Want to be the next Beeple? From creation to promotion, a must-read guide for playing NFT encryption art

Those who know NFTs must have heard of encrypted artworks.

Those who know NFTs must have heard of encrypted artworks. There are too many stories on Twitter, telling how crypto artists share the joy and changes brought about by the successful sale of their works.

These artistic “tokens” represent digital files with key attributes: they are one and unique. In 2017, CryptoPunks distributed 10,000 unique digital avatars designed by algorithms for free, namely Punk. Some Punk’s attributes are more rare than others, and these avatars cannot be copied.

The copying mentioned here is not equal to the traditional copying concept. Indeed, images can be copied and reposted on Weibo, but the same image is not the same copy. On the contrary, the public ledger on the blockchain can track which user owns what files, and whether they own the source files.

Coin World-Want to be the next Beeple?  From creation to promotion, a must-read guide for playing NFT encryption art

Why is NFT artwork so popular?

Digital scarcity

This means that digital art is no longer simply pictures that can be downloaded, stored, and pasted on the Internet, but can profit from scarcity. The NFT can also be encoded so that the original artist receives royalties from each second sale. Although Punk was initially free, a Punk can now be sold for over 1 million U.S. dollars, and an NFT work by artist Beeple is sold for tens of millions of U.S. dollars.

The reason behind this popularity is not difficult to understand—NFT works of art have certain financial attributes. Although there are a lot of hype in the media, they are all tangible works that can bring real benefits. Technological changes have turned a “document” into an actual tradable “asset”. This is a revolution that has just begun and has a lot of room for imagination.

This may represent the future of art: to achieve decentralization, anyone can create works, art or works out of the defined era, becoming more global and diverse.

How to create NFT?

To get started with NFT, the first step is to figure out how to actually create NFT.

There are three steps: creating artwork, “casting” the artwork (converting the file into an NFT), and selling the artwork. Next, Sophia (ID:lovebit98) will take Rarible as an example to teach you how to create encrypted artwork and become an encrypted artist.

The first step seems particularly challenging: it requires a unique artistic talent. This may be the number one obstacle that some people face in NFT art creation lol (just kidding)

There are many platforms that allow artists to create and sell NFTs, including Foundation, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, and Rarible, among others. Most have also launched art trading markets where buyers can resell (artists can get royalties from secondary sales).

Anyone can create NFT. Reliable and well-known artists will receive a “verified badge” to show that their work has been verified, not a joke. But for those who don’t want to do the preliminary work and directly create artwork, one less badge is not a big deal.

Most NFTs (including those created by Rarible) exist on Ethereum, which allows the creation of “smart contracts” with specific rules on the blockchain. Of course, operations on the platform such as creation need to pay a certain amount of processing fees in ETH (Ethereum) as the unit.

Ethereum is stored in a “wallet”, which not only contains Ether, but also NFT artwork and other items.

It should be noted that there is no “Create Account” option on Rarible, but it says “Connect”. Means connecting the wallet. Metamask is generally used for wallets, which is convenient and easy to use.

To have a Metamask wallet, first download the Metamask Chrome extension and start to create an account. The platform will generate a password, or registered users can set a password by themselves (don’t forget the password).

After the wallet is created, jump back to Rarible again, and then you can connect to the registered Metamask wallet.

Next, find the “Create” button. Next, you can choose to create “Single” or “Multiple”, that is, “single” or “multiple” works.

Then the “Upload File” button appears, which means uploading the file.

After the file is uploaded, the page will ask whether you need to create your own “Collection” or put the work in the default folder of “Rarible Collection”. If you select “Collection”, you can name your own portfolio, you can also enter a description of the work in “Description”, and set the icon of the work in “Logo”.

In the next step, the portfolio must be created in the Ethereum network. The page jumps to the Metamask window: doing this would cost such-and-such ETH, that is, it is time to pay the transaction fee. Transaction fees, i.e. gas fees, fluctuate due to the degree of “congestion” in the Ethereum network.

In Metamask, you can click “Buy ETH”, the upper limit of each transaction is 499 US dollars, but you can make multiple purchases to buy the required amount of ETH. If it is not possible to purchase due to regional restrictions, you can also use a debit card to purchase ETH through other platforms (identification verification and other steps may be required), and then send it to Metamask.

Finally, you can create your own collection.

After the completion, fill in the name of the NFT artwork, click “create”, and pay the fee. The steps are completed and the NFT artwork creation is successful. If you want to increase the number of works in the portfolio, just continue to add them.

Publishing works on Ethereum is a process worth looking forward to. At the same time, waiting for buyers to come, bid for works, and successfully sell is also an extremely painful process.

So, how should you promote your artwork?

How to market your NFT?

1. Open a social media account and website

As an artist, opening a social media account helps promote personal branding, sell artwork, and provide customer service. Social media accounts are one of the best places to connect with potential customers. Many artists have personal websites that publish personal works of art, pricing information, contact information, and even some interesting videos. But it is a pity that no one visits and browses many websites, just because everyone does not know the existence of the website. The easiest way to let people discover your website is to create a social media account.

Write about things that artists care about, or discuss some issues that people who want to buy encrypted artwork care about. The function of social media accounts is to attract your potential customers.

If you need help creating a social media account, you can add author Sophia (ID: lovebit98) and discuss with friends in the community how to start your first social media account in simple steps, share and write a fascinating blog. Article skills.

