Wang Zhe Jue Wu: A Seed of General Artificial Intelligence

Data accumulation and technological innovation will ultimately benefit everyone.

On the afternoon of July 8th, a “special” King of Glory exhibition was held in the exhibition area of ​​the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference: one of the contestants is a professional popular player, and the other is a game researched by King Glory and Tencent AI Lab. Achievements, strategic and collaborative AI king’s insight.

The five heroes of the King’s Jue Wing team, with coquettish positioning and precise skills, have achieved the true meaning of “without the wind and without the wind”, which perfectly predicts the opponent’s prediction. When Tencent Chairman and CEO Ma Huateng previewed the game at the opening ceremony, the adjective he used was “the highest level of AI competition.” However, this is not from the level of e-sports, but from the level of technology-Wang Zhe Juewu has reached the level of all-hero professional e-sports.

So, what exactly is the King’s Jue Enlightenment and what value does it have?

King's Comprehension Exhibition Area
King’s Comprehension Exhibition Area

A “technology” seed 

In 2019, the Wang Zhe Jue Wu team stated in an interview: Like all research institutions in the industry, the goal they pursue is “general artificial intelligence.”

This is an almost “sci-fi” pursuit, because it is not easy to achieve “general artificial intelligence”. After all, a truly idealized general artificial intelligence requires not only a level of intelligence comparable to humans, but also a mature technology that can coordinate and handle multiple tasks at the same time.

What is worthy of surprise is that from the early days of Deep Blue, to the famous AlphaGo in 16 years, to the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, it is obvious that people are moving towards ideals at the technical level of task processing. The direction of evolution: from “single intelligence”, gradually transitioning to the “multi-agent” with more cutting-edge innovative value and application value.

The research of “multi-agent” is not simple. Huang Lanxiao, general manager of Tencent Interactive Entertainment Tianmei L1 Studio and executive producer of King Glory, once said that the uncertainty of the environment, the limitations of obtaining information, the difference in consistency between individual goals and global goals, and high computing power requirements, etc. It is the challenge facing the research of “multi-agent” technology today.

Therefore, the emergence of the king’s absolute enlightenment is particularly critical.

On the one hand, the multiplayer competitive strategy game of Honor of Kings solves the problem of the lack of “multi-agent” research scenarios. In the game scene, hero selection, skill application, path exploration, team strategy…It is estimated that there are up to 10 to 20000 operation possibilities. AI needs to make rapid decisions in an opaque and highly complex environment. This is an excellent “technical petri dish” that simulates the real environment and is even more complicated than the real environment.

Wang Zhe Jue Wu: A Seed of General Artificial Intelligence

On the other hand, from a result-oriented perspective, Wang Zhejiewu’s “multi-agent” research results can be transferred and applied to other games, and even real application scenarios. Because the so-called “multi-agent” studies the decision-making and actions of participants, and the variables of the environment are dynamic. As long as the participants are “smart”, they can respond in real time to changes in the environment.

Take the current hot automatic driving as an example. Before the introduction of the concept of multi-agent, the traditional automatic driving system regarded all “other vehicles” and equipment as adversaries, which greatly reduced driving efficiency. When all cars are incorporated into the multi-agent ecosystem, everyone is allowed to pass by in a coordinated manner, and then can form a truly efficient “intelligent transportation”.

Even in a social scenario, the “multi-agent” behind Wangzhe Juewu can achieve a predictive effect by simulating the decision-making of people and animals in society, and play a key role in the regional economy and the division of urban agglomerations. .

Therefore, the scientific research value and future potential of King Juewu are not as simple as “beating professional popular players” in our eyes. As far as the development of general artificial intelligence is concerned, Wang Zhe Juewu is more like a seed that is cultivating “technology”, an unscratched lottery ticket.

Professional popular players vs. King Juewu
Professional popular players vs. King Juewu

The germination of technology

Now, King Juewu has actually achieved quite good results.

In the growth of technology, it has experienced supervised learning, deep reinforcement learning, and further cited multiple rounds of combinatorial games and hierarchical reinforcement learning algorithms, etc., and has become an invincible “combat” in the glory of the king.

At the application level, the value of Wang Zhe Jue Wu to the game and the entire e-sports industry is straightforward and obvious: in the numerical balance test, the value of the value balance adjustment deviation of the glory of the king has been reduced from 1.05% to 0.68%, which is relatively small. 35%, ensuring that there will be no large-scale supermodels for heroes, and further improving the quality of the game and player experience;

For the entire e-sports industry, Wang Zhe Juewu can also provide professional players with real-time analysis and advice on data, strategy and collaboration, as well as professional sparring of different intensities and levels, optimize the e-sports training mode, and promote the professional e-sports. Development.

