Web 3 Study Guide: Taking Inventory of Content Creation Tools

Although our picture of Web3.0 is not clear, in the wave of embracing Web3.0, “XX-to-earn” has become a promotion method for major decentralized platforms to “train” the first batch of seed users.

As the “workers” in the circle, we have no reason to refuse the “invitation” of “making money while experiencing experience”. Of course, today’s Web3.0 world is still a new world with no foundations developed yet. We expect a richer professional ecology in this world, so we will also keep track of the growth of this Web3.0 “worker” and change.

In this issue, I want to share with you the content creator tools for two reasons.

First, content creators have a historical bonus period.

Every turning point in history is often a “qualitative” change in the way of information creation and information acquisition . When the stock of Web 2.0 is extremely monopolized by a small number of large platforms, the growth of centralization and efficiency are extremely involute; the world of Web 3.0 It has also shifted from rough traffic harvesting logic to a more refined traffic distribution narrative.

In other words, to put it more simply, on the eve of detonating the Web3.0 world, we need a “public account platform” that grows in Web3.0 and belongs to creators . Thinking about the huge impact on content creators, creation ecology and even mobile Internet content ecology after the birth of the WeChat official account platform, are you willing to give up the key to becoming the traffic password of the future world?

The second is Web3.0, everyone should be a narrator.

Kevin Kelly predicted in his classic 2008 article “1000 True Fans”:

To be a successful creator, you don’t need to be “millionaire.” As a craftsman, photographer, musician, designer, writer, animator, app maker, entrepreneur or inventor, you only need a few thousand real fans to make a living.

Although we have been told that everyone should be a content producer since Web2.0, in fact, we have regained the content production rights but have not obtained the content ownership and traffic distribution rights (all of which are related to economic effects). So what we see is that information has changed from subscription to push based on the principle of efficient acquisition and distribution, but in fact it is becoming the same. The number of content producers may be increasing, but the long tail and innovative content are actually disappearing.

Web3.0 gives us the conditions that any of us can create value with content, and any of your “behaviors” can bring you “price” and “value”. When a creator can be happy enough to support himself, then we can see the emergence of more high-quality content.

So, what are the “basic entry tools” that must be started? Next, let’s take a look together~

basic writing tools

  • Mirror – the best authoring tool for on-chain native content, bar none


Introduction: “Mirror” has become the most popular decentralized content creation platform in this Web3.0 innovation movement, not to mention that everyone may be trying to get more airdrops, but the appearance of “Mirror” is indeed Web3.0 representative platform. Formerly founded by Andreessen Horowitz crypto partner Denis Nazarov, similar to Medium, it helps creators crowdfund by providing creators with a token issuance tool, token: WRITE.

Financing: In June 2021, it announced the completion of a seed round of over US$10 million, with participation from venture capital institutions Union Square Ventures (USV) and Andreessen Horowitz.

Airdrop rules: According to the four factors of “WRITE Race competition participation”, “article publishing frequency”, “crowdfunding” and “auction creation”, and project support, airdrop activities may continue with the improvement of the algorithm.

Reading and writing experience: 5 stars

Next, let’s experience the “Import Article” and “NFT” functions of “Mirror”.

First we need to link the wallet and create:


Next, we choose to set up an identity of our own.


Here you can link our Twitter, ENS domains, and email addresses:

(The registration of the domain name can be seen from the start of the domain name of the public chain”)


Then go to the publishing page, edit the article in the background, and publish:



Above, I posted “Web3.0 Notes Issue 1” to “Mirror”. If you want to cast this article into NFT, you can “re-edit” the article, check “NFT”, and the article can be cast.



The above is the fee charged for minting NFT in this article (this company gave up). Once minted into NFT, it can be auctioned and sold, and creators can get paid.

At the same time, “Mirror” also supports the following functions:



Recommendation index: 3 stars

A single page operation is simple. The article only needs to be copied and pasted, there are not too many options when publishing the article, just insert the header image. But there is no “undo” button, and no “insert” picture option (because of the two small stars deducted here). But there are no other typography requirements and title font selection, one-stop fool-proof operation.

Other functions such as “crowdfunding”, “auction” and other functions are yet to be explored. For now: “OK”.

In addition to Mirror, here are two more niche creator tools. After all, the acquisition cost of Mirror’s token $WRITE is too high.

  • Creton


Introduction: Creton is a decentralized subscription-based content sharing platform for subscription-based content sharing where creators will have full ownership and control over their own content. Creton creators can accept paid subscriptions from fans and earn token rewards for their content.

Funding: In October 2021, Creaton announced the completion of a $1.1 million funding round with investors including BTSE Labs, Tykhe Block Ventures and other angel investors.

  • Darkblock

Introduction: Web3.0 creator economy platform Darkblock, a creator economy platform that transforms digital content into NFT, currently supports Ethereum-based NFT standards ERC-721 and ERC-1155, and plans to support all major NFT standards (such as Palm , Flow, Tezos, etc.).