2. Join overseas social media networks

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are the fastest way to open up visibility for you and your encrypted artwork. A strong art brand is priceless, it can build credibility in the hearts of your potential customers, colleagues and business partners.

Social media is not so much a fashion as it is a complete change in the way we communicate, as well as a complete change in market rules. An artist is a lonely profession, but with a social network, you will no longer be alone. You can share the latest encrypted artwork through social networks, get instant feedback on the latest paintings, and attract thousands of visitors to your blog. You can also get comments from netizens on your encrypted artwork and get inspiration from it.

3. Create your own video

Videos are another great way to share content. Uploading videos to YouTube and Bilibili is very simple, and all the traffic you get from the posted videos will also attract the public’s attention to your blog and website.

The video needs to be aimed at your potential customers. Just like in the real world, if you are a watercolor painter, you can show others how to master a specific watercolor painting technique. The same is true for encrypted artworks. You can search for how other encrypted artists use YouTube videos to promote encrypted works of art to improve their videos.

4. Writing articles in other media

Writing articles in other media will not only gain more traffic for your work, but also a way to introduce your work to new readers. Look for other artists with media and ask if they can write a guest post for their media, share an inspiring story, or demonstrate a useful artistic technique.

Your reprinted article includes a simple self-introduction and links to your website and media accounts. Most artists are happy to accept guest articles because these articles can increase the value of their media. At the same time, it also increases your credibility as an artist in the hearts of collectors.

5. Join and participate in the crypto art online forum

Join your favorite crypto art related forums and become active members of their online communities. There are a large number of forums and Q&A sites on the Internet, you only need to find the ones that best match your field. People like to ask questions and find answers online, why not try to make your answer the one they trust?

6. Submit your article to Article Directories

Article Directories is a website that allows people to submit articles on a specific topic for free. Submitting your article to Article Directories can increase your credibility as an expert in the art world, which in turn will attract customers to your website. Squidoo, eHow and Ezine Articles are currently the largest and most trusted Article Directories sites.

7. Post comments on other art media/blogs

There must be many artists who are aiming at the same art market as you do. You may wish to post comments under these artists’ blogs/media. This is a good way to establish network connections with other artists. It will not only bring traffic to your own media/blogs, but you They will also get a reply, and out of thanks, they may also visit your media/blog and leave a comment.

You can follow the top media or blogs in the industry and make sure to leave interesting comments that are worth reading and discussing. In most cases, you can add links to your own website or media in the comments.


Know your target audience. The more you know about people who love your creative work, the easier it will be to connect with them and sell your work to them. Think about your ideal clients, what they like, and why they are attracted to your work.

Use stories to attract people. The story is more attractive to your audience, and the story contained in the work will allow potential buyers to establish a deeper connection with your work. Connotative works are also easier to remember. Stories can be about how you became a crypto artist, where your inspiration came from, why you chose a topic, and so on.

Recommend, don’t sell. Under normal circumstances, sales tend to be aggressive and annoying, and the salesperson himself will be in deep distress. Remember not to try to sell, but to pretend that you are recommending to a friend. Ignore the fact of making money from the transaction for now, as if you recommend a restaurant or a book to a friend, you are not doing it for money, but to help them experience what you think is great. The same is true for encrypted artwork. Focus on why customers like your work and why it makes life better, try to recommend instead of selling.

Four mindsets and skills

Take the first step

Too many opportunities are often lost in waiting, hesitation and confusion. But if you have time, why not try something new? Only after experimenting can you understand more clearly whether you should give up, learn, or even devote your life to it. No matter what the result is, this is something that can only be known after trying. Therefore, those who have not been involved in encrypted art works can try the new mechanism brought about by this technological wave, take the first step, and give themselves one more choice.

Patience and perseverance

Of course, NFT art creation and the actual art creation process are also similar: both require a lot of hard work and practice and creation day and night. Most people’s journey to success is not groundless, and truly successful people will not be complacent for a lifetime because of the popularity of a work. If you want the road ahead to go further, you need patience and perseverance, and the same is true in the field of encrypted art.

Beeple’s work does not become famous overnight, and it has gained countless capital. For everyone, if you fail, you will start all over again, day after day, and eventually you will make progress.

Find a niche market

The advantage of NFT artwork is that, relying on the online world, you may be able to shrink your buyer audience from billions to millions to hundreds, or even to just one person. During the creative process, you only need to assume that your work will be appreciated and responded by a small number of people or one person, and this work is valuable. In this way, is your chance of success much greater?

Of course, after discovering that a certain style of one’s own or others’ works is particularly liked by a certain type of person or a certain person, you may be able to experiment or innovate to discover your own “niche market” and find a breakthrough for yourself.

Enter the community

The community platform may bring opportunities for your work or creative career. The speed and coverage of social media is one of the best channels for selling and promoting works. Reposting and likes is free, but it adds real value to your works. The promotion of social platforms may make your portfolio transactions more effective.

Similarly, finding like-minded online contacts in the community is also crucial. In the community, you can share your joys and sorrows, let more people understand your creative ideas, gain support and draw strength from interpersonal relationships, which will also make your creative career richer and longer-term.

In the future, I believe that major NFT platforms will introduce more tools to make it easier to purchase, create, sell and display works of art. In the process of creating a painting, the actual cost paid may be only about 100 US dollars, and the remaining value is “virtual”: background, narrative, story, source, etc. NFT art perfectly captures these potential forces, and digital images will become the best means and methods to stimulate the potential of “virtual”.

In this digital world, all of us are on the road of constant exploration.

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