web3.0 world-class technological innovation was born

web3 and blockchain

web3 and blockchain

Why do people love web3? First of all what is web3? Someone in the community gave the most concise definition of web3:

Web1:read (readable)

Web2: read+write (readable + writable)

Web3: read+write+own (readable + writable + available)

Although this is a simplified statement, it gets to the point.

The important theme of web3 is about the data ownership of users, and the ownership of data ownership requires the help of blockchain, which can realize trustless, permissionless, and user-controlled. That’s why people can’t get around the blockchain when they talk about web3.

From the perspective of historical contributions, blockchain really opened the era of web3 and formed the most important basic building block of web3.

web3.0 world-class technological innovation was born

  1. Web3.0, has been discussed a lot recently. Some people are completely unaware of its existence, but those who know and are in that world may never want to come back.
  2. In the real world, people are still concerned about the epidemic, Sino-US relations, and industry challenges. In Web 3.0, people’s cognition is refreshed and subverted at a very high speed, and people are also rich and poor at a very high speed. That world is mysterious. independent. Danger. lure.
  3. Summarize in one sentence: In Web 3.0, idealists are the first to rise, liars are the fastest, adventurers are the most courageous, and those who are most afraid of missing out are the leeks, and those who can succeed in the end Maybe not yet.
  4. Since it is Web3.0, there must be Web1.0 and Web2.0.
  5. Web1.0 is the early Internet, portal site. Such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Yahoo. The content is mainly edited and organized by these websites. As users, we can only browse and read-only (Read-Only).
  6. Web 2.0 is the Internet we are experiencing. Such as Weibo, WeChat, Facebook. Content, not only is produced by the platform, as users, we can also contribute content. Not only readable but also writable. Read+Write.
  7. We can write posts, we can post articles, we can make videos. The Internet has taken a big step forward.
  8. But, however, it’s not enough. Because, these contents, in essence, do not belong to users, but belong to the platform.
  9. The platform uses your content, takes your data, robs you of your time, analyzes, realizes, and makes money. As users, compared with the platform, we are almost insignificant, with only weak influence and meager benefits.
  10. Worse yet, because the platform owns it, it can delete you. Delete your speech, delete your traces, and even delete your whole person. make you disappear.
  11. Obviously, this is problematic. We need Web3.0.
  12. Web3.0, should Read+Write+Own. In addition to being readable, writable, and possessable. Owning my own data and content, owning my own rights and benefits. I have the final say, not the platform.
  13. Idealists, use projects one by one to break monopoly and call for freedom. Guided by the future, they lit the torch.
  14. But liars run faster than idealists.
  15. You really want to change the world, and I just want to cheat. I also do projects, such as a Web3.0 project that shares the network. Each user can contribute their own network bandwidth to make everyone’s online experience better. Because you have contributed, you should also have benefits, and you can also get tokens (tokens, or tokens).
  16. For this token, I will issue a total of 100 million pieces, of which 80% will be distributed to the contributing users. The remaining 20% ​​is reserved for our team as development and operations money.
  17. Then, the scammers are desperately marketing, building, publicizing, this is a project that changes the world. Everyone who comes to participate will get token incentives. This token, because we create the future, will become very valuable. The price of the token will be quickly fired from 1 yuan to 10 yuan and 100 yuan.
  18. Liars will sell all the tokens in their hands in the market, and after earning 100 times, take the money and run away.
  19. Therefore, what scammers do every day is to tell stories, issue tokens, do publicity, speculate on prices, and play sickles. And their projects may be databases, distributed storage, content platforms, games… things that you can understand or not understand.
  20. And the adventurers will enter at this time. They know that idealists and charlatans exist, and they know the stakes are high, but they are bold.
  21. I bet myself that I ran faster than the liar. If 100 yuan is going to collapse, then I will leave the market at 80 yuan. I also bet myself that if I can guess that there may only be 0.1% of idealists, if they succeed, then I will be 1,000 times, 10,000 times, or even higher. A gold mine, no matter how dangerous it is, I have to dig.
  22. Then, seeing that the adventurers were really making money, I was afraid of missing leeks, I couldn’t help it.
  23. The day before yesterday, it was 1 yuan, but I didn’t buy it. I saw 1.5 yuan yesterday, but I haven’t bought it yet. It went up to $10 today! What about tomorrow, will it go up to 50? Red eyes, hot heart. They want to dance on the foam and change their lives against the sky. But more likely, collapse in a bubble and lose everything.
  24. It’s messy. But this new world is such a mess. And the degree of confusion, I may have only described 1/100.
  25. Confusion only means a mix of fish and dragons, and does not mean that the logic of Web 3.0 is wrong. I believe that someone will succeed. It’s just that the person who succeeded in the end may not have entered the field yet.
  26. But I think that will definitely change in the future. Just in the process of change, there will be burning torches, glowing gold mines, and unblinking scythes.

Ok. Web3.0. A historic moment has just arrived.

web3 and games

web3 and games

Web3 games eventually move towards community games, which can achieve bottom-up development. The web2 “modded game” still relies on a top-down push and is ultimately limited by its closed system.

*P2E and community DAO governance

In web3 games, P2E is an important part. It can incorporate players into the ecosystem it develops, and players have real interests in it. Regarding the development of the game, players have expressed needs and will actively participate in it. As the game develops, the participants will pay more and more attention to the direction of its development.

  1. The web3 game adopts the governance mechanism of DAO. Its core is not to give priority to the best income of a single entity, to increase more users, or to simply retain the priority, but to give priority to the ecological interests of participants.
  2. The possibilities of web3 games are endless, and through economic incentives, creators can build innovative games that create experiences like never before. Players can pool their powers to decide which metaverse to cooperate with.
  3. The composability of web3 games is similar to the composability of DeFi. On the basic Lego blocks, we can see the birth of creative products. The inter-metaverse communication here may include item image, interaction rules, asset value, player reputation, etc. Even through the cross-chain protocol, interoperability between different chain games similar to illuvium and Star Atlas can be achieved.
  4. In web2 games, data itself is one of the biggest moats, while in web3 games, data is open, and any builder can build and innovate between different game ecosystems.
  5. Axie Infinity became the banner of web3 gaming. A lot of web2 games try to replicate its success and hope to be the next Axie Infinity. However, some games still have a company-controlled model, and the incentive mechanism still does not activate players. This may make these “modded” games face a certain development dilemma.
  6. The web3 game is a P2E (Play To Earn) mode and an open ecosystem, the core of which is to allow players to become the real owners of in-game items. After P2E makes players the main players in the game, the retention rate of players also rises.
  7. Culture and reasonable economic mechanics are the most powerful moats in web3 games. This is also the fundamental reason for web3 games to build games that conform to the spirit of web3 at the beginning. If there is no distraction at the beginning, the culture behind the game will eventually become prominent, and eventually return to its “everything is for me, not mine”.

One miracle after another will appear in web3, on the fast train of readable + writable + innovative.

In the digital age, anyone can be a developer.

Technology is supposed to benefit the people and serve the people’s livelihood, so that everyone can feel the convenience of the technological revolution brought by web3.

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