

More disputes point directly to Web3 itself, that is, the discussion on “whether the vision of decentralization can be realized” has an extremely pessimistic view: it is only the new monopoly builders who break the centralized monopoly of giants in the Web2.0 era. As the proverb “lights are dark”, the so-called Web3 revolution may just be a staking field for the upstarts, because when power is not locked in a cage, it must be a new disaster.

Web3 becomes a new starting point for industrial Internet under the wave of decentralization

However, over time, technical matters can be handed over to entrepreneurs, and the regulatory layer will definitely become more and more perfect.

Technically, many startups hope to build Web3.0 Infra, and startups like DeepNatures are using technology to help every Internet user, becoming the infrastructure builder of the next-generation Internet and the owner of their own data sovereignty.

In terms of supervision, this year, my country’s NFT trading field began to improve relevant regulations. At present, the regulatory level is becoming more and more perfect. In the field of NFT transactions in my country, there are already relatively complete regulations. For example, China Internet Finance Association, China Banking Association, and China Securities Association jointly launched an initiative to prevent NFT-related financial risks and resolutely curb the tendency of NFT financial securitization. Raw data is released as a limited-edition item, etc.

In any case, when there are new changes in technology, new industries, new models and even new giants may be born, not to mention, Web3 has just begun.

Angel or devil? Is it the future or a lie? As Musk said, the best way to predict the future is to create him.

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