Wang Laoji accidentally stepped on the threshold of the Metaverse?

At the beginning of the new year on January 1, 2022, Wang Laoji did an interesting thing, which attracted a lot of attention and discussion.

You can buy not only Wanglaoji, but also Chenlaoji, Zhanglaoji, Zhaolaoji, Holaoji, Lei Laoji, Jinlaoji, Konglaoji, etc.

Wang Laoji accidentally stepped on the threshold of the Metaverse?

Not only that, but there are also different ancient totem symbols on the back of each surname jar, which is full of cultural charm and fully shows the “Chinese people’s own cultural story”. stove.

Wang Laoji accidentally stepped on the threshold of the Metaverse?

This matter is both simple and extremely difficult, because it is not just a matter of the marketing department, but also requires the strong cooperation of the entire production and supply chain, and requires the close cooperation of production, sales, and marketing departments. For a large enterprise It’s not easy,

The result is obvious, this product innovation-driven brand culture marketing quickly triggered a warm mass self-communication, attracted the attention of all parties, and also brought a strong increase in sales.

It extremely completely reproduces the triangular principle of “social currency” we summarized –

Wang Laoji accidentally stepped on the threshold of the Metaverse?

In short, the real “social currency” often has subcultural IP elements and a sense of participation of the crowd at the same time, and the “social currency” of the brand is best to fall on the product, through the content of the product, directly. Making products a social currency is the most direct and efficient way.

Take Wanglaoji’s “Baijia surname totem pot” as an example: with the traditional Chinese surname IP symbol as the base, and different surnames make each Chinese person with different surnames both friendly and a sense of participation, and through product contentization Innovation has landed, allowing everyone to buy something that they feel psychologically belong to.

A similar approach was done on the Coca-Cola “name bottle” many years ago, and it was very successful at the time. The difference is that Coca-Cola’s “name bottle” is more personalized and needs to be driven by the star’s name. Wanglaoji’s “Baijia Surname Pot” has the IP value heritage of Chinese culture, not only a sense of personal participation, but also a sense of cultural belonging.

On the effect and value of communication, that’s all.

This article also wants to explore a larger and longer-term possibility –

Wanglaoji’s campaign may have accidentally stepped on the threshold of Metaverse, opening the door to the development of Wanglaoji’s brand Metaverse.

Why do you say that?

Because in the future metaverse, companies will not only do communication and marketing, but need to build a complete “brand IP field”, create various IP roles and props, and leave room for consumers to create their own, so that they can also Through the IP elements of the brand, create your own image , so that consumers, brands and products can live harmoniously together in the metaverse …

In short, a brand’s move to the metaverse is to create a world where consumers can participate and create, not just one-way communication, but two-way interaction.

That’s why Lao Xiaoge said that Wang Laoji may have accidentally done something to allow people to truly join the Wanglaoji brand universe: not only Wanglaoji, but also Chenlaoji, Zhanglaoji, Zhaolaoji, Helaoji, Lei Laoji, Jinlaoji, Kong Laoji, etc. As long as I have a surname, I can join Wanglaoji’s brand universe.

This allows consumers not only to be consumers, but to find a sense of identity and become co-creators. This universe not only belongs to the surname Wang, but also belongs to all people with the surname, it belongs to me…

Among the widely circulated nine elements of the metaverse, “sense of identity” is extremely important. Only when people have a sense of identity can they have a sense of immersion and co-creation of economy and civilization.

Wang Laoji accidentally stepped on the threshold of the Metaverse?

The following introduces several of the most successful and representative metaverse-NFT cases, which can make it easier to understand what is the participation, co-creation and identity of the metaverse.

Among the top ten most successful global NFT projects in 2021, except for EVERYDAYS, the work of early digital artist BEEPLE, which is still a one-dimensional pure personal creation, the other 9 have distinct mass participation and identity attribution.

Wang Laoji accidentally stepped on the threshold of the Metaverse?

The picture above shows the top 10 global NFT projects in 2021. I will focus on selecting a few of them.


In February 2021, the project Hashmasks, which had a huge impact on the NFT field, was born.

The birth of Hashmasks kicked off the frenzy of NFT series collectibles, and the market transaction volume reached 83.4 million US dollars. Among them, No. 9939 Hashmasks set a record for the highest turnover of the entire series, about 1.59 million US dollars.

Wang Laoji accidentally stepped on the threshold of the Metaverse?

Hashmasks has two very significant “sense of participation” + “sense of identity”: 1. For the first time, the blind box method of physical fashion play products has been applied to the NFT project; 2. You can name your collection through Participate in the process of co-creation of works .

This simple way of naming the collection is actually the same as the principle of Wanglaoji’s family name and Coca-Cola’s name bottle.