Financing: In November 2021, Darkblock announced the completion of a $1.7 million seed round, led by Greenfield One and A&T Capital, with participation from Smape Capital, Unpopular Ventures, Arweave, and Arweave’s Open Web Foundry.

Now many big guys have started to write on this platform, sharing their views on the industry, analysis of trends and their experience in participating in market learning, but the main creative tool implemented by “Mirror” does not have a good information acquisition function, but I remember there is a Friends have said that what he likes most about Mirror is that he is restrained enough and only concentrates on creating tools.

It is true that in this open source and good Web3.0, as long as you insist on doing one thing well enough, naturally everyone will create an incredible ecology around your product.

So let’s introduce several tools of the Mirror ecosystem:

Mirror’s information acquisition tool (this is just needed, right)

  • AskMirror


As the name suggests, this is a platform derived from “Mirror”. It can search for relevant articles on “Mirror”, and supports Chinese input. You can search for some keywords such as: financing, airdrops, layout, etc. In addition, the platform itself I also did some label processing for the content on “Mirror”: finance, business, music, sports, etc.~

At the same time, in addition to searching for articles, you can also search for creators who update more frequently, and you can view his updated articles.

  • Yup


Funding: In October 2021, Yup, a crypto social media startup, closed a $3.5 million round led by Distributed Global, Dapper Labs, LD Capital, and angel investors Patrick Rivera (from Web 3 publishing service Mirror), Scott Moore (from Gitcoin) Participated with Nader Al-Naji (BitClout and DeSo blockchain developer).



Here you can participate in any interaction: such as “likes”, “collections”, “comments”, etc., and these “action” platforms will help you build a “taste set” to display the content you have marked on the platform, And when your “taste set” is “liked” or “liked” by other people, you will earn income, which is Yup tokens.


It provides users with an “Influence Score” out of 100 – the more points you have, the more influential the rating will be.

At the same time, it also supports content search. Here, you can search for top-ranked content, including content from different platforms such as Twitter, Mirror, and YouTube.


  • mirrornewsletter


A weekly source of information on NFTs, Web3s and DAOs that can be subscribed to on Mirror, all links are curated by the team, and a top-secret ranking algorithm is coming soon.

  • Mirror Latest


Update Mirror’s latest articles in chronological order. There is no search function. According to the categories and tags of the articles, the articles updated by different creators are displayed under each category.

Mirror Content Display Tool

A good horse needs a good saddle, and a good car needs good wheels. The high-quality content produced should also have good enough display tools, and at the same time generate enough valuable connections; such a minimalist on-chain social closed loop was born. Of course, the native content on the chain today is not rich enough, but here we recommend two display tools with different logics for everyone.

  • RSS3


Funding: In December 2021, Web 3 infrastructure RSS3 announced the completion of a new round of financing, co-led by CoinShares Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, Mask Network, HashKey Group, Fabric Ventures, Arweave, Dapper Labs, Avalanche Asia Star Fund, Youbi Capital, Headline VC, Formless Capital, imToken Ventures, Balaji Srinivasan, The Jiho, Miss ₿itcoin and other institutional and individual investors participated in the investment.

This is a very magical website in Web3.0. You can actively subscribe to the content of different website creators. You only need to check their updated content from the unified RSS list. This means that you don’t have to open Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and ins, but only open RSS, and once they have an update, you can see it from the list.


After linking the wallet, RSS is more like a display of personal information homepage, which can be clearly displayed:

NFTs you own

What projects do you donate to

Some of your posts on other apps

In the world of Web2.0, your information on every platform is in the hands of giant companies, but each company cannot piece together your whole picture on the Internet because of the lack of interoperability of data. But in the blockchain, all your actions are recorded, and RSS3 plays the role of such a display, showing all your “actions” on the Internet. Imagine if you only need an RSS3 link to see your online world clearly when you apply for a job.

  • CyberConnect


Financing: In November 2021, CyberConnect completed a $10 million seed round, led by Multicoin Capital and Sky9 Capital, with participation from Animoca Brands, DraperDragon, Hashed, Zoo Capital, Smrti Lab and Mask Network.

CyberConnect, like RSS3, is also a platform that presents users’ “on-chain portraits”.


At present, CyberConnect has invited 30W+ KOLs to settle in. Here, you can view a series of on-chain “behaviors” such as their Twitter and NFTs they own. And you can follow them for a chance to get “Web3 Curator” POAP NFT.

Lesson 4 : Everyone is calling “Web 3.0” the “Next Generation Internet”. The value change of Web 3.0 is to allow creators and even users to own a part of this network, and truly reward those contributors. But because this field is too new, you need to work hard to participate, explore and discuss. “Opportunities are also reserved for those who are prepared.”

In the world of Web2.0, even if you have become a million-dollar V at station B, you can only start from scratch when you come to Douyin. In the narrative of the Internet, traffic is power, but not your right.

But in Web 3.0, all restarts do not need to start from 0.

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