Wanxing Technology Wu Taibing: Hunan’s development of the Metaverse is a combination of the right time, place and people

Taking advantage of their own advantages, Hunan and Changsha will definitely win the first opportunity in this wave of the Metaverse.

“East Wuzhen, Xiyuelu”! The attention of the national Internet industry has once again focused on Hunan and Changsha. On August 31, the 2022 Internet Yuelu Peak with the theme of “Innovating the provincial capital, digital to the future” officially opened in Changsha.

At the opening ceremony of this year, Wu Taibing, chairman of Wanxing Technology (300624.SZ), a leader in creative software A-shares, and other guests were invited to attend. It is reported that the Internet Yuelu Summit, which has experienced nine sessions of development, has set up a “Metaverse” special session for the first time this year to seize the new opportunities of the global technology wave. Wanxing Technology is the leading organizer of this special forum.

As the head platform in the creator economy of Metaverse, as well as a high-tech enterprise introduced by the Hunan Provincial Government and Changsha City, Wanxing Technology has established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Changsha since 2018, that is, started the “Expanding Changsha, Seeking Global” The progress of its layout in Hunan and Changsha in recent years has also attracted wide media attention.

Wanxing Technology Wu Taibing: Hunan's development of the Metaverse is a combination of the right time, place and people

During the opening ceremony of the 2022 Yuelu Summit, Wu Taibing, Chairman of Wanxing Technology, was interviewed.

During the opening ceremony, Wu Taibing, as a special guest of the opening ceremony, was interviewed by the participating media reporters. Regarding the development opportunities that the Metaverse will bring to the creator economy, Wu Taibing said that the creator economy is a key link in the Metaverse, connecting hardware and infrastructure to the bottom, and product applications to the top. In the Metaverse era, the number of creators will grow explosively, the creative content will be fully 3D, and the creative scene will be further diversified. It is reported that according to industry forecasts, the number of creators will increase several times in recent years. By 2024, nearly 4 billion users around the world will join the tide of creator economy. At the same time, as the content of creation moves towards 3D, the requirements for creation tools are getting higher and higher, and the application scenarios of creation will also be expanded from scenarios such as entertainment and marketing in the past to scenarios such as digital twins and virtual-real integration.

According to reports, Wanxing Technology has long started to provide simple and efficient digital creative software, trendy and fashionable creative resources and rich and diverse ecological services to a large number of new generation users around the world. Its business scope covers more than 200 countries and regions around the world. More than 1.5 billion users.

Facing the new era of the Metaverse, Wanxing Technology is also investing in new technologies and new applications of the Metaverse, including virtual digital humans, lightweight 3D design tools, collaborative design tools, VR technology innovation applications, etc. Integrate into the industrial ecosystem, etc., and develop the creator economy. Wanxing Technology’s pan-knowledge video creation and presentation software, Wanxing Recording, has launched the “Virtual Human” function; in addition, it launched the world’s first large-scale, immersive Metaverse Creator Club – Wondershare Metaverse Creator Club, which has Landed on The Sandbox, the world’s largest digital real estate Metaverse platform, and appeared at the VidCon Internet celebrity exhibition in the United States.

Wu Taibing said that Wanxing Technology is constantly iterating on related products and technologies. Last year, a technical team of more than 100 people was specially formed to conduct in-depth research on Metaverse-related technologies and application scenarios. At the same time, Wanxing Technology is also actively investing in upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain to jointly promote the landing of the Metaverse and explore the future opportunities of the Metaverse.

As for how to develop the Metaverse in Hunan and Changsha, Wu Taibing said that in developing the Metaverse industry in Hunan, there are both “time”, “location” and “people”. Hunan has a very good foundation for industrial applications. Hunan’s cultural and creative industries, cultural tourism, digital factories, and intelligent equipment provide a wealth of application scenarios for the development of the Metaverse. At the same time, Hunan has an excellent business environment and there are cultural and creative talents in Hunan. The advantages of talents such as talents from universities, colleges and universities, as well as the advantages of the supporting livable environment, are extremely attractive for Metaverse talents from first-tier cities to return to Hunan for employment and entrepreneurship. I believe that by making good use of these advantages, Hunan and Changsha will definitely win the first opportunity in this wave of the Metaverse.

During this Yuelu Summit, the “Metaverse” special forum led by Wanxing Technology will be held on the morning of September 1, with the theme of “Xiang Yue New Universe, Co-creating Era”. Focus on the “Chinese-style” exploration of the Metaverse and the development of the plan; this forum will also initiate the establishment of the Metaverse Creator Ecological Alliance, in order to jointly seize new opportunities in the digital economy and jointly expand new space for high-quality development.

It is understood that Wanxing Technology has attended the Yuelu Summit for the fourth time. “The second headquarters in Changsha is the result of the rational allocation of the company’s global resources. Our philosophy is that where the talents are, the layout is there; where the resources and markets are, the layout is where.” Wu Taibing said.

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