Wang Feng led Wom’s first digital music works and became popular

Wom Music debuted at 9:30 pm on August 23, and the works of 8 emerging creators were sold out one after another. On August 24th, Wang Feng’s first Web3 digital music album “Maybe I Can Ignore Death” and “WF The One” avatar card made their world premiere on Wom Music. In less than 12 hours, 186 yuan per copy of Web3 digital music was released. The album cards and exclusive rights for music fans have been sold out one after another, and the 699 yuan/copy avatar card with the rights to the exclusive avatar card is also selling well. With the support of music fans, Wom Music helped creators sell more than 20,000 music works in less than 2 days.


Wang Feng’s first Web3 digital music album


“WF The One” Avatar Card

At 3:00 p.m. on August 24th, Mr. Wang Feng posted on Weibo to support the Wom music platform, and interacted with music fans in the Weibo Chaohua community to support Wom music. At around 4:00, the Wem music related Wem music information of Wom music Web3 has been posted on the microblog. Blog hot search.

So far, Chinese music has taken a historic step towards success in the field of Web3.


Wang Feng Weibo


Wang Feng’s Web3 digital music sale

From the launch of the platform at 9:30 pm on August 23 to August 24, Wom Music’s real-name registered users have exceeded 40,000. G-Strak, founder of Wom Music, said: “This is a milestone moment for Web3 Chinese music. We have presented an exciting moment through our long-term efforts. Many creators have forwarded their support and recognition of Wom Music on their Weibo. , and more creators and copyright owners have joined Wom Music, which is an important symbol of China’s Web3 music platform breaking the circle, so I sincerely thank our fans, music fans and our Chinese music creators, and hope that Wom Music can pass and Let’s work together to empower Chinese music with new technologies and cheer for Chinese music.”


Out of stock

The popularity of Wom music is not accidental. We have seen the expectations of music creators in Wom Music, the increasingly rich music entertainment needs of fans, and the Web3 creator economy through ideals and into reality.

[The healthy development of the industry has become a consensus among music fans]

“The benefits of the works are given to the creators as much as possible, and nothing else, just to support the creators.”


Wom Music is well aware of the shackles of the Chinese music industry. There is no dream without bread. Creators need to find their dreams, and music fans need to consolidate their dreams from music. An exploration to open up the boundaries of the music industry has begun with a high profile.

[Music fans have more demand for music consumption]

“My dream is to go to a Wang Feng concert.”


In the era of Web3 music, the subscription system can no longer meet the ever-changing needs of music fans.

When music fans have more and more diverse demands for music consumption, the traditional Web2 music platform business model can no longer maximize the value of music, and music fans can purchase creators’ works through Wom Music and enjoy various rare rights and interests of creators and empowerment, which will establish a sustainable and benign ecology for creators and music fans. Even non-paying music fans can enjoy the new experience of free listening to songs and “listening while pumping”.

[Music fans have higher demand for music welfare]

Valuable feedback can attract more fans and fans.

When music creators get more income and when the distribution mechanism of the music industry is redefined, music fans and fans can get more, richer and more valuable feedback. For example, music fans who buy Wang Feng’s digital music works can immediately get an exclusive thank you ID, and have the opportunity to get a T-shirt signed by Wang Feng or offline concert tickets. Exclusive airdrop rights such as music island plots and idol Lianmai; if you buy the virtual image card “WF The One”, in addition to getting Wang Feng’s own brand FIIL Bluetooth headset and exclusive album tidbits, you can also be neighbors with Wang Feng on Music Island! And this is just the tip of the iceberg of Wom Music’s return to music fans.

【Advantages of Wom Music】

  • Wom Music does not sign an exclusive agreement with the creator to release its own digital music works on Wom Music, and the creator’s original music career will not be affected, and the copyright of the work still belongs to the creator or record company.
  • On the Wom music platform, no less than 80% of the revenue of music works will be given to the creators, and all revenue data will be recorded by Web3 technology that cannot be tampered with and synchronized to the creators.
  • Wom Music abandons the traditional model of measuring music works based on traffic, and fans like it is the only criterion for obtaining publicity resources.
  • Richer online and offline performances, more interactive opportunities for music fans, and a more stable relationship between creators and music fans.
  • Wom Music continues to expand the value boundary of the music industry through its mature Web3 technology. The first phase of the public welfare project HappyDog is already in progress, and the Music + Metaverse Scene Music Island is being closely deployed. Because it is based on Web3 music social networking, community building games, and Metaverse music performances, to develop more explorations in the field of Web3 music, so that Wom music can be integrated from the sensory to the whole process of participating in the experience.

Wom Music and 8 creators including Mr. Wang Feng officially opened the door to the Web3 world. These cross-generational feats will lead the vast number of music fans and creators into a new Web3 music world.

This deserves a headline for all the Womers.

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