However, as mentioned above, the ultimate goal pursued by “King Jue Wu” is “general artificial intelligence.” This also determines that its value is not limited to games or e-sports, but to promote the entire process of general artificial intelligence.

First, the research direction of Wang Zhe Juewu is in line with the overall trend of general artificial intelligence. In the past few years, the research hotspot of artificial intelligence also revolved around “perceived intelligence.” However, with technological breakthroughs in neural networks, “perceived intelligence” has matured. Therefore, more and more researchers have begun to pay attention to “intelligent decision-making”, from AlphaGo’s single decision-making to today’s group decision-making.

AlphaGo vs. Lee Sedol
AlphaGo vs. Lee Sedol

In other words, as long as we continue to cultivate in this trend, any technological breakthrough on the path may accelerate the overall research process of general artificial intelligence.

After all, games have been the focus of research in the field of artificial intelligence for decades and are the cornerstone for wider applications. Multiplayer competitive strategy games such as the glory of the king are more suitable for artificial intelligence technology research due to their strong game theory and complex involvement in the field. There is a saying in the industry: “The next AI milestone may be born in a complex strategy game.”

Therefore, in the exploration of breakthroughs in general artificial intelligence technology, it is self-evident that the value of the experimental field of the glory of the king and the research necessity of the king’s insight are self-evident.

Second, what Wang Zhe Juewu pursues most is not a single field of “specialist” research, but a wider range of “generalist” research.

The applied artificial intelligence that is seen or often discussed in the industry today is mostly for research in a specific field, such as machine vision, voice intelligence, and so on. This specialized field of artificial intelligence is the fastest path to commercialization. For example, voice recognition can be quickly applied to smart speakers, and smart navigation can also be implanted in sweeping robots to mark a higher selling price.

However, the so-called general artificial intelligence refers to making machines think like humans, and can combine surrounding situations like humans to make decisions and actions, and engage in a variety of tasks. This means that the focus of general artificial intelligence should not be limited to a single application field. Such research requires continuous investment and testing, and it is likely to abandon phased commercial gains.

Looking back at Wang Zhe Juewu’s measures over the past few years, we can find that short-term gains are not his pursuit; long-term technical barrier breakthroughs and wider grounding tests and technical upgrades are his longing goals.

Wang Zhe Jue Wu: A Seed of General Artificial Intelligence

According to Qiu Fuhao, a senior researcher at Tencent AI Lab and the person in charge of the AI ​​model of Wangzhewu, now Wangzhewu has transferability and can be applied to football, FPS, and RTS games, and has reached the international leading level. This means that Wang Zhe Jue, or the underlying technology has more experimental fields, and richer test data and technology precipitation.

On the other hand, as a national digital IP, Honor King is also actively taking responsibility for science and technology. Together with Tencent’s AI Lab, it has created an artificial intelligence research platform “Enlightenment”, opening up data and technical resources, and cooperating with universities and research institutions to explore “opening up”. “Enlightenment” in the field of multi-agent artificial intelligence research technology teaching and scientific research has allowed more people and scholars in related fields to participate in the research to promote the development of general artificial intelligence.

The long-term vision of King Jue-know and the open attitude and actions of King Glory itself are undoubtedly a great help in the process of general artificial intelligence.

Write at the end

At this stage, the “general artificial intelligence” approaching the human brain may still be a concept. Even if scientists predict that it will appear in 20 to 30 years, it will probably not be as beautiful as in movies.

In this process, instead of defining Wang Zhe Jue Wu as a milestone for people to solve the challenge of general AI, it is better to say that Wang Zhe Jue Wu provides a more valuable path for the development of general artificial intelligence-“AI + game”. Take advantage of the excellent technology experiment field of King Glory, actively link up with all parties in industry, university and research, reserve talents and technical resources, deepen the development of underlying technology, and bury the future “intelligence explosion”, realizing self-upgrading and self-evolving general labor The seed of intelligence.  

Data accumulation and technological innovation will finally allow a mature brain to get out of the petri dish, out of the electronic world, to the vegetable market or office building, and benefit everyone.

In the game “Detroit Become Human”, such a scene is depicted: In the future, everyone will have an AI assistant in the family. She can help you handle housework, accompany your children, communicate without barriers like humans, and even use data analysis. Smart enough to help humans investigate criminal cases.

This more specific and realistic imagination of general artificial intelligence may be what Huang Lanxiao expects in his heart, the “fascinating digital future.”

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