Wang Feng talks about Element (encryption element): these five points are the key to a good NFT platform

These five points are: how to make money, NFTs asset data and classification resolution, perfection of transaction protocol, doing multi-chain and cross-chain, and storage.

Wang Feng talks about Element (encryption element): these five points are the key to a good NFT platform

Wang Feng, the founder of Element, shared some thoughts on the NFT platform in his circle of friends today.

Many people have asked me, “What do you plan to do with the $11.5 million in equity angel investment that Element (Crypto Element) has made if you don’t issue coins?

First of all, I won’t spend any money on IP, I am too poor to change my money into BTC. I don’t have money to buy IP, I want to give the money to our lovely colleagues in development, design and operation. I hope they can live with more dignity.

I met the founder of NEAR last week and he asked me why. I said, in the domestic product, it is basically unusable at the moment, and I guess it will take at least three months. opensea has been made for four years, and almost released at the same time as crypto cat. At that time, all domestic companies were writing XX public chain and third generation public chain white papers. And I intended to do something about it since I entered the blockchain, I didn’t want to be a new world watcher.

The heart of a product manager for many years has convinced me that these five points must be done well, otherwise it can hardly be a working NFT platform product.

How to make money

This is a question many people have not thought through.


I insist that masters and grassroots are on the same stage, Facebook, Jitterbug is not?

NFTs asset data, classification analysis

This is the market, after all. Data teams take their time to get it right.

history track to kill


The more refined the better, endlessly messing with it.

By the way, my paranoid personality is suitable for doing this well.

Transaction agreement refinement

Auction model, direct transaction and transfer, more options.

You do the bidder, do not let people offer can not, is to hang a single.

Think about the fork, at once the initial 424 lines of Uniswap code to get the community-based DEX people how happy!

Plus the popular blind box, does not smell good? I’ve done the game, simple.

Do multi-chain and cross-chain

ethereum can not do, this maybe I subjective, such as people fork more cattle, people are uncovered.

find a zero-fee platform, the team’s research on public chain infrastructure, less mistakes, to be honest I feel lost, help.

each ecology, slowly knock it.


Support IPFS, direct centralized cloud services are you good?

I said video, gamification, financial, the first one is the large file display and storage management.

When it comes to games, always support open graphics libraries. Oh, my game, how I want to talk to you about the future of the meta-universe. Making games, how can you ignore master perspective control and sandboxism? Next time, say…

financialization? You know better than me, better to have such REC protocols.

Above, off-topic. But. The above five points well before saying.

The following, also going off-topic…

Allow me to boast about the literary heart my parents gave me.

I think, NFT is the digital code of the great world, is every leaf, is your eyes of the Pansi Daisy and the man who looks like a dog, is the flower cow dung with. The one you like, you are willing to spend money for her he that person, is your NFT, and others feel good expensive or not have half a hair ETH relationship.

So I love my NFT.

Back to technology, there are still people who advise me to do centralized ID identity, there are programs are very bull, first do mining, do liquidity cold start, NFT exclusive wallet, sounds like a good idea, but I do not have that ability ah, I’m really stupid ah.

Say blockchain is DAO, ecological synergy, community helps you High, volunteers are lined up, but a team always has to focus on one thing, right?

I was also told to do a peak meal first, take ERC1155 to open twelve invitations to eat a single, I dizzy.

The IP is not the chicken that lays the eggs, the good product is. The IP will fly on its own if it is a good product.

But I will definitely be open to cooperation, all possible cooperation. element&anyswap?

social design, also worth the effort.

By the way, we continue to look for people in, welcome to follow your dream together, this is the intersection of your life into blockchain, and the intersection of technology and art.

Entrepreneurial heart, I hope we can maintain a more remarkable spirit, sometimes, it is quiet to look far away, more, it is not the time to wait.

More again, been off-topic.

Element (crypto element) is an open digital goods marketplace designed to help users create, discover, auction, buy and interact with each other. Wang Feng revealed, “Element (crypto elements) will be a social platform that provides value flow to the crypto digital world. The core team of the new company has already been formed, but is still recruiting. The existing core team has very prominent strengths in ERC-721, DeFi smart contracts, online game design, machine learning technology and ACG market resources.”

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