Web3.0 is not just a portal

Simply looking at Web3.0 according to the horizontal logic does not really understand the connotation of Web3.0, and will even bring Web3.0 into a development situation similar to Web1.0 and Web2.0.

However, this tendency is now the mainstream. Many people just regard Web3.0 as an entrance, and really start to implement and practice Web3.0 in the way and method of entrance, and finally turn Web3.0 into a portal. A concept similar to Web1.0 and Web2.0.

We can truly grasp the connotation and logic of Web3.0 only when we look at the ways and methods of Web3.0 from a horizontal perspective and truly look at it from a new perspective.

According to general understanding, the so-called Web3.0 is actually an existence built on the blockchain technology. In a sense, Web3.0 is the direct expression of the future life that the blockchain interprets for us.

With Web 3.0, we can enter a whole new world dominated by blockchain technology.

This seems to be the correct logic for our understanding of Web 3.0. However, if we are still looking at Web 3.0 from a horizontal perspective without really looking at the ways and methods of Web 3.0 to a multi-dimensional perspective, not only will we not be able to see the whole picture of Web 3.0, but we will also Greatly offsets the function and role that the blockchain plays in it.

In my opinion, the so-called Web3.0 is not just an entrance, but a whole new world that is more three-dimensional and fuller than the “entry”.

If we regard Web1.0 as a “nucleus” and Web2.0 as a “cell body”, then Web3.0 is a “living body”.

Web 3.0 is not a physical concept

Simply looking at Web 3.0 as an entrance is still looking at it in terms of physical concepts.

The so-called physical concept is actually the same as the internal logic of the Internet.

In the Internet era, we enter the world it brings us through the “screen”. In such a virtual world, we can enjoy shopping, social networking and many other Internet products.

Although this method greatly saves time and improves efficiency, it is always a virtual world.

The so-called virtual world is actually untouchable.

In essence, such a virtual world constructed by the Internet is actually the same as the real world.

They all meet people’s needs in a relatively independent and single world.

Although such a single method improves efficiency and brings convenience to a certain extent, it also creates many pain points and problems.

The series of Internet chaos we have seen is a direct manifestation of such a phenomenon.

This shows that just relying on physical concepts and physical methods cannot solve all of people’s pain points and problems, and will even bring users into a relatively closed environment.

The words “system” and “cocoon room” we see are basically born in this context.

As a “gravedigger” of the physical world, Web 3.0 is not just a simple concept of physics, but more of a brand-new concept that encompasses a variety of forms.

The author believes that it should be a brand-new existence that covers the physical world and the virtual world, the digital world and the intelligent world.

In the world of Web3.0, what we realize is not just a life based on the concept of physics, but a concept beyond physics. What we realize is the deep integration of virtual and reality, and the integration of digital and physical. This is a A new world that is multi-dimensional, three-dimensional and complex.

Therefore, it is not very accurate to describe and interpret Web3.0 only in terms of entry.

Web 3.0 is not just a single form

Whether it is Web1.0 or Web2.0, it is actually a single form.

Based on such a single form, what we have constructed is a relatively opposite and relatively isolated world.

Between different technologies and between different business entities, there are actually “high walls” one after another.

What we have seen is the conquest and chaos between Internet giants, what we have seen is the relationship between the virtual economy and the real economy, and the barriers between different technologies that we have seen, basically All are the embodiment of such a single form.

The definition of Web 3.0 is still an entrance. In fact, a high wall has been constructed invisibly, dividing Web 3.0 into two worlds, the inner and outer worlds.

Although within Web3.0, we can indeed enjoy a new life brought by new technologies represented by blockchain, but what about beyond Web3.0?

We still have to experience the traditional and original experience.

Such a method only breaks the “high wall” between different platforms, and bridges the “gap” between them. In fact, it brings Web3.0 into a kind of “inside” and “outside”. “in two different environments.

In the final analysis, defining Web 3.0 by “entrance” also brings it into a development state of isolation, opposition, and fragmentation, and does not truly achieve integration and integration in the true sense.

According to the author’s understanding, Web 3.0 in the true sense is not just a completely different world inside and outside the “entrance”, but a new world that is completely integrated and cultivated both internally and externally.

Inside and outside of Web3.0, what we feel is a completely the same new world. In such a new world, we not only realize the deep integration of the digital world and the real world, but also realize the vertical and horizontal connection between different technologies , and finally achieve a new world of compounding and integration.


There is no concept of “switching” in Web 3.0

Many people look at the Metaverse and Web3.0 together, and some even think that the Metaverse is the most appropriate way of expressing the Web3.0 era.

I don’t think so.

In my opinion, under the logic of the Metaverse, there is still the concept of “switching” between the virtual world and the real world.

If there is still the concept of “switching”, then Web 3.0 has not actually achieved the real connection.

In addition, the so-called “switching” actually still has a concept of “screen” or “entry”.

Since there is such a concept, Web3.0 cannot be called Web3.0 in the true sense.

According to my understanding, Web 3.0 in the true sense should be able to realize its own free shuttle in different environments, different scenes, and free switching in different environments, and such a “shuttle” and “switch” is insensitive, yes It’s a matter of course.

Just considering Web3.0 as an entry, in fact, there is still the concept of “switching”.

When the “switching” still exists, it indicates that the shuttle and switching are “unfree”, which means that the user still has the pain point of perception.

If we regard such a Web3.0 as the real Web3.0, it would be a bit too simple and arbitrary.

The author believes that in the era of Web3.0, the concepts of “screen” and “entrance” are ubiquitous. When “screen” and “entrance” are ubiquitous, their existence is meaningless.

When its existence is no longer meaningful, it is obviously inappropriate to define Web3.0 as an entry.


When the development of the blockchain begins to mature, especially when the application scenarios of the blockchain begin to be networked, what we see is that the voice of Web3.0 is getting louder and louder.

This is a necessity.

Through it, what we should see more is the advent of the blockchain era.

When more and more attention began to focus on Web3.0, what we saw was that some people began to define it as an entrance, a “screen”. Obviously, this actually brought Web3.0 into the In a horizontal and independent vicious circle.

Just looking at and defining Web 3.0 in this way will only bring it into a new dead end.

Jumping out of the horizontal and isolated ties, really looking at Web 3.0 from a new perspective, seeing Web 3.0 as an existence that has realized the combination of virtual and real, the combination of digital and real, and the combination of physical space and cyberspace, can Only by truly grasping the essence and core essence of Web3.0 can we truly bring Web3.0 into the correct development track that really belongs to it.

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