Boring Ape Yacht Club

By early May 2021, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) was born.

BAYC Boring Ape Yacht Club is the best performing NFT series in 2021. Whether it is price increase, popularity, social capital and other aspects, BAYC has reached a height that was unimaginable before.

Wang Laoji accidentally stepped on the threshold of the Metaverse?

Boring Ape’s approach is: give the copyright to the collector, and the collector can use the image of the ape to make peripherals, derivatives, etc., while its main competitor CryptoPunks does not give the copyright to the collector, which makes the latter’s influence The power gradually declined, many collectors defected, and the floor price fell all the way.

In fact, if these avatars are simply regarded as “collectibles”, it is completely understandable to retain copyright. However, in the era of the metaverse,  avatars are becoming the “digital identity” of collectors, and cannot be controlled by themselves. The “identity” is obviously not attractive enough .

One of the reasons why the Boring Ape can continue to explode is to support collectors to use their own ape images to make many peripheral products. This spontaneous and large-scale publicity has continuously accumulated higher value for the Boring Ape.

So to date, the Bored Ape Yacht Club market has a total transaction value of $898 million.


Art Blocks, a generative art platform that launched in 2020, didn’t begin to gain traction until June 2021, and set an all-time record for monthly transaction volume of $627 million in August.

Wang Laoji accidentally stepped on the threshold of the Metaverse?

Generative art is an art category that is really developed in the context of encrypted art . It is different from the main creative methods of artists such as oil paintings and sketches that we are familiar with. The creation of generative art relies on code, and usually combines the randomness of computers. It can be regarded as a human being Art that combines calculation, order and randomness, sensibility and rationality .

Many of the codes used in generative art are also open source. Anyone can generate the same work using the same code. On the basis of the open source code, adding some artists’ own thinking can generate a new set of works. Art work.

The Art Blocks market has a total transaction value of $1.12 billion, with the highest record for the Ringer series No. 109 set at $6.9065 million.


When the time comes to September 2021, a project that will definitely be recorded in the history of NFTs is born, and it is Loot (for Adventurers).

Dom Hofmann, the founder of Loot (for Adventurers), launched the successful short video app Vine in 2012, the same year that it was acquired, and Douyin was just born.

Loot exploded because it broke existing patterns. The distribution model adopts free minting through contracts rather than official website sales, first attracting people to join the community and then creating a product jointly by community members .

Wang Laoji accidentally stepped on the threshold of the Metaverse?

Moreover, LOOT is in plain text, you only need to write a few necessary warrior IP elements on the black baseboard: world view setting, clothing setting, prop setting, weapon setting, ability setting, etc., you can Completing an NFT gives the owner of the collection greater room for creation, and the entire visual image can be determined by himself.

Previously, people needed to accept the “image” given by the project party as their digital avatar in the original universe.  What Loot has done is to reverse this model, create a recognized image by itself and the community as a digital avatar , and decide how to empower it instead of simply obeying a project party. This paradigm shift has led to LOOT being hailed as probably the most suitable model for the development of the Metaverse.


Adidas released the “Into the Metaverse” NFT in mid-December 2021, with a total of 29,620 NFTs sold, with sales of 5,924 ETH, or about $23 million.

adidas Originals Into the Metaverse

Wang Laoji accidentally stepped on the threshold of the Metaverse?

Unlike many other traditional industry giants that sell NFTs, adidas’ NFT project this time does not return to traditional business after the sale, but chooses to open a sub-universe in the Metaverse to attract consumers to join, create together, and continue to develop.

The currently announced NFT holder benefit is that you can receive 3 iconic NFT-related physical clothing for free in 2022, fully combining physical and virtual.

After reading the above NFT cases, you can understand why Wanglaoji’s “Totem Jar with Baijia Surnames” is only half a step away from the Metaverse?

Because as long as users buy their own surname jars and obtain a unique NFT proof of their virtual identity, consumers can obtain a new identity in the Wanglaoji brand universe and establish long-term relationships with consumers.

If a Metaverse brand IP “field” is added, then the co-creation and participation of consumers in the future will be natural.

I believe that in the near future, we will soon be able to see Chinese brands do it.

Finally, let’s talk about the shortcomings of traditional brand building thinking——

Due to the limitations of mainstream communication methods, it is often difficult for traditional brand building to allow consumers to truly have an independent sense of identity. Because the sense of identity cannot only come from looking up at a 45-degree angle of values, but also requires a real approachable setting.

Only when brands let go of their stature and at the same time build a brand’s “field” in both virtual and reality through cultural IP creation and product content innovation, can they truly live with consumers and move towards the future metaverse together.